A Woman Sends a Text to Her Husband

“Honey, don’t forget to buy bread when your coming home from work and your girlfriend Valerie greets you.”

Husband:Who is Valerie?

Wife:Nobody, I just wanted you to answer, to have confirmation that you saw my text.

Husband: But I’m with Valerie right now, I thought you saw me?

Wife:What??! Where are you?

Husband: Near the neighborhood bakery.

Wife:Wait, I’m coming right now!

After 5 minutes, his wife sends a message:

Wife:I’m at the bakery, where are you?

Husband: I’m at work. Now that you’re at the bakery , buy the bread!

Secret of the story, never get angry at your wife’s laziness, use her prank to get the best out of her…😁

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