I am completely indifferent about the recent outcries against Angela Nwosu.

I don’t feel sympathy for any of the ‘victims’.

They all deserve what they got.

Angela Nwosu isn’t ‘brainwashing’ any set of persons as far as I’m concerned.

Their brains were theirs to use, but they chose to bury it in the mud, urinate on it for good measure and willingly become donkeys on social media.

Who is to blame?

So the general consensus is that her ‘blue eyed’ bracelets are ‘impotent’ and do not bring good luck as she professes, hence Angela Nwosu is an impostor,a scam artiste and a charlatan.


Let me say this really quick.

If you believe that those ‘rituals’ and ‘fortification rites’ that this woman does are entirely just for show, then you may actually be dumber than we assumed you are.

Few months ago, a follower of mine called me on Facebook voice-call late one night.

A lady I respect a lot on this space.

I was surprised at the audacity, so I picked.

The things she told me seemed too amusing to be taken seriously.
It was only few days ago— at the peak of the whole ‘expository metamorphosis’ of Angela Nwosu that everything started to make sense.

Let me not go back and forth.

This Facebook friend from few months ago had been having series of spiritual attacks from the second she received the blue-eyed waist beads she paid ₦50,000 to Angela Nwosu for.

According to her, the first night she wore the waist bead, she woke up to find a clay pot rolling noisily around the outside of her apartment quite close to her windows.
The thud of the rolling pot was dull— yet deliberately resonative of pure abomination.
The clay pot also strobbed different colours on its own as it rolled.

In morbid fear, she had tried to call her male neighbour in the next apartment, but every time his phone rang and was picked, all she would hear amidst loud static would be the same grinding din of the rolling earthenware pot.

Of course she thought someone was messing with her head, and pushed it away from her mind until she started experiencing a lot of strange, paranormal phenomena around her all of a sudden.

Nightmares every time she ate noodles with onions.

A child coughing from under her bed by around 1am every night.

The day she removed the blue-eyed waist-beads and tossed it into a ravine in the other end of her town, the strange happenings abruptly stopped, but not without a consequence.

Her father died mysteriously one night muttering her (my Facebook friend) name and her landlord ejected her without notice.

That wasn’t all.
Her married elder brother suddenly started chasing teenage boys in the secondary school he worked and was arrested and charged to court.

Her hair salon business packed up so bad she had to sell her salon equipment to even feed.

I didn’t believe the gist then.

But she insisted and added me on a WhatsApp group where people who had come in virtual contact with Angela Nwosu shared their personal experiences.

I read things that morning.

Imagine bringing your girlfriend over for a sweltering night of sex and while you 2 start caressing yourselves in the dark, a third hand joins in the caress— prompting boyfriend and girlfriend to flee naked out of their house into the security post at the gate.
Yes… guessed right.
Girlfriend wasted ₦50,000 on same blue-eyes that she rocked on her waist and went for a weekend romp.

Do I even mention the incubus and succubus attacks where spirits literally press wearers of these ‘blue-eye’ pearls while they slept at night until they almost pissed blood?

I may dedicate several posts to sharing some of the stories shared with me on that group with screenshots if possible.

It is funny and sad at the same time.

The stupidity of today’s generation of Nigerians.

How can people ever believe that meddling with spiritual forces is just a harmless and healthy venture that even Christians can attempt?

My annoyance is that I rarely see any muslim following this woman.

99% of her fans are IGBOS.

IGBO Christians specifically!!!

Religious church-goers who scream ‘Blood of Jesus’, but see nothing wrong in ascribing supreme godship to a woman who isn’t even fairly exceptional.

Several fail to remember how this same woman had clamoured for relevance and recognition on social media for years— spewing vulgarities and filth within the lines of how she gets turned on by urinating in her panties, how she uses sperm as a pimple treatment regiment and how she loves to suck 5 different penises a day to stay calm.

Check the blogs if you doubt me.

Everything from writing rotten drivel, spitting on pastors and insulting God— there was nothing this woman didn’t do to get attention.

Suddenly she gets the audience she needed and realized that she could get a broader audience if she dangled before her stupid followers the thing she knew enticed them the most:

Cash gifts and random giveaways!!

Anything FREE that didn’t require hardwork and employing their God-given brains!

So what does the woman do?

She goes diabolical, makes a pact with an altar somewhere to attract small fortune and starts flaunting money on social media.

Then it hits her.

I could actually monetize this small fortune for more fortune!

So she starts luring more followers to her page by giving away cash, goes online and studies some basics of mysticism and eastern paganism— and VOILA— the blue-eye business line is born!

₦50,000 for fanciful waist beads that unleash spiritual factorials that completely pollute your life.

₦30,000 for one that can be wrapped around the wrist.

Of course not also without the ‘conveniently vague’ gibberish she scribbles all over her page in a bid to sound mystical—- thanks to google.

Sincerely I hold nothing against Angela Nwosu.

It is pure business.

Babe must look out for her pocket.

But you see the ones that try to explain away the ‘philosophical technicalities’ of what this woman does as just ‘communing with the universe’, channelling positive energy to attract wealth and just imbibing a ‘sound mind’ through purification ‘rituals’ that bind earth to the sun?

You all should be apologizing to goats for being prejudiced for stupidity since the beginning of time.

Your stupidity deserves all the PHDs in the faculty of ‘moronhood.’


There is nothing ‘natural’ about what Angela Nwosu does!

She meddles with the occult.

When you bring those blue-eye accessories into your home, you are simply opening your house to all kinds of forces.

Most of these forces have spirits mixed up with them and when a non-perceptive person willingly submit themselves to be a playground for these spirits, the results are usually catastrophic!

Do some people that use Angela Nwosu’s blue-eyes experience short-term fortune attraction and business breakthroughs?


These are the ones whose testimonies send more idiots running to Angie Soundmind’s page in their hundreds.

These testimonies are the things that draw the thousands of retards following the woman back to back and using her photo as their dps.

The thousands of fools you see dropping their account numbers on her every post and praying to her like they would God are hunger-crazed by testimonies from the easy road to wealth without hardwork.

Angela Nwosu’s modus operandi is a mix of real, half truths, exaggerations and sheer theatrics.

Several of her followers don’t even realize that they are under a spell.This is the saddest part.

Virtual hypnotism at its best.

You submit your phone number to collect cash gifts you do not deserve and you think it is all on a platter?

Your bank name carries your full names and your profile carries photos of your family members and you think much is needed to trap your already watery destiny via those free cash gifts you think she doles out from the ‘absolute graciousness’ of her heart?

Have you heard of the expression ‘ritualistic point of contact?’

Or you believe that a person can only harm you when they have physical access to you and not when they send their own money from their bank account to yours, access some of your personal information and make certain incantations?

Or you think the giver is stupid when she gives you money you did nothing to earn?

Do you even understand spiritual laws and principles?

How these laws determine what diabolical arrows affect us and which do not— because we earned these gifts through our honest sweat?

You think it ends in begging for ₦5k, collecting it and running off happily into the sunset?

Do you even stop to consider the power of the internet, and the spirits and demons that thrive within our cellular airwaves?

Ignorant, cheap and lazy Nigerians being led to the slaughter because of their greed.

All in all, her enormous success and popularity only proves more how lost this country is to mediocrity and lack of substance.

How can money be the ONLY driving force for a person’s complete devotion and commitment to another?

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