“Young master, we found your wife. She is working as a university janitor to pay off her debt!” “Quick, wire 500 billion to her account!”
“Chen Hao, how long are you going to keep up with this charade?” Yang Xia asked him scornfully.
However, when the promoter named Zhang Ru saw Chen Hao take out the Centurion Card, she was immediately stunned.
This VIP shopping card could be used at most luxury stores globally and could only be owned by the big shot families of the entire world.
Without a doubt, the owner of this card was indeed a tycoon!
Wang Xiaolin, who was standing by the side, had already brought out the credit card machine.
Chen Hao keyed in his birthday as the passcode. Sure enough, the machine showed that the card swipe was successful.
The transaction was complete!
Everybody was stunned.
“ This Hermès handbag costs 360,000! How cool is that!”
“Could this guy have concealed his identity as a Young Master?”
A hoard of girls looked at Chen Hao, their gaze burning with desire.
Lu Chen was staring at him wide-eyed in disbelief.
This poor dude, how did he get so rich? Lu Chen felt like he was slapped.
Just now he even showed off his knowledge of the various luxury items here.
Now, it looked like he was the clown!
However, the most amusing expression belonged to Yang Xia.
“Y-you… Chen Hao, where did you get this card?”
The handbag was worth 360,000! How could one buy it without a second thought! Besides, Chen Hao even owned a luxury brand VIP shopping card. This card alone cost a lot.
If he had bought this bag for her, wouldn’t she be at the center of attention now?
Chen Hao gave Yang Xia a glance and didn’t bother to answer her.
But he still felt the pinch. He muttered in his heart, Sister is just too much. How could she give me a shopping card which had a 300,000 minimum spending limit?!
“Esteemed sir, let me wrap this up for you! Please wait patiently for half an hour!”
Of course the packaging must be of the finest quality as this bag was a luxury item.
Chen Hao was very embarrassed when he saw the group of male and female students giving him a shocked look.
He told the promoter to waive the packaging process. Then, he picked up the bag and immediately wanted to leave!
“Wait! You, stop right there this instant!”
A sullen-looking Lu Chen suddenly stood in front of Chen Hao, blocking his way.
“What do you want?” Chen Hao asked coldly.
Lu Chen gave a scornful laugh and pointed at the Centurion card in Chen Hao’s hand. “I suspect that the Centurion card in your hand is a stolen good. Nowadays, it is easy to steal another person’s passcode!”
After uttering those words, he looked at Zhang Ru who was standing at the side. “Miss Zhang, I advise you to contact your manager. If word got out, it would greatly affect the shop’s reputation!”
Yang Xia also snapped out of her reverie. “Yes, Miss Zhang, how could this poor dude buy such an expensive bag, and even owns a VIP card!”
Yang Xia was really reluctant to accept reality.
After hearing his words, Zhang Ru also felt that it was reasonable.
At that moment, she looked at Chen Hao and said, “Sir, can you please stay for awhile, our manager will be with you shortly!”
After saying that, she blocked Chen Hao’s way out, as if she was preventing a thief from escaping!
Chen Hao didn’t expect that a simple act of buying a bag would cause so much trouble.
Seeing the situation, it seemed like he could not walk away even if he wanted to.
He could only wait quietly for the manager.
Not long after that, an elegant woman in her thirties with a pleasant disposition came out.
Zhang Ru immediately told her manager that she suspected Chen Hao had stolen the card.
The manager gave Chen Hao a once-over. Then, she gave him a professional smile. “Sir, I am very sorry, but could we check your card?”
She was very respectful. It didn’t matter whether her expression was genuine or not, but at least she didn’t judge him.
Chen Hao was helpless, hence he could only give his Centurion card to her.
He saw the female manager take out a special card reader, then skillfully inserted the card into the machine.
“Sir, may I know your name? And may I have your identification card please.”
The female manager said.
“My name is Chen Hao, and my sister’s name is Chen Xiao!”
Although the passcodes of these kinds of cards were your birth date, Chen Xiao wasn’t sure whether the card was registered under his sister’s name. He passed her his identification card.
“Hmph, this poor dude, let us see how he wheedles his way out of this!” Lu Chen was smiling coldly at the corner. He even took out his mobile phone and was prepared to call the police at any given moment.
The female manager finished her evaluation quickly.
There was a flash of horror in her eyes as the machine displayed Chen Hao’s name as the true owner of the Centurion card.
It was a global VIP membership. Hence, the person who owned this card must have come from an extremely wealthy family.
The female manager started to have cold sweats. Stupid Zhang Ru, how dare she make me offend such an esteemed customer!
After that, she removed the card and walked to Chen Hao. Then, she immediately bent ninety degrees forward.
“Dear Mr. Chen, please forgive us for our offense earlier! This Centurion card truly belongs to you!”
Everybody was shocked.
Zhang Ru’s hands were still stretched out in a manner that prevented Chen Hao from leaving. In that instant, she felt extremely embarrassed.
“Ma—Manager, you wouldn’t have made a mistake, would you? This person… is really the Centurion card holder?”
The female manager raised her head quickly and gave Zhang Ru a slap. “Put your hands down now!”
Zhang Ru covered her face and retreated to the side.
Both Lu Chen and Yang Xia looked dazed.
The female manager knew that both of them were Chen Hao’s acquaintances. Not only that, she also knew that they were ridiculing him.
She thought, Why not do Mr. Chen a favor to eliminate his bad impression of this Hermès branch store today?!
She walked in front of Lu Chen and Yang Xia. “May I ask the two of you, why did you instigate our promoter to offend our esteemed customer?”
Lu Chen’s eyes went wide as he said, “I just wanted you to make sure of it. I did it out of the goodness of my heart!”
“We accept your kind gesture in our hearts. But now, if the both of you have no intention of buying anything, please leave our store!!!”
She almost snapped the last four words.
A direct customer eviction order was issued!
Yang Xia signaled Lu Chen with her eyes, hoping that he would make a stand against this.
However, Lu Chen was covered in sweat. Even if he hardened his heart and bought a handbag that cost 10,000, he couldn’t even come close to Chen Hao!
Chen Hao was a VIP customer!
“Let’s go!”
Lu Chen’s dignity had taken a painful beating. He gritted his teeth and dragged Yang Xia along as they left the shop reluctantly.
At this moment, Zhang Ru bowed slightly at Chen Hao. “Mr. Chen, I am sorry!”
She regretted her actions thoroughly, for he was clearly her client!
Chen Hao turned a blind eye toward her and smiled at Wang Xiaolin and said, “Miss, sorry to trouble you today, but you don’t have to wrap that up. I have some business to attend to now. Farewell!”
Feeling all the female students’ hot gazes upon him, Chen Hao walked embarrassingly down the stairs. This was the first time he had used money to flaunt himself.
In fact, this did not gel well with his personality. Only his sister would spend so extravagantly.
Chen Hao’s only wish was to become an ordinary person who did not have to worry about such a huge sum of money!
After walking out of the shop, Chen Hao’s phone rang again. This time it was Ma Xiaonan who called him.
The moment it connected, he could hear Ma Xiaonan’s anxious voice saying, “Let me tell you Chen Hao, I don’t care what others think of you, but you are my best buddy. You have to come to my birthday party! Even your dorm mates are here already!”
Chen Hao smiled and nodded his head. “I am heading there right away!”
“Oh right, put some nice clothes on. Today I am going to introduce you to a young lady!”
Ma Xiaonan reminded Chen Hao again.
Chen Hao could do nothing but to acquiesce. He could not hold the handbag just like that. Chen Hao made his way to the nearby supermarket and bought a two-cents worth of red colored plastic bag to put the handbag in.
He quickly caught a cab and made his way to Ru Yi Restaurant.
At this moment, inside the private room of the restaurant, Ma Xiaonan hung up her phone and smiled at the gorgeous long-haired girl who was sitting beside her and said, “Yi Fan, Chen Hao is my best friend. He is a nice person and he is really hard working when it comes to his studies. When he arrives, let me introduce you to him!”
Yi Fan still had her headset on. She was sitting crossed-legged on the chair, her legs dangling.
She looked very pretty and innocent.
Zhao Yifan and Ma Xiaonan were childhood friends. They even went to the same college together. However, they weren’t in the same course.
Today was Ma Xiaonan’s birthday. She had invited both Zhao Yifan’s and Chen Hao’s dorm mates to attend her birthday party.
It was like having a dorm mixer party!
At the same time, Ma Xiaonan knew that recently, her gorgeous friend, Zhao Yifan, who had been single throughout her high school years had decided to look for a boyfriend.
Zhao Yifan was drinking her fruit juice elegantly when the door to the private room opened…
After the door was pushed open, they saw that it wasn’t Chen Hao.
“Xu Nan! Why are you here?”
Ma Xiaonan’s face changed the moment she saw Xu Nan.
Although they were classmates, Ma Xiaonan had yelled at Xu Nan before.
This morning, after Ma Xiaonan knew that Xu Nan had toyed with Chen Hao, she gave him a good scolding.
She didn’t think that he would be this thick-skinned to actually be here!
“Xiao Nan, are you still mad? I was only joking around with Chen Hao yesterday. Who knew that he would actually deliver it!”
Xu Nan laughed heartily.
Some of his roommates came too. They even brought gifts.
Speaking of which, Ma Xiaonan’s family could also be considered rich. She tried to help Chen Hao countless times, but Chen Hao was unwilling to accept her help.
Xu Nan was Ma Xiaonan’s classmate in high school.
“Xiao Nan, the Chen Hao that he mentioned, is he the same Chen Hao that you were going to introduce me to? What happened?” Zhao Yifan’s beautiful eyes furrowed slightly as she casually asked.
As soon as Xu Nan saw Zhao Yifan, his eyes gleamed. In actual fact, he had long wanted to be acquainted with Zhao Yifan as she was the hottest girl in the college’s broadcasting department.
Yes, he was this thick-skinned and was putting aside his dignity to apologize to Ma Xiaonan. To put it bluntly, he had already known that Zhao Yifan would come to Ma Xiaonan’s birthday party.
When he heard this, Xu Nan immediately said, “Oh, Miss Yi Fan, Chen Hao is in our class. He is quite a poor guy. Yesterday… Hahaha!”
The moment he recalled yesterday’s incident whereby Chen Hao had sent Durex to his ex-girlfriend to help her with her sex life, Xu Nan nearly laughed himself to death. He told her the entire story in a few words.
“You better shut your mouth up!” Ma Xiaonan immediately flew into a rage and glared at Xu Nan.
Zhao Yifan and her beautiful roommates looked incredulous.
They couldn’t believe that there was such a poor and pathetic person.
Chen Hao’s roommates’ faces also looked grim. Nothing good comes out of Xu Nan’s filthy mouth.
“Ok, ok, ok… I won’t talk about it anymore!”
Xu Nan smiled broadly and said, “Xiao Nan, come and see the gift that I bought you…”
At this moment, there was a light knock on the door of the private room.
Following that, the door opened. This time, Chen Hao entered with a red-colored plastic bag!
“Chen Hao, you came!”
Ma Xiaonan immediately stood up and smiled.
Chen Hao nodded his head. He instantly noticed that Xu Nan was sneering at him.
In the past, he would have felt inferior when he met a second generation heir, but now… Haha.
He’s Chen Hao?
Zhao Yifan also raised her eyes to look at Chen Hao.
Zhao Yifan really wanted to get a boyfriend. His family might not need to be extremely wealthy, it was even fine for him to be a bit ordinary. However, he needed to be attractive and had good traits that would attract her attention.
At that moment, although she thought Chen Hao was quite good-looking, his entire attire from top to bottom definitely did not exceed 150 bucks.
He was extremely ordinary!
Especially when she heard Xu Nan mentioning Chen Hao’s deeds just now, her impression of Chen Hao had sunk to the bottom of the abyss.
Zhao Yifan’s face was full of disappointment.
“Chen Hao, this is Yi Fan and these are her roommates. Let’s get to know each other!”
Ma Xiaonan smiled and introduced them to each other.
Chen Hao nodded his head. “My name is Chen Hao, nice to meet you, Miss Yi Fan!”
Chen Hao reached out his hand in a polite manner.
However, Zhao Yifan did not even look at him. She merely turned her head and continued drinking her fruit juice.
Chen Hao’s hand dangled in mid air, and he could only retract his hand back sheepishly.
Ma Xiaonan knew that her best friend had always been this way. If she was attracted to you, she would chat a little bit more. However, if she wasn’t attracted to you, then the situation would be awful as she wouldn’t even acknowledge you.
Chen Hao did not say anything.
He prepared to sit down.
At this moment, Xu Nan’s gaze fell on the red-colored plastic bag in Chen Hao’s hands.
He smirked in that instant. “Yo, Chen Hao, what gift did you buy for Xiao Nan’s birthday? Why don’t you take it out for everyone else to see!”
Chen Hao’s dorm leader could not take it anymore. “Xu Nan, why do you always have something against Chen Hao?”
Xu Nan laughed heartily. He always felt a sense of validation when he ridiculed others.
At that moment, he glanced coldly at Chen Hao and took out his gift first.
It happened to be a black-colored designer bag.
“Xiao Nan, this is my gift to you, a Hermès bag!”
When Xu Nan took out the bag, he instantly attracted the attention of Zhao Yifan and her beautiful roommates.
“A Hermès Lindy bag? The market price of this bag is 8,999 right?”
All the beautiful girls changed the way they looked at Xu Nan immediately.
This guy was just too generous.
Even the usually aloof Zhao Yifan couldn’t help but give Xu Nan a second look.
“It’s not that expensive, my dad knows the district manager of Hermès very well. I bought it for 7,999 since we were acquainted with each other.”
Xu Nan smiled and basked in the crowd’s admiration.
Ma Xiaonan really hated Xu Nan, but as the saying goes, ‘You can never hit a smiling person’. Thus, she could only accept the present.
“Hermès Lindy bag is the latest luxury bag that was launched by Hermès. It is very popular in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The price of this exact same model is at least 12,000 in those countries!” Zhao Yifan gave it a glance and said.
Xu Nan raised his eyebrows. “Miss Yi Fan, I did not know that you were so knowledgeable in luxury goods.”
Zhao Yifan looked at Xu Nan and gave him a light smile. “I wanted to buy this model the last time but the price was a little bit too expensive…”
Xu Nan quickly said, “Miss Yi Fan, I can give it to you as a present when you celebrate your birthday next time. It’s only 8,000 or 9,000. It’s nothing to me. In addition, the Hermès store near the entrance of our school knows us very well.”
Zhao Yifan remained silent. She only smiled.
She did not know Ma Xiaonan’s high school classmate, Xu Nan, in the past. She only heard rumors that he was a vagabond.
Unexpectedly, he was such a magnanimous person.
Zhao Yifan’s impression of him improved a lot.
After that, Chen Hao’s dorm leader and the rest of them also presented their gifts respectively.
Of course they weren’t as expensive as Xu Nan’s luxury item, but it was still worth around 300 to 400.
Chen Hao did not know what to say. He planned to give his present to Ma Xiaonan after the event.
However at this moment, Xu Nan looked at the red-colored plastic bag in Chen Hao’s hand and smiled evilly. He said,
“Chen Hao, I begged you to let us see your gift just now, so why don’t you take it out and show it to everybody now? Look at the plastic bag you’re holding. See how festive it looks!”
“Xu Nan, shut your mouth up. Whatever Chen Hao gives me, I will still be happy!”
Ma Xiaonan warned Xu Nan again.
However, Ma Xiaonan still cast a hopeful look in Chen Hao’s direction.
Chen Hao felt a little regretful.
He did not wait for that additional half an hour as he was in a hurry. If only he knew earlier, he would have asked the promoter to wrap this bag up properly.
It was supposed to be a simple gathering. But who knew that Xu Nan would come!
“Xiao Nan, I bought you a bag!”
Chen Hao stood up and peeled back the red-colored plastic bag from the bag.
Zhao Yifan’s brows knitted tightly together and the rest of her roommates also gave him a look of disdain.
This person was such a loser and a disgrace!
When Chen Hao took out the bag, Xu Nan shouted, “Hermès! Hahaha! Chen Hao actually bought a Hermès for her as a gift! Such a luxurious item!”
“Chen Hao! Tell me quickly, where did you buy this bag from? It must be quite expensive right?” Xu Nan’s words made all the girls laugh heartily.
Zhao Yifan shook her head slightly.
She initially thought that although Chen Hao was poor, at least he was a person with integrity. Honestly speaking, Chen Hao was still qualified to be an ordinary friend.
But now, Zhao Yifan really looked down upon Chen Hao.
“This is Hermès’s 200-years Anniversary Collector’s Edition bag. There are only 200 of these bags in the entire world. Each bag is worth at least 300,000!”
The moment Zhao Yifan saw it, she instantly recognized it.
“There are counterfeits sold online and they are priced at approximately 150. Even if you were a prideful loser, nobody would buy it to parade it around the streets. It is shameful to carry around this counterfeit high-end luxury product!”
Zhao Yifan also treated him rudely. She looked at Chen Hao squarely. The person in front of her really made her vomit!
Ma Xiaonan thought that Chen Hao would buy her some small gadgets and gizmos. She did not expect him to buy her a counterfeit item.
But, Ma Xiaonan still said happily, “Chen Hao, no matter what, thank you for buying me a gift. Next time you don’t have to spend this kind of money anymore, 150 is still very expensive!”
Chen Hao felt like crying but no tears came. He wanted to say that this was the real thing. However, when he saw Zhao Yifan and her roommates’ scornful gaze, he guessed that even if he told them the truth, they would not believe him. Not only that, they would look down on him even further.
At this moment, Zhao Yifan looked at Ma Xiaonan and said, “Xiaonan, since when did you meet such an unreliable person?”
Ma Xiaonan saw that Chen Hao would soon be placed in an embarrassing situation. Thus, she quickly changed the topic and said, “Ok ok, it’s my birthday today. We are all friends. Come come, let’s toast to this occasion!”
Zhao Yifan and her roommates still looked at Chen Hao with disgust and did not react.
Xu Nan and the rest of them were smirking at the sides.
Chen Hao saw that Ma Xiaonan was caught in between him and her friends and he felt awkward.
He immediately got up and said, “Happy birthday, Xiaonan. However, I suddenly remembered that I have something to do back in my dorm. I will be going back first. Have fun everyone!”
Chen Hao knew that he was unneeded.
He got up to leave.
“Chen Hao!”

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