His first wife died of illness before engagement;
His second wife died of car accident on the second day of engagement;
His third wife died of drowning while swimming;
His fourth wife fell down from a high building and died;
His fifth wife died of hanging while his sixth wife was strangled by himself.
And I’m his seventh.
In Taylor’s house.
“Please give me a moment. The meal will be ready soon.” Yasmine Taylor was listening to the reported news on her mobile phone while preparing steak in the kitchen. She turned around and said to her father’s wife, Dorothy Ryles.
Yasmine was Henry Taylor’s illegitimate daughter, born out of wedlock to a woman who was a dancer. Her position in the Taylor family could be as low as a servant.
Or perhaps even lower than that.
Then, sounds of footsteps approached behind her back.
“No worries. I am not trying to rush you.” Dorothy said while turning off the gas stove. She brought Yasmine to the living room and added, “You’re our precious treasure. How can we treat you as a servant? ”
Yasmine did not answer but scowled to herself internally.
Dorothy, acting all chummy to her all of a sudden, must have some other intentions.
Yasmine’s guess was right. As she got to the living room, her father, Henry sighed and said, “Yasmine, dad’s company is having problems with our cash flow. You’re a 24-year-old now. Shouldn’t you do something useful for your dad and the family? ”
“What can I do for you?” said Yasmine in a monotonous voice.
Henry coughed and said, “The Simons, the richest family in the city, is going to have a blind date party for their only son, Sebastian Simons. The successful candidate will be given a cash award of 18 million. They only accept girls with specific surnames, and our family name is on the list. If you could marry him, dad’s problem will easily be solved.”
“Sebastian Simons? The man who has been married and divorced six times?” Yasmine asked incredulously.
“Yes…” Henry lowered his head and said consciously. “He might be violent, but all his marriages do not sustain for long. In a month or two, he would have divorced you. All you have to do is just put up with him for a little while.”
“That’s right. You’re a member of our family too. You can’t just stand by and watch us die,” Dorothy chimed in.
Yasmine’s heart, which she thought was already numbed against them, suddenly ached a little.
How could they, her supposed family, let her marry a notorious demon?
“If that’s the case, why not ask Linda to go?” Yasmine asked coldly.
Linda Taylor was her only younger sister, they shared the same father.
Linda was only born three days after her. She was the child of Dorothy’s. She would also be a suitable candidate as she, was not married as well.
As Dorothy heard Yasmine, she started sighing and asked, “Yasmine, how could you say that? How could you be so selfish? Your sister will still get married in the future. How could she find a good husband if she gets a divorce?”
“But if I get a divorce, how will I find a good husband for my second marriage?” Yasmine retorted.
“So what? Even if you can’t find anyone, you’ll live? Yasmine, you have to take responsibility as an elder sister! You can’t be so cold-blooded and selfish! Are you trying to force your father and sister up to the dead-end?” Dorothy cried aloud and started weeping.
Henry held her on the shoulder and sighed, “I know. Yasmine is not that close to us, it’s normal that she would want to watch us die!”
Yasmine gave a wry grin. She really wanted them to die there and then.
But in the end, she nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go then.”
“You agree?” Henry and Dorothy asked dubiously at the same time.
“Yes, I’ll go.”
“Then you should really try your best.” Dorothy was still a little worried. She reminded Yasmine, “You must know that this concerns our family’s future and glory. You must give your best. Use all the tricks your mother used to seduce men back then!”
Use your mother’s tricks to seduce men…
Yasmine clenched her fist so tightly to the extent that her fingernails drove hard into her palm, but she remained calm and said, “Alright, I know.”
“That’s good, that’s good.”
Dorothy Ryles was relieved and she took Yasmine Taylor to her bedroom for a makeover.
After a moment, Yasmine returned with a stunning transformed look, looking absolutely gorgeous.
“It’s all or nothing. Remember, you mustn’t give up until you succeed!” Dorothy reminded Yasmine urgently.
Yasmine responded with a wince, then got into the car and headed to the Simons family’s mansion house.
The mansion house looked luxurious with a fusion of architectural styles. It was ginormous and took up an area of more than 1,000 square meters.
There were countless cars pooling in and out of the front gates.
Although Sebastian Simons was notoriously violent and cold-blooded, the cash prize of the resulting marriage worth 18 million yuan and the identity as the daughter-in-law of the Simons were still enough to attract a large number of participants.
Yasmine was one of them.
Yasmine reported herself and the purpose of her visit to the security office. She was then led into the waiting room by the person in charge of the banquet, where many women were already waiting.
“The official meeting is about to start soon. Please get ready. Don’t leave in a hurry after you’re done. Whether you’re chosen or not, Madam Mila will treat you lunch at noon.”
After the person in charge concluded his announcement, he picked up the register list and read, “Stella Owen, please come with me.”
A sweet-looking girl got up and was taken to the reception room.
She walked really fast, looking very excited.
Ten minutes later, she came back with her makeup smeared as tears flooded down her cheeks.
A girl asked her, “Stella, what did Sebastian do to you?”
Stella glanced at the girl, grabbed her bag, and ran away in defeat.
The crowd sighed.
Soon, more and more girls were brought away and coincidentally, they all came back in tears.
Gossip and soft murmurs started to stir in the waiting room.
Yasmine looked at all this calmly, and promptly took out her phone to send a text message to her family driver, York.
After a while, York brought her a small plastic bag, and she carried the bag with her into the reception room.
The reception room was huge and spacious, yet it gave people a strange sense of suffocation.
Sebastian was sitting on a sofa in the middle of the room.
He had slanted eyebrows that were like swords, deep, black eyes with a sharp gaze, thin lips, sharp and angular features, and a tall but strong figure…
He looked exactly as how he was described in the news, and as handsome than they reported.
But the description from the news was actually only one-tenth of how he actually looked.
Handsome was not the exact word. He looked ethereal, majestic, like he was born to be king, making others kneel and submit themselves to him.
This was indeed the case.
Yasmine took a deep breath and calmly sat down in front of him. She opened the plastic bag and took out a large pack of tissues, putting it on the table in front of her.
“What are you doing?” Sebastian raised his thick black eyebrows and asked.
“To wipe my tears later,” Yasmine answered calmly.
Sebastian was stunned and soon burst into laughter. “Do you think every woman who comes in here goes out crying?”
“But none of them went out with a smile.” said Yasmine in a matter-of-fact tone.
“That’s because I raised a question and was very disappointed with their answers.”
“Is it a requirement for every woman here to answer your questions?” Yasmine asked.
Yasmine nodded and said, “Okay, bring it up then.”
“Do you know how many times I have been divorced?” Sebastian asked.
“Six.” Yasmine answered. It was an open secret. Everybody knew about this.
“And do you think that a man who can’t even manage his family, would have the ability to manage a company well?” Sebastian followed up with another question.
“Well, certainly. Personal disputes have nothing to do with a person’s capability at work.” Yasmine answered coolly without pausing.
Sebastian could not help but stare at her, smirking,
What an insightful answer. It sounded genuine. There was truly a big contrast between her and all the previous women who only knew how to bat their eyelashes and give silly answers,.
“What’s your name?” Sebastian Simons asked.
“Yasmine Taylor.”
“You may leave now.”
Yasmine Taylor did not leave immediately.
She stared at him straight in the eye and asked, “Will you choose me?”
“Why should I choose you? Give me a reason.” Sebastian’s lips curled, and he seemed to be interested in her confidence.
“I’m very confident that I can be your seventh and last wife.”
“My last wife?” Sebastian snorted, “No woman has the audacity to act so arrogantly before me.”
“If you don’t believe it, you can give me a try, unless you’re really afraid that I really have the ability to do so.”
Hearing this, Sebastian snickered menacingly, “Well, since you’re so sure, I’ll give you a chance just for your courage. But remember, it doesn’t matter who I choose because I don’t want to love any woman at all.”
After finishing his words, Sebastian stood up and walked out of the door.
Yasmine let out a long sigh of relief, thanking her lucky stars. She got up and followed him.
When they appeared, everyone outside the door had their eyes glued on her and Sebastian.
“Young Master, you’ve made your decision?” The person in charge blubbered in confusion when he saw Sebastian coming out of the reception room.
“Yes, it’s her.” Sebastian raised his chin slightly, pointing at Yasmine.
Almost immediately, the waiting room exploded in a frenzy. Yasmine stirred up public shock and anger.
“What ability does she have to be chosen by you, Master Sebastian?” Someone wailed.
“Isn’t she Yasmine Taylor? How can she be better than me? If I went in before her, I would be the chosen one.” Another jeered.
“That’s right. How could she…” One was too shocked to finish her sentence.
“Young Master’s choice has never been and shouldn’t be questioned.” The person in charge smiled and said, “Everyone, please enter the banquet hall.”
After that, he turned to Sebastian and Yasmine and said, “Young master, Madam said that if have you chosen your fiancee, you may bring her to the main hall to meet her.”
Sebastian turned around and walked directly towards the main hall.
Yasmine nodded at the person in charge to thank him, and then followed him in small steps, taking deep breaths.
She was not afraid of any questioning or challenges, as her purpose was clear.
In the main hall, an elegant, older lady was waiting for them.
Like Sebastian, she had the aura of superiority, but the smile on her face was kind and sincere.
She was surprised, completely different from the stereotypical image of the evil mother-in-law.
“Is this the girl you chose?” Mila Simons asked Sebastian.
Sebastian said, “Yes.” dismissively, while taking his seat.
Mila held Yasmine’s hand and sat her down next to herself. She asked kindly, “Which family are you from?”
“Madam, I’m the eldest daughter of Henry Taylor. My name is Yasmine Taylor.” Yasmine replied in a respectful manner.
“How old are you, my dear?” Mila asked gently.
“Twenty four.” Yasmine gave her a shy smile, as she was not so nervous anymore.
“Were you scared by my son just now?” chuckled Mila.
“No, Master Sebastian is not as scary as I thought.” When Yasmine said this, she purposely glanced at Sebastian, anticipating his reaction.
Sebastian let out an obvious snort, but he didn’t refute.
Mila’s eyes widened, clearly taken aback, She looked back and forth between Yasmine and Sebastian, and said in a trembling tone, “I’ll leave my son under your care. Our family will treat you well, this I can assure you.”
“Thank you, madam.” Yasmine nodded politely.
“And tomorrow, the wedding for both of you shall be held at the Emperor Hotel.” Mila added.
“Thank you– ” Yasmine was about to answer.
“No.” Sebastian interrupted her, “I have a wedding every time I get married. It’s too troublesome.”
“What do you mean by ‘too troublesome’? This is Yasmine ‘s first marriage! We have to give her a proper ceremony! It’s our obligation!” Mila was old but indignant. She stood her ground firmly.
Sebastian went silent. He did not say anything, but glanced at Yasmine and left.
Mila glared at him and comforted Yasmine, “He has such a bad temper, but he is still a good soul deep down. Don’t mind him.”
“It’s okay. I don’t mind, Madam.” She replied.
Mila Simons beamed from ear to ear, and looked very satisfied.
Just like that, Yasmine Taylor easily got into Mila’s good books, and she was sent home for the day.
Before she stepped into her house, the family had already been notified.
“Yasmine, you are so lucky.” Dorothy Ryles cackled out loud. “The Simons Family is the richest family in B City! Don’t forget us when you are better off in the future. This the chance our Linda gave you!”
Yasmine gave her a small smile and did not answer.
Well off?
Linda gave her this chance?
How shameless could they get? Yasmine thought to herself.
However, she didn’t want to argue with them. One day, she would step on these people who once put her down!
Yasmine was beyond determined soon, she would fulfill the promise that she made to her mother too.
At the Emperor Hotel, at the wedding banquet for Sebastian Simons and Yasmine Taylor…
“This is his seventh marriage. I don’t know how long this woman can stay in the Simons family.”
“What a beautiful girl too. It’s such a pity.”
“Most of these girls are vain gold-diggers. What’s there to pity?”
Yasmine calmly sat in the rest area, appreciating the glass of red wine in her hand.
Suddenly, a teenage girl appeared in front of her. The girl was fair and innocent with a sweet smile on her face. Her big eyes were clear and bright.
“Hello, Yasmine. My name is Tiffany Simons, I’m Sebastian’s younger sister.” Tiffany extended her hand to Yasmine. “I rushed back as soon as I received the news, but I was still a little late.”
Yasmine shook her hands and said with a smile, “Sorry, we progressed too fast.”
Even at first glance, she already liked this innocent yet frank girl very much.
“Tiffany, how long did your brother’s longest marriage last?” Yasmine whispered to Tiffany, asking curiously.
“Hmm… two months? Three months?” Tiffany tilted her head, trying to figure out the answer.
“You should ask the person involved.” A cold voice uttered behind them, sending chills down both of the girls’ spines.
“Sebastian–” Yasmine remained calm.
“Brother, you plan to scare me to death, don’t you?” Tiffany blinked her eyes at him, looking dissatisfied.
“It’s not good to talk about others behind their backs.” Sebastian pulled Tiffany away and sneered at Yasmine. “My longest marriage lasted three months, so, cherish your time of being rich and powerful. It’s gonna be short.” Sebastian said.
Yasmine nodded and then shook her head at him. “I told you. I’ll be your final wife.”
“How arrogant.” Sebastian scoffed at Yasmine’s assertiveness.
Tiffany clapped her hands excitedly and squealed, “Yasmine, I admire you! Good luck!”
Sebastian glanced at Tiffany and shooed her away. “Go. You have no business here.”
Then without warning, he grabbed Yasmine by her wrist and dragged her out of the ballroom.
“Sebastian, what are you trying to do?” Yasmine, startled, looked at Sebastian as if he was a bandit.
“Let’s go home,” Sebastian answered curtly.
“But the wedding banquet is still ongoing and the guests are still there. How can the bride and groom leave the banquet before everything ends?” she stammered.
“I’m not in the mood to stay here any longer. If you want to stay here and be pitied, by all means, stay.”
Was Sebastian trying to take care of her emotions? Yasmine was left bewildered.
He was really one of a kind.
Yasmine was speechless. With nothing to say in return, she could only follow Sebastian into the car. They both went back to the Simons’ family mansion house.
Sebastian didn’t bother to utter a word to her during the whole ride home.
Yasmine, too, remained silent throughout the journey as well.
As she pushed open the door of their new bridal room, a gasp escaped from her lips immediately. Yasmine got a jaw-dropping shock.
She expected if they were a “married couple”, the room will be filled with roses, warm lights, and perhaps pink bed sheets like normal newlywed couples. In reality, all she could see was only black and white, there was no warm or romantic decoration at all, not even a tiny bit.
This person probably grew up in a cemetery.
Such a display could only mean such an odd taste.
“Get into your room.” Sebastian Simons suddenly pointed at the painting on the wall.
“…” Yasmine Taylor stuttered, “Are you sure it is not just a painting?”
“Flip it.” Sebastian ordered, as he took off his coat casually.
Yasmine didn’t ask more. She walked to the large painting of a landscape and noticed that it wasn’t nailed dead onto the wall. As told, she reached out her hand and flipped it.
Behind the landscape painting was a door linked to a small room with only a tiny window. It looked really miserable.
“Do we sleep in separate rooms from now on? I’ll sleep in here?” Yasmine was confounded, but she kept her calm and asked.
Were all of his ex-wives treated this way? Yasmine thought to herself.
She could imagine how sad and disappointed they were when they first opened the door.
They were not his wives, but objects that were hidden from the public.
Of course, so was she.
“Do you not understand things by now?” Sebastian spoke in a lazy tone. “Other than that, you should never stay for more than half a second in my room unless necessary. The only time you could exist here is to get your way out through the door. Do not even think to touch any of the things here, especially my bed.” Of course, he sounded lazy, this was his seventh time saying this.
Sebastian pointed to the big clean bed behind him and emphasized, “Do not even come near it.”
“… Do you have mysophobia?” Yasmine wondered.
“I’m just sick of disgusting creatures like you.” Sebastian replied.
“Disgusting? What about the things you do between husband and wife?” Yasmine added.
“I won’t touch a single hair of yours even if you’re naked in front of me.” Sebastian said. “Do you know why I got divorced with all six of them? This is one of the reasons. Tell me, which woman would bottle up the grievance of living like a ‘widow’ while being married to a husband who’s actually alive?”
Yasmine did not respond.
She suddenly remembered her mother’s words. A woman should never lose her heart even if she had to sacrifice her body.
She would not lose her body now, let alone her heart.
It was just that…
“Why? Why aren’t you interested in women? Aren’t you an ordinary man as well?” Yasmine squinted her beautiful big eyes at him.
She suddenly had a bold but reasonable guess.
Was Sebastian gay?
“I am not gay. The fact that I don’t like women, doesn’t mean that I should like men.” Sebastian seemed to have read Yasmine’s mind and snapped at her, “And, I hate women. I dislike it more when they started asking why. You better learn how to keep quiet.”
Yasmine didn’t want to refute.
She smiled at Sebastian and said, “Well, goodnight then.”
The door was closed, and she gently closed her eyes. She could finally relax.
If she wanted to achieve her goal, she had to stay with Sebastian. If she wanted to stay with him, she had to make peace with him.
There was still a long and challenging journey ahead of her.
Yasmine took a while to get herself together. She then took off her wedding gown revealing her creamy skin. She opened the wardrobe which was filled with women’s clothing. They were of high quality with different pants, shirts, dresses and blouses. More importantly, the price tags were still attached on them, which meant that they had not been worn at all.
She picked up a modest-looking nightgown. As she was about to put it on, her tiny door suddenly opened.
Turning around, Yasmine found herself locking eyes with Sebastian.
“… !!!”
Yasmine quickly grabbed her nightgown to cover herself. “Why didn’t you knock before coming in?!”
“I told you, I’m not interested in women.” Sebastian snorted and ordered, “Wear your clothes and come out.”
The door creaked shut again.
Yasmine couldn’t understand what was that for, but she still went to Sebastian after changing.
“Anything that I could help you with?” asked Yasmine, wanting to find a place to sit at first but then she recalled his warnings and thought otherwise.
All Yasmine Taylor could do was to stand still and dutifully wait for his instructions.
On the other side of the room, Sebastian Simons was just casually lying on his bed.
“You are the first woman that I chose for myself, and it is likely that my family will come and check on us, so you have to stay here in the room.”
“Stay in this room? Standing like this?” Yasmine gave him a puzzled look.
How on earth does his mind work? She muttered under her breath.
How could a newlywed couple get along with each other like this?
“Sebastian, you should at least let me sit, shouldn’t you?” Yasmine pointed at the sofa and asked carefully, “May I sit there?”
Seeing as Sebastian did not object, she turned around and walked to the sofa.
But as soon as she took a step, she felt her waist snatched swiftly by an arm, hugging her into an embrace, and her vision spun crazily at once.
As her vision recovered, she was lying on the bed with Sebastian pressing on her body.
This guy’s handsome face was just two inches away from hers, so close that they could feel each other’s breath.
“What, what are you doing?” Yasmine’s blood rushed to her face, flushing.

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