Sleeping Beauty-Gabriella

He sneaked inside the room and deeply inhaled the scent flooding his nostrils. It was sweet. He shifted into his human form and froze when he clearly heard the innocent moan of a woman. He looked around the darkness of the room and immediately found a girl sleeping soundly upon her bed.

His wolf went wild and out of control inside him and only one thing led to another.


Mine, he thought, looking intently at the beautiful woman who had her eyes closed, long dark hair scattering around her pillow, plump lips pouted, and skin looking so soft and flushed.

His pupils dilated almost immediately, watching his mate. He took long strides and neared the beautiful creature. Nose crinkling and sniffing the air, he inhaled the sweet scent, earning satisfaction to himself.

She was human, he realized instantly. He watched as she moaned once again as if deeply lost in her dream. She stirred and the thin shirt she wore slightly shifted upward almost in slow motion. The duvet covering half her body fell lower down her thighs, revealing the underwear she wore.

He growled, his throat vibrating. The flushed skin of her stomach and thighs revealed before him had done such things to make his body heat up. Silently and carefully, he approached the bed and hovered above her, not caring that he was naked. The duvet ended up pooling underneath her body and he settled himself in between her slightly parted thighs. Arms on both sides of her head, he stared at her closed eyes and listened to her even breathing.

Slowly, he leaned his head and lowered his lips upon hers. He kissed her. Lightly. Softly. Gently. He lingered his lips and then traced down the soft skin of her neck, leaving a trail of sweet wetness in his wake. He licked the side of her ear and then caressed his tongue down the crook of her neck.

The corner of his lips twitched when he began to hear her heavy breathing. He smiled to himself. She could already feel the sparks flying and her body began to heat. He could smell it. Her sweet scent became sweeter that he could almost taste it.

He maneuvered his lips towards her collar bone, tasting the sweetness of her skin as she moaned softly. The sound coming from the girl sent all his blood down his groin. He lifted his head slightly and looked at her to see that she still had her eyes closed.

He looked down at her innocence and cursed silently. Her nïpples tightened and strained beneath her thin shirt. Growling, he lowered his head just above her chest and blew his warm breath directly above each pointed nïpple. All he needed was her sharp intake of breath as a permission before he was already latching his lips directly above her nïpples. Only her thin shirt served as the barrier between them.

Hands touching everywhere, he trailed his lips down her stomach and he kissed the flushed skin revealed there. He felt her body shake from his kisses. Trailing lower, his lips found her crotch and he kissed the thin fabric of the front of her underwear as if teasing. Her scent became stronger and he knew just then she was already in heat.

Pressing his nose upon her underwear, he inhaled her sweet scent deeply. He could not seem to help himself and all he wanted was to breathe her in. She smelled like home. In fact, she was home. It seemed she was everything he ever wanted and that was all that mattered.

Home is where the heart is. Perhaps she had innocently stolen his heart the moment he captured her at first sight.

Her thighs had slightly accepted his head as he kissed the inside of her thighs. She moaned, her hands slightly gripping the sheets. He crawled upward and caught her mouth in a passionate kiss. Slowly, her lips began to respond. Pleased with himself, he took the kiss deeper and that was when he already had the kiss under his control.

He swallowed her soft moans. Breathless, he pulled back and kissed down her throat and the side of her neck. He lowered again down her crotch. In one second, he had ripped her underwear with his fangs and was already kissing her hot core.

Her soft moans filled the silence of the dark room and her hands curled into the sheets in fists. He ate her. Licked her. Worshiped her. Soon, she was already writhing beneath him. Her soft cry echoed and then she was releasing the tension in her body.

He was there licking after every last bit of her release. After that, he hovered above her and kissed her softly on the lips. With her eyes still closed, she barely responded and her heavy breathing turned even.

He kissed the skin below her ear and softly whispered, “Mine.”

Chapter 2

Anna woke up groaning on her bed. She rolled over, her chest pressing against the sheets, and covered her head with her arms. She felt terrible. Her long dark hair was a tangled mess and she could feel the dried wetness between her thighs.

She groaned out loud again, her husky morning voice muffling into her pillow. Since when did she have a wet dream? The memories of her last night’s dream flashed back in her mind and she could almost feel herself getting hot again by just remembering the foreign sensations. She never had that kind of dreams before but she felt it was too good to be true. In fact, it almost felt real.


She opened her eyes narrowing at the sight of the sunlight streaming through the blinds of her open window. She instantly thought back to her dream. Because, in her dream, through the open window entered a shadow in the middle of the night.

It was a silent night. The whispering of the trees and leaves were hushing through her window. Her curtains were floating and dancing from the breeze. And there stood a shadow. A stranger.

She was never to speak to a stranger, her Grandmother, Lola (Lowlah), had warned her once they settled inside the large house.

Lola took Anna as her own daughter when her parents died during her childhood days. Lola was practically her only family. The old woman raised her and by the time she was about to turn eighteen, Lola brought Anna to the mansion of the McQueen family.

Lola had told her that the McQueen Mansion was her real home. The McQueen family had lived in the large house of dark hallways and dusty rooms through the years. Not only was it mysterious. It was also surrounded by trees. Those strange tall dark trees of the forest. That was what intrigued Anna. The large house seemed very haunted. There must had been something hidden behind its walls and even beneath its grounds.

On the first day that she was brought at the mansion, she was taken to her room and she immediately searched for any skeleton inside her closet.

She found none.

As the days flew by, she had come to love the place as if it was actually the real home she longed for. She had wandered the dark hallways and dusty old rooms. The place was full of memories. Forgotten and buried underground. She had explored the McQueen Garden and found beautiful roses and flowers blooming through the sunlight in the morning and shining under the moonlight at night.

Even though she hadn’t come to know the entire place all the days of her life, she felt like she was meant to be there. Still, she could feel something strange about her surroundings. Not to mention the dark forest, the strange woods. As a matter of fact, she could feel something strange about herself.

Lately, she had been becoming wary about her surroundings and then came the shadow of her last night’s dream. She shouldn’t be thinking about the erotic dream but she was. She couldn’t ignore it. The dream was buried in her mind. Planted in her heart. Blooming. Aching.

Shaking her head, hoping her thoughts would vanish, she pushed herself up and sat at the edge of her bed looking so lost. She knew she looked like a mess due to having been tossed around all night.

Stupid. Wet. Dream.

Finally, she carefully stood up bare feet on the floor and that was when she felt almost naked. She looked down to see that she was not wearing any underwear. She frowned and quickly thought about the night before if she had forgotten to wear an underwear.

She shook her head no. She never forgets to wear an underwear. That would be stupid. She looked back at the bed in confusion and her eyes widened in great disbelief when she saw her underwear completely ripped and destroyed.

Picking it up, she inspected it. Much to her horror, she felt her heart start beating frantically, seeing that her underwear looked like it had been cut and obviously ripped. Then her mind went back to her dream before.

She had felt the shadow’s teeth grazing the fabric of her underwear and that was how she almost felt like flying all the way to heaven. Like climbing up and reaching the edge of the high cliff and wanting to fall at the peak. She never felt that feeling of utmost satisfaction and relief.

But her heart sunk realizing her dream wasn’t a dream. She ran to her bathroom faster than a blink and removed the thin shirt she wore, looking at the mirror. What were left of the pieces of her heart fell down her feet and her mouth hung open, eyes so shocked, like a deer caught in headlights.

Because before her, the reflection displayed hickeys all over her neck and shoulders.

Chapter 3

Her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh, my God,” she muttered under her breath.

For awhile, she just stared at the reflection of her image, lost in her own thoughts. The love bites were placed in places around her naked flushed skin like a mess. Without thinking, her hand reached to lightly touch her skin, fingers softly brushing against the swelling bruises on the skin of her neck.

She couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t then that she realized what her Grandmother used to tell her.

If you dream the same dream over again, it is sure to come true.

The fact is, she had dreamed of the shadow before ever since the first night she came at the mansion. But those past dreams never had been erotic. It was only last night that the shadow actually touched her.

Was her dream slowly coming to reality?

Just as fear was slowly crawling under her skin, her thoughts vanished in an instant when the sound of someone knocking against the door echoed in her ears. She snapped out of her trance and quickly ran around her room, searching for clothing. Because she was naked for goodness’ sake!

The knocking came again after a few seconds.

“One second!” she cried.

Once she had settled herself in a clean shirt and worn pants, making sure she could cover herself perfectly, not to mention the bruises, she approached the door and gently opened it.

“Goodmorning, Grandma,” she greeted, smiling.

“Goodmorning, Dear,” answered Lola. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“No,” she answered instantly, feeling her stomach growling.

“Come down to the kitchen, I’d like you to meet someone.”

“Who’s this someone?” Anna asked curiously.

“Oh, they’re members of our family and you’ll meet them in the right time..when you’re properly dressed.” The old woman looked sharply at her beneath her glasses.

“I am properly dressed!” Anna exclaimed. She was, wasn’t she? As a matter of fact, she had herself covered perfectly. At least, that was what she thought.

“Oh, no, Missy. Take a bath and get dressed right now. Today’s your first day of School.”

She frowned. “”

“Well, yes! Goodness, child! Hurry up now!”

Lola shut the door behind her. Anna rushed to the bathroom and quickly took a bath and got ready for her first day of School. Having love bites all over her neck wasn’t really a good sight to begin with on the first day so she decided to wear her red hoodie dress reaching mid thigh paired with black ankle boots. She let her thick dark hair cover her neck and trail down her stomach.

By the time she thought she looked presentable, she went out her room and ran down the stairs to the dining table. She entered the large room and instantly smelled the delicious scent of breakfast.

Lola was sat on her chair and there were two guys sat opposite her. Confused, Anna approached the table, looking strangely at the two strangers.

“Dear,” called Lola, smiling sweetly at her granddaughter. “This is Benjamin and this is Jonathan. Your cousins.”

Finally. After all those years she spent not knowing anyone from her family besides her grandmother, Anna felt relieved that she did have cousins.

She smiled warmly at the two men and shook the hand of each. “Hello, I’m Annabelle. You can call me Anna. Can I call you Ben and John?”

The two brothers grinned at her and nodded their heads. They proceeded to eating and after a few minutes, she had already learned a lot about the two brothers. John was older than Ben. John was a Senior in High School and Ben was a Junior the same as Anna was.

“You should come to the house often,” John told her. “Our little sister will be glad to have you.”

“Oh, how old is she?”

“Actually, she’s my twin,” said Ben, “But since she acts like the girly girl that she is, she’s considered ten years old.”

John smacked the back of Ben’s head and Anna laughed at the scene.

Scratching his head, “What was that for?” Ben angrily asked his older brother.

“She’s two minutes younger than you.”

“She sure doesn’t act like it,” Ben muttered to himself.

“Well, you don’t either,” replied John, obviously hearing him.

“That’s ridiculous because sometimes I act more mature than you do.”

“Oh, really?”

“You can’t even play Call of Duty properly!”

“Well, that’s because I don’t play stupid immature games like you do!”

Ben stood up, looking directly at John’s eyes with complete seriousness. Then said, dramatically, “Do not underestimate the power of gamers, John. Or it will be the last thing you’ll do.”

Everyone laughed. Except John.

After the fun breakfast, Ben and John led Anna to their truck but not before having their goodbyes to Lola.

“Where is Orlando High School?” Anna asked during the ride.

“It’s somewhere around the woods. Not necessarily the usual school you’d say but it’s large enough to fit strong teenagers.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Horny teenagers, huh?”

“Well, the school’s basically full of teenagers with hormones, searching for their soulmates. You see, it’s a maze so people definitely get lost in there and then go along to find themselves..In fact, that’s why you’re here.”

She thought about how many times John said the cursing language before she said, “So, practically, I’m lost?”

Ben who sat at the passenger’s seat looked back at Anna in disbelief. “You really have no idea who you are, do you?”

How was she supposed to answer that? She didn’t even know her parents nor could she remember. She shrugged and looked at Ben questioningly as if demanding for an answer.

“Well, you’re lost, kid,” said John. “Let’s see if you can find who you are, then.”

Anna was confused. She looked questioningly between the two, raising an eyebrow. Ben laughed at her face. “This’ gonna be fun,” he muttered to himself although everyone heard it.

After a few minutes, the truck stopped. “Here we are!” exclaimed John, getting out of the driver’s seat just as Ben got out of the passenger’s.

Anna looked at the sight on the front of the car but there wasn’t much to see. Grabbing her backpack, she got out the truck’s door, tucking her hands inside the pockets of her red hoodie dress. Hearing the sound of people murmuring and talking everywhere, she quickly tugged her hood down behind her head to see her surroundings.

Her eyes widened in amazement. The large School was indeed surrounded by the woods and there were students everywhere.


She turned her head, seeing Ben carrying his backpack. “So,” she began, “what now?”

John’s chuckle echoed behind her. “What now?” he repeated.

“Now,” said Ben, “is you consider yourself the Little Red Riding Hood. Get lost. Meet the Big Bad Wolf. And find yourself.”

She lifted an eyebrow. “Little Red Riding Hood, huh?”

“Well, you’re wearing a red hoodie and don’t ask why because, yes, I believe in fairytales despite my sexy Greek God body!”

She laughed at his immature behavior, realizing for the first time that John was, in fact, right about saying that Ben’s an immature kid.

“Don’t be a child, Ben. You do know this is High School, right?” she asked.

Ben laughed. “Believe me, I know.” He looked behind her. “Oh, well, here comes the Devil.”

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