EPISODES 18 – 20
Episode 18
We stood staring at the door as another
knock came hitting the door
Voice: open this door now that you have the
opportunity before we break down this
door(break am na,na my papa door,i said
within me)you can’t escape this time,you
have been surrounded by the police so just
give your selves in…i hurried walked to the
window,looking through it i saw policemen
all over the compound,they were well armed
and ready to shoot at a go ahead
command.the crowd of police surrounding
us now i had only seen in some american
movies especially when they are some
group of thieves inside their bank but in our
own case myself and my sister weren’t
thieves,we are just innocent citizens whom
their father had rendered motherless and
now thirty for due justice but instead their
father tag them most wanted,dead or alive.
I nerve knew the nigeria police could be this
active but well i don’t blame them,money the
poor would say is speaking.i thought they
said police is our friend so why hunt us
when they are fully aware of our innocents.i
took all our properties and hid them under
the hotel round bed
Now the knock on the door had turned into
a presisting banging finally the door was
forced opened by the police and we were
faced in a gun point
Inspector: (pointing the gun at us)your
hands on your head…so this inspector
trailed us all the way from festac town,A
Division to victorial island(this is serious,i
wonder how much my dad must have
promised them…well i pray none of you dear
readers would find yourself in such a mess
and situation)we sluggishly raised our
hands above our head
Inspector:now step out of the room
quietly…i turned and took a glance at
bisola,tears welled her eyes.tears drop from
my eyes,i knew my sister was took young
for all this trouble she is facing now,she is
just 17 for crying out loud,i was forced to
beg as we stepped outside (four policemen
stood by the door with the manager of the
Me: please sir let my sister go,she is all i have
left please sir please
Inspector:are my your father,sheybi you said
your sister is dead(he walked to the hotel
manager,shaking hands with him)thanks for
your information,it has been approved all
Inspector:if we had citizens like you in the
state,our dear country would had been a
much better place to be would follow
us to the station for your prize(the manager
noded in acceptance)officer hand cuff these
two thieves…we were hand cuffed,a wear of
it on my right hand and the other on my kid
sister’s left hand and then ordered to move.
I never suspected the hotel manager would
sell us out,i should have known with the
way he stared at me when i ran into the
hotel,why are people this greedy for
money,why would you venture into what
you know not why? Because of money?
We were taken outside and forced into one
of the back seat of the four vans parked
outside,we were just open that every street
the van passed people stared at us.see how
we are being lead like a common thieve we
were not.when we got into the main
road,the express way to oshodi something
To Be Continued
Episode 19
As we got to the main road leading to
oshodi expressways the police van carring
the hotel manager and the inspector with
some other policemen suddenly began to
jerk and before we knew what was actually
happening the van caught fire and before
anyone in the van could escape explosion
occured causing a hell of noise,the other
three police van stopped and watched the
burning van even the cars driving by
stopped to watch causing a hell of
traffic,after like 30 minutes of a whelming
flame,it finally stopped,no one had
escaped,the inspector and manager had
been wildly consumed by fire beyond
recognision,i smiled to myself as if i knew
the cause nor was expecting such,the truth
of the matter was that i dont know the
cause nor was i expecting such ealier but
my joy was that the inspector nor manager
would not get whatever money my father
must had promised them.
All other policemen came down and went to
the scene of the accident,only one officer
was left with us
Me: officer please let us go,no one would
Officer:you no serious
Bisola: (in tears,by now her eyes were
swallon)please let us go,i believe you are a
father,not a wicked one,please sir let us go
Officer:sorry i no fit,una kill una mama so
una must reach station
Me:we did not do it,it a lie(i told him all that
had happened)pls,i would pay you one
million if you let us go
Officer:why your papa go wicked like
that,no worry about the money i go release
una.i no want una wicked papa to kill una
join(he opened the hand cuff)abeg una see
say them attention focus there so make una
quick quick and jajaja comot here before
them go know
Me & Bisola:thank you sir but what about
Officer:una no dey watch film? i go just lie
down here like say una hit me so make una
no worry about me
Me: please sir your name
Officer:john williams.oyah dey go…we
clambed down from the van as the officer
pretenciously lied down and before any one
could realize what was happening we took
We got back to the hotel room and the
receiptionlist was so surprise to see us back
but i guess she had not heard of her
managers death,we ran to the room,turned
the bed and took our properties we had
earlier hide under it,i took the car key and
off we go,we drove out of the hotel leaving i drove an idea occured to me to
take bisola to my mum’s people in delta
state so she could stay there with them
while i fight for my mum’s death.i didnt tell
her,i only told her we were going to Delta to
stay for the time being.i bought more fuel
into my car tank,turned on my car radio and
there was a news on air about myself and
sister,how we had escaped from the police
hand after hitting the policeman on watch
and how the police van conveying the police
inspector misteriously caught fire leading to
the death of the inspector,hotel manager
and 6 other policemen,the public was
informed that the prize of 5 million was still
open to anyone with useful informations
that would lead to our arrest.
We cares,i checked the time,it was 2pm
sharp,i wondered what time we would get
to delta state as i drove off,bisola did not
even complain of the speed unlike
before,we got to the compound of maize
okorie (my mother father)by 9pm.we were
warmly welcomed.after some time that
night i narrated all that had happened to the
old man and his was a painful
one,her parents are still alive but my dad
won’t let her live to burry her parents but
thanks to the almighty that she had brothers
and sisters.after all the cries and consoling
we all went to bed.
By the next day strenge thing happened
which forced me out of delta but not empty
handed,just stay clued to know in the next
episode and don’t forget the battle is about
Episode 20
Early the next morning uncle Emma came
visiting(Emma is the last born of my mum’s
family,he should be in his early 30s) uncle
emma was a cultis,a very stubborn one at
that,my mum had told me that even the
police feared him and any crime comitted
my his cult people uncle must be the master
mind behind it,even uncle emma himself told
us he belongs though he never told us his
cult group’s name.he warned us never to
join any cult if not he would be the one to
kill any of us that joins cult,his reason was
that he regrets being a cultise and he said
that if he had the opportunity of leaving the
cult without them coming after him that he
wld have done that but his words that
baffles me most was when he told us “i have
stepped on many toes,waiting for the
opportunity to bring me down,i have taken
lifes i can’t creat none gv,my hands are
stained & even heavens cry for me”.
So that morning when he came,he was
surprised to see us
U.Emma:see my people oo
Me & Bisola:uncle good morning
U.Emma:hw una dey na
Both:fine sir
U.Emma:eya sorry for your mum’s dead,i
miss her too as my sister(uncle emma had
once seeked from my dad to find his sister’s
killers bt dad had turned him down,that was
before mum’s burial.uncle emma and my
mum were like 5&6 those days mum was
alive so he never joked with us,he loved us
so much especially yomi because yomi
hardly smiles just like him)
Me:uncle,dad and yomi killed our mother
and now seeks to kill us
U.Emma: people must talk but don’t listen to
them,your father can’t kill my sister…i just
inserted the disk into my laptop and gave
him to watch.after watching he stood up
Bisola:yes uncle
U.Emma:una papa don buy market wey im
nor go fit sell finish,i saw both of you on
yesterday’s news paper but i didnt
believe,so it true.after killing my sister to
save his dirty work he now wants to kill her
children and even has the guts to lable them
most wanted maka why! (i had never seen
uncle emma angry before,normally he does
not smile except when playing with us so
seeing him this angry got me scared
because there was an obvious fire of
revenge in his eyes)
Bisola:uncle i miss my mum,i wish i can see
U.Emma: (tears dropped from his
eyes)sheybi na ojo,im don reach ground,i go
kill am and that yomi,i don lyk am finish,chidi
abeg help am digg grave abeg,make am 24
feet below make him for here hell fire well
Me:uncle pls,let me fight this battle,it my
U.Emma:taaah,it your battle,who tag am
family battle,my sister is involved in this
Me:uncle i know but remember you have
scores with the government so you fighting
my father would be sending yourself to jail
(he stared at me,trying to reason my words)
U.Emma:you are right but you cant fight
alone(yes i know i can’t fight alone but i
really don’t want uncle emma to get
involved,he is being wanted by the
government for kidnapping the last election
ballot box so him getting involve might
screw everything)
Me:uncle i know,i already have boys,all i
need is gun
U.Emma:gun? That one is no problem,i get
any kind of gun where you go need even
bullet no go dry you,at lest if na only that
one i fit help you with e go good
Me:but uncle i have one more problem
U.Emma:which is
Me:bisola,please uncle,if she dies i would die
and i know you are the only one who can
protect her,please help me
Bisola:no,i want to fight for mummy please
U.Emma:bisola chidi is right,i would take you
to my place till chidi and his boys get
revenge.chidi come lets go to my house,so i
can serve you gun(knock knock knock,that
was a knock on the door,i ran to the
window and saw men on black and dark
Me:uncle they are here…he quickly hid us,put
some calls through in a low tone while the
knock increased
U.Emma:hello s.k,where bullet,abeg i need
una nw nw for my papa house ogbor
dey,some men carry gun stand for door
now,and i believe say u dey hear the knock
over the phone,abeg una come nw,them
don buy market,as them say na mtn them
want,make we sell am give them come help
them load am,ok sharp…he ended the call
and entered his parents room,i guess to
secure them then came back and went back
to open the door,i could see him from my
hide out.leaving bisola with uncle
emma,would it be safe for her,hope it not a
mistake am about to make.the door opened
& a gun was pointed at uncle emma’s fore
head,he just smile
U.Emma:guy u dey learn work? then go
finish learning na before u enter street to
hustle na,wat if u shoot he nor enter(the
men just stared at him as he raked,i guess
they were surprised as he continued
raking)if e no enter,una go die o,anyway
comot that toy wey oyinbo dey call gun from
my head bcoz me ma hold my own,(he
brought out gun from his waist and threw it
on d floor)me nor need am,nor be my sister

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