The best sleeping position when pregnant is Sleep On Side(SOS), this will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby. While lying on the back cuts off blood supply by compressing the inferior vena cava vein which may lead to fainting or dizzy spells.


✔Say No to back and stomach sleeping position.
✔Perfect position to sleep in pregnancy is left side position
✔Prop or support yourself with pregnancy pillows or soft pillows.
✔Put a pillow in between your thighs to align your hips with your back.
✔Avoid drinking water 2 hours before sleeping
✔Put on clothes that are loose while sleeping
✔Forget worries to get good sleep, put off your phones, put off or dim your room light.
✔Eat small, mild meals to prevent fullness and the pain of reflux.
✔Avoid caffeine to prevent you from waking up to pee.

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