Six Reasons why some Ladies may Remain Single till Old Age.

This is not about faith, claiming blessings and tapping from other people’s fortunes, this is about reality and what sure is possible. Please, know I have no intentions to abuse anyone, but this is a truth we can never hide.

The number of unmarried women, women who have long been due for marriage is outrageous. This is the number one reason why the married men cannot just be left alone. Lots of women are out for them since there is no single man for them.

Marriage these days is not as a result of who prayed better, or who fasted longer, it’s a thing of who grace found. But everly, many women may still be held responsible for their singlesness. Truth is, when you see some women with their irritating attitude, you’ll be imagining how she stays with people in her family.

For these,we would look at the six main reasons why some women may never settle in a new home happily untill they grow old.

01. Bad Attitude: Bad attitude had once been likened unto a beautiful car with blown tires. You are the car, every other part of you may be awesomely beautiful but so long as your tire is all blown, you remain stagnant, without movement. Everybody may admire you, but no one would wish to take you home seeing that you are faulty.

Some women would say, ‘Fix me if you love me’ but forgetting that there are lots of free cars, that may be less expensive than them, less faulty and very much beautiful and conducive. Yet unfortunately, most people with such broken attitude don’t even agree that they are broken. This leaves them blaming people around them for their failures and delays in life.

02. Feminism: The ‘Equality gang’. They say, ‘Equality for all genders’. This gang are mostly made up of women from failed marriages and relationships. After they must have failed as women, they stand up to blame that the man didn’t give them enough space to thrive.

They go to social media to recruit men-haters and like minded souls, form one group and be blasting men. This automatically scares men aware and set them on their heels. No man wants to marry a fellow man. They want a woman who would accord them their due respect as the man. It doesn’t matter wether or not it’s the woman who makes provisions, but the law has been given, ‘Woman, respect your husband’.

03. Overly religious: This is the ‘church girl gang’. The ‘my pastor this, my pastor that’ gang. Those who cannot eat or drink without the consent of their pastors who are happily married to other women with kids. Pastor told them that their husband has not come yet, they continue waiting until when they will be entering 40-50 years, their eyes will now open.

There is a freedom in religion. A freedom which allows you to worship, then go home and sort yourself out. Except you have chosen to keep remain unmarried, worship then go home and face reality. Accept suitors that you like not the one approved by your pastor.

04. Promiscuity: No man is being judged here, but a spade must be called a spade. Women who keep multiple men barely survive in marriage. It takes miracle to control a woman who has once been a prostitute. Reason is because they have already tested many different men, so there is something they like in this one, and another they like in the other one.

This leaves them to becoming adulterers in marriage. Men are very much aware of this and are therefore always on the run.

05. Insincerity: Most women have lived fake lives to the extent that except you knew them from the beginning, you can never tell their true self. From heavy makeups, to body enhancements, to borrowed classy wears, to taking pictures in hotels and claim it’s their house. At the end, they would end up as social media queens, influencers, and all that.

Except gold diggers who are looking for money, no true man would wish to settle with a fake woman. This is why every Saturday is wedding but mostly for the ugly ones. The beautiful ones keep slaying and forming wealthy women, scaring suitors, only to later go diabolical just to hold down one innocent man.

06. Money mongers: These are the ‘what kind of car does he drive’ gang. It is what a man drives that moves them, not what drives the man. They spend their whole lives waiting for an already made man, when they could have settled for a young and promising one who has a great future but is waiting for time and opportunity.

Note: You may say ‘who marriage help’ but remember, in Africa, a lot is attached to marriage. Lots of respects, honours and inheritance are attached to marriage. While in nature, the rewards for a good marriage is uncountable.

All these reasons can be brought under the umbrella of attitude. It is therefore important that every lady who is single and interested in settling down check her attitude.

This is because even if you skip the trial stage and get married, bad attitude will still fish you out and make sure you remain unhappy in your marital home.

Don’t be deceived by people who have failed in their marriages and relationships, you can still build a better marriage and relationship even in this perverse generation.

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