🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 12♥️♥️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

“I said what are you guys talking about” mother yelled at me

“Mother….I was just asking her if she will be going back to where she came from” Selena lied to mother

“And who are you loving” mother asked

“It’s the mermaid I met there….” I said

“Princess you need to be careful and as a matter of fact…. henceforth you are not leaving this palace to any where again okay” mother said

“But mum…” I said

“That is final and don’t dare me okay” mother said and left

“Oh no” I said

“What…. thought you said you won’t be going back” Selena asked

“But Selena…you know I love him and you also know who mother is….her word is the final” I said

“You know what….just play along for some days then we will know what to do” Selena said

“Okay….but you will stay here with me” I asked

“You know I will” she said

“Thanks dear” I said and hug her

“U welcome” she said

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I got home feeling depressed, I still can’t believe what I saw on was it just a dream, I seriously need someone to wake me up

I went to the kitchen, drank a cup of water and went into my room but to be Candid, I miss her

It’s not easy staying alone in this big house, will she ever come back and even if she comes back I can never allow her into my house….a mermaid…. princess
Oh no

I lay on my bed with different thought on my mind, I closed my eyes to catch my sleep just then memories of how jenny died flash into my brain

I got up beating heavily, it’s been long I have this nightmare, why is it coming again

I stood up and walk pass princess room, then I turned and walk into her room

I missed her…..I guess am having this nighmare again because no one is here with me or maybe am lonely…..ahhh

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

It’s been three days now and mother won’t let me go out, she told the guards to watch over me

I need to get myself outta here, I need to go see Mike and am sure his mom would have left now

“Selena please think of something, I need to go see my prince charming” I said to her

“Princess I can’t think of something, if you leave while I am still here with you, I will be put into trouble which I don’t wanna do” Selena said

“Then you can give me an idea and you leave before carrying it out” I said

“No no…. it’s not gonna work…I don’t wanna die” she said

“Oh Mike……. what do I do now” I said to myself

“I was thinking….why don’t you just tell the queen everything” Selena said

“Oh I dare not” I said shaking my head in disagreement

I stood up and walk out but the guards stopped me

“Princess, you are not allow to go out so please go back” the guard said

“Oh no…” I said and and walk in

“I have an idea” Selena said

“Tell me” I said curiously

“Ahmmm…..why don’t you just use your power, you once told me you have the power to disappear….why don’t you just don’t that” Selena said

“Oh I wasn’t even thinking about this before” I said

“But that will be after I left here….just call in the queen and make her know that I already left then you can disappear tomorrow” Selena said then I hug her

“You are always the best girlfriend….I love you” I said and peck her cheek

I walk out and instruct on of the guards to call me mother

Soon mother walk in to my room

“What do you need princess” mother said sitting beside me

“Ahmm….my queen I will be taking my leave now” Selena said

“Oh you’re leaving already…. okay my regards to your mum” mother said then Selena wave at me and left

“So why did you call me” mother asked

“It’s been long I sleep on your lap so I want to do that now” I said

“Do you think you’re still a baby…. okay sleep” she said

Then I lay my head on her lap while she Pat me gently and before I know it I slept off

💥💥The next day 💥💥

I got up, took the necklace which I hide under my bed

Then I disappear into the human world, I hide behind the mountain and out on the chain then I got transformed with my clothes on me, I packed my hair and walk out

Do I even know the way to Mike’s house, I started trekking and after some hours I got there then I knocked at the gate

The door was open and Mike was standing in front of me without saying anything

“Good morning sir” I said

“And what is good about the morning huh…. what are you doing here” he yelled

“Am…. sorry” I said with tears

“And for the past four to five days, where have you been, do you think you can just go and come back anytime you want huh” he said

“But your mom pushed me out and I was scared of coming back” I replied

“Then why did you come back and what assurance do you have that I will take you back” he said but I kept mute, I wasn’t expecting this from him

“Listen good, my mum brought you here and she had the right to throw you out, so you are not coming in without her permission” he said and smash the door at my face

Now where do I go again, why is everyone on Earth hating me, what have I done wrong to deserve all this, why is life being unfair to me….why

I said to myself and sat down crying

I waited for some minute but he wouldn’t come to open the gate so I think I am not needed here again, I should just go back to where am coming from but I will never forget him in my heart….. heaven knows I mean no harm

I said to myself and Clean my tears then I stood up to leave then I heard the door open

“Come in” Mike said

“Am sorry, am not coming in without your mom’s permission” I said but he didn’t reply, he walk closer to me and drag me in then close the door

“It’s about to rain so it’s better you go in” he said

“Still not going in without her permission” I said again

“Oh really then die there” he said and walk in

So wicked, I stood there for some minute the it started raining…..I didn’t leave where I was standing coz I was even enjoying the rain and I know as long as I have this necklace on me, nothing can bring back my tails

I saw Mike open the door

“And won’t you come in” he yelled

“Not without her permission” I yelled back with my clothes drenched from head to toe

“Hello mum…. okay…. thank you” he said faking a call….I know he was faking it

“Now can you come in…..” Mike said

“What did she say” I asked

“She said you can enter” he said

“Okay” I said then walk closer to the door

“Have this” he said throwing me a towel and his shirt then he walk in and close the door

I undress and out on his shirt….to short that it expose all my thigh, I cleaned my hair and forgot to roll it up so I walk in

I saw Mike stared at me from head to toe, I stood there not knowing what to do then he cleared his throat

“I prepare something for you already” he said

“Oh thanks” I said and ran to the dinning and started eating, but I keep seeing Mike staring at me but I don’t know what he is thinking of, I ignore it and continue eating

Soon I was done eating so I sat beside him

“So tell me…..where did you go” he asked

“I was ….. just wandering about….no home” I said to him then he stared at me again

“What….why are staring at me ever since I came in” I asked

“Nothing…. just that I miss you” he said then I smile

“Really” I asked

“Hey Don’t get it twisted, I only miss your disturbance and not you” he said

“hmm i see” I said

“Ahm…..can you please roll your hair up… it’s scaring me” he said

“Oh…am sorry” I said and quickly pack it up

“Done” I said

“Talking about Jenny……can you tell me all what she has been telling you” he said

“Jenny…who is Jenny” I asked

“She” he said pointing to her pics

“Oh…..I….I guess she missed you…..she missed you alot” I said

“And how did you know” he asked

“She appear to my in my dream” I said

“And is there anything I should know about you” he asked

“Nothing” I said smiling, he stared at me for some seconds then peck my lips and left

What…..why did he do that…….am I dreaming……oh.

To be continued

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