🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 13❣️❣️

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Seriously I don’t even understand myself anymore, after knowing she is a mermaid, why will I allow her in, why did I even peck her

Am not sure if am in my right sense, how I wish she can just tell me everything about her but I know it’s not easy to tell

And about Jenny, I hope you can find some rest now and stop coming in to my nightmare….now I know you miss me and I actually do but you should know I am your brother…..only if I had known

I lay on my bed when my phone started ringing, it’s the Governor

“Hello sir” I said

“How are you Mike” he said

“Am good sir and how is your daughter” I asked coz she has been discharged

“She is doing good and fine” he replied

“That’s good to hear sir” I said

“Am calling you because of my daughter, she won’t let me rest, she keeps telling me she want to meet you so am thinking if you can send your home address” he said

“My…..oh…” I stammered

“I will be expecting it” he said and hang up

Oh no what have I gotten myself into, how do I even escape this….oh God

I texted the address to him since I have no choice, I just hope I can get out of this as soon as possible.

👸👸The Queen👸👸

I walk in to princess room but she wasn’t there, I checked everywhere but she is no where to be found

“When did princess leave this room” I asked the two guards standing by her door

“We never allow her to go out, she is in there” one of them answered

“Do you mean you didn’t see princess going out or leaving this room” I asked

“Yes my queen” they answered

“Did you see her freind Selena coming in” I asked

“No my queen, she hasn’t come back after she left that day” on of the guards answered

“Oh… really….you know what, you can leave, return to your post” I said and they left

I already forgotten princess possess many power and one of them is disappearing, I should have size the power from her, but why is this girl proving stubborn, she is really daring me

I said to myself and went back and sit on my throne, what is she up to these days, why is she leaving and coming back anytime she want…..I need to find out

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I was in the sitting room when I heard a car horn at the gate, Mike is at home so who could it be

“Go open the date” Mike ordered

“Okay” I said and ran to the gate, I open it and the car drive in

I closed the gate then a man walk out he seems to be the driver coz someone is at the back seat, the guy open the door and a lady in her 20’s walk out, she was putting on a short blue skirt, and a white sleeveless top, she has a jacket round her shoulders, with a black heel on her leg, long hair but not like mine and I can easily tell it’s not natural

She has makeup on her face, to be Candid she looks beautiful, she stare at me and hiss

“Hey where is Mike” she said resting her back on her car

“He is in” I said then she walk in….is this Mike girlfriend, he never told me he has one

Oh I feel jealous, I quickly walk in then I saw them hugging

“It’s nice having you here” Mike said with smile

“Oh thank you” the lady replied

“Can I get a glass of chilled water please” the lady said to me and I shot her a deadly look before going to the kitchen

I came back with a glass of water and gave it to her

“You kneel before giving me anything” she said to me and I was like wtf, I turned my gaze to Mike and he stared back at me in a way like…do what she want

So I kneel and gave her the water, I watch her drank the water while kneeling, then she return the cup to the tray on my hand

“You can leave now” she said then I stood up and return the tray and cup to the kitchen and made my way to my room when I heard her call me again

“Hey” she yelled at me then I turn my gaze to me

“You mean me” I said tapping my chest

“Yeah come” she said to me then I walk back to her

“Hmm….I want you to remove my shoes, so I can walk freely and I hope this floor doesn’t have germs” she said

I didn’t even bother replying her, I bent down and off the shoes, then i put them to a side and left…..just too proud

Mike’s P.O.V

Who is she” the governor’s daughter asked, I can’t believe she is just asking who she is after sending her on many errands

“Ahmm….just a maid” I replied

“I know coz she looks dirty and ugly” she said and I stared at her like…. princess is even ten times more pretty than her even with or without make up

“Yeah….so ugly” I said

“You said you’re married so where is your wife” she asked

“My wife…. that’s her” I said pointing to Jenny’s pics

“And where is she” she asked…too many question

“She went to spend someday with her mum…she will be back soon” I answered

“Well I don’t mind becoming the second wife” she said caressing me while I tried stopping her

“Am not planning to take a second wife” I said

“Then you will divorce her” she said

“Which I can never do” I answered

“Then I can be your side chick” she said

“Not planning to have one” i said

“You can start planning you know” she said trying to kiss be me but I pushed her from me

“Why….do I stink” she asked

“You’re not stinking but I just can’t do it….I am married, don’t you get it” I said to her

“Am not complaining” she said

“Can you please take your leave now, my wife will be back soon and I won’t want her to see you here” I said to her

“I will on one condition” she said

“What condition” I asked

“A one night stand….no string attached” she said and I stared at her in awe… wtf

“Am sorry I can’t do that” I said

” Then am not leaving here” she said

“Then I will just call my wife not to come” I said then the door open….it was mum

“Mum” I called out

“Hi son….and who is she” mum asked staring at the lady

“Humm…she is the governor’s daughter I told you had an accident the other day” I said

“Oh…. it’s nice seeing you, you look so pretty” mum said sitting beside her and touching her….. this is ridiculous

“Thank you ma’am” the lady answered

“So what’s your name and your relationship with my son” mum asked

“Am Jessica and Mike’s girlfriend” she answered and I stared at her amazingly

“Wow, you are welcome into our family darling” mum said to her

“But i heard he is married” Jessica asked

“Married….no he is single..damn single” mum said to her

“Mum” I yelled

“Am I lieing….are you married” mum asked

“Just come with me” I said holding her as we both walk into my room

“But mum why are you doing this to me” I said to her

“Doing what, I only said the truth, what the big deal about that” she asked

“I don’t love her and am not ready to have anything to do with her” I said

“Listen Mike, you are marrying this girl either you like it or not” she said

“It’s my life and I can decide whoever and whatever I want” I said

“I gave birth to you so I can also decide for you okay” she said and walk out then Princess open her door and came out

“What….when did you came back to this house” mum yelled at her then princess knelt down

“Am sorry man…. really sorry” she said

“I said I don’t want you in this house anymore… leave” mum yelled at, princess stood up and turn to leave

“You won’t leave without me teaching you a lesson” mum said and drew her closer with her hair, she cried in pain then mum started pulling her hair, it got loosed and every thing fell on her knee

“What……what type of hair is this” mum yelled and I can see fear in her her eye, Jessica ran to the scene and was also shocked

Everyone excluding me got shocked……while princess was crying, I guess she was also speechless and embarrassed….what do I do…..I can’t let mum Know who she is

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