EPISODES 21 & 22
Episode 21
He brought out his phone from his pocket
U.Emma:hallo,ugbor dey o,c-m house the
two of you(he brought the phone down and
get it back into his pocket and then faced
the guys smiling) but wait o you guys are
not scared o,you came to my own cabar
pointing your toys at me and demanding for
my innocent niece oyah no need pretending
nah(he turned to our direction and
called)chiboy B baby,you guys should come
out,na toy dem hold…i wanted to go but
bisola held me back
Bisola: (whispering)uncle might just be
joking,dont go…but uncle emma called again
and we came out of our hiding place,they
saw us and pointed the gun at us
U.Emma:wetin you wan do,don’t try it (then
another voice came from outside)
Voice:leave them make them try am make
them know say hell fire dey exist(another
voice came)
2nd Voice:and this time the devil would give
them petrol and lighter to make their own
hell fire because i go so much shoot una so
if so tey devil go see una shout Jesus is lord
(then they showed their faces,they were 5 in
number carrying guns i dont know their
names,the three men got scared)
U.Emma:s.k,i told you to open church,we go
be your church members but you refused
S.k:my G we hail.omo yoruba abeg explain
the name of this gun give them
Omo Yoruba: three oge i hail o,this gun wey
you dey see so is called BAZUKA(someone
among them shouted,i dont know his name)
Unknown:abeg omo yoruba call that name
with respect,na my grandmamam name be
Omo Yoruba:bullet no vex but it not my
fault,your G woman dey answer gun
name,as i was saying this gun no dey
wound person and e nor dey kill the only
problem with the gun is that it would piece
you and ekelebe(police)no go see your bone
gather give motuary,Slot abeg tell them
wetin e dey smell(another guy came
forward putting the gun close to the nose of
each of them)
Slot:he dey smell die die so if i were you i
would jejejely enter that black jeep we
parked outside
U.Emma:you see,i told you you were still
learning,going to mission with AK47
without action,and you guys did not see
anywhere to go,it my old man’s house you
came,so if i was not around you would have
killed my little niece like you killed there
mother,when i opened the door i was
expecting you to hit me down with your
guns but you didnt showing you were still
learning(he bent down picking up his gun
that he had ealier dropped on the floor)well
follow my boys,anything they like let them
do to you guys
Bone:my G,you are too much they don’t
know they are in delta,them think say they
stil dey road,hey oyah move(they took them
outside and forced them into the car after
collecting their guns from them)
U.Emma:bullet,give me your guy,my small
man (me) would be needing it(bullet handed
his gun to him,he asked if there was any
bullet in the car and a bag of bullet was
given to him)use their toy guns to kill them
(bullet nodded and they drove off,he handed
over the gun and bag of bullet to me)go
now,leave B baby,i would protect her with
my life till it over and when you need me
and my boys please call me…i entered my
car,waved uncle and bisola and i heard him
say “chidi,remember,no mercy because they
didnt mercy for my sister”.i nodded,kicked
the car to a start and drove off,driving
toward the west,back to the city of
lagos,ready for war or to die fighting.
Episode 22
I was driving back to lagos with
determination of hatred,my mind was filled
and thought about nothing but evil,it was
thirsty and anxiety to kill(trust that hunger
for revenge,that eagerness to practice a
new thing you just learnt,uncle emma had
thought me how to target,shoot and reload
the gun so i was just eager to tast it on my
father and that his stupid son called yomi).
As a drove through the roads of ogun
state,about 28 minutes drive away from
lagos ibadan expressway,memories of my
childhood play with my father filled my
brain,i could vividely remember the first day
daddy got me a toy gun,how he ran around
the green guarden with me chasing
him,pointing the toy gun at him
Me: paah! paah!! paah!! (i had childlishly
shot at daddy making the gun sound with
my mouth as i fondly forced both my upper
lips and my lower lips to hit together)aah
daddy i killed you,fall down nah
Dad: ok(he could pretensiously lie down on
the grass making the sound of a dying
soul)ha ha ha…once he was down,making
no more sound,pretending to be dead,i
would run in side dragging mummy by the
hand and telling her
Me:mummy come and see,i have killed
daddy,i shot him with my gun,i won
him…mum could playfully follow me outside
shouting “my son is a winner” repeatedly
and once we get outside,daddy would stand
up saying to my mum “so you are happy
your son killed me abi” and mum would
reply him “yes na,my son is a hero,he is the
actor while you are the boss” and we would
all laugh..
I realized myself noticing tears dropping
from my eyes.i said to myself “then it was
play in the garden with a toy gun involving
fake death but now it would be war in the
street with a real gun involving real death
showing that i am the real hero like my
mum called me”.
By now i was running on the roads of lagos
ibadan expressway with my car,i mindless
take a stare at the seemly un-ending
redeems camp buildings each seconds
trying to focus on my driving too.
finally i was in festac town,i drove straight
to my church,it was a catholic church,i
covered my head with a face cap,wearing
the cap in such a way that it covers my face
well that anybody would bearly see me
because am a WANTED SOUL.i walked
straight to the fathers office,ignoring his
servant who was asking me to wait for my
turn as people wear much there,forced the
door open,he was just too shock to utter a
word as the word “FATHER PLEASE PRAY FOR
Rev.Father: (in a soft tone)young man,who
are you(i removed my face cap kneeling
down in his front)Holy Mary! Chidi is this you
Me:father would you pray for me or not
Rev.Father:the lord had ministered your case
to me,please let him fight your cause
Me:father it too much and too late,let me
help myself…he touched me “peace of God
be with you”.i stoodup,made the sign of the
cross and said amen,then wore back my cap
and dashed outside no back turning.
I left the church,straight to my father’s
house blood thirsty.i got to the
house,parked my car outside and knocked
the gate,the old gateman opened the gate
and on seeing me
Gateman:small oga,where you dey
since,abeg comot b4 your papa come
Me: (ignoring him) where is my father
Gateman: oga nor dey
Me:then i want to keep a message for him(i
walked to my car back seat,and carried the
gun,it was quiet heavy,the gateman on
seeing it ran inside for his dear life leaving
the gate open)i got inside and opened fire
on the building,at first i was scared as the
gun almost lifted my feet off the ground but
i was too determined so i held it firmly
shouting as the bullet pierce through the
walls of the building till the bullet in the gun
got finished and the gun stopped rotating
and vibrating.i walked up to the gateman
where he lied on the ground shivering
WAR HAS JUST BEGAN so tell him to get all the
forcemen his money can bribe ready
because EVEN DEATH WONT STOP ME…i went
back to my car and zoomed off.

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