EPISPDES 23 – 25
Episode 23
I zoomed off feeling satisfied,though not
really satisfied because i went with the
intension to kill dad.o gosh,i need to get the
idiot more scared,s–t,well next time,no no
no,now,i marched the brake,reversed the
car back to the house,i got to the gate,got
down from the car,i could see the gateman
still lying on the ground,i ignored him and
wrote again on the gate “MY FATHER IS MY
read it over and over again till i was
convienced that it was bold enough,then i
saw the police patrol van coming,i guess the
neighbours would have called the police
haven’t heard the sound of gun shots
minutes ago but i can’t keep running,i
needed to face the police once and for all,i
rushed to the car,brought out the gun and
quickly loaded it,the police van was coming
close enough,i wanted to shoot but on a
second thought i held back,entered the car
and zoomed off leaving dust behind,the
police chased me,well i knew they would
chased me but what they don’t know was
that i wasn’t running away from them,i was
only taking them to a cool area where there
wont be any house around to avoid bullets
from hitting innocent citizens that was why
i held back from shooting them at first.
The only area i knew was bushy with no
houses around was the same road mummy
was killed so i focusly drove heading that
direction,they continued chasing me as i
drove into the lonely road in high speed,i
was a long head ahead of them so i got
there,parked my car,locking it and dashed
into the bush,the unexperienced policemen
got to where i had parked my car and
without thinking entered the bush with me.i
hid myself by a tree,waiting for them to
come closer,as they approched closely,i set
to shoot but before i could release someone
shot from behind me,he continued shooting
till there was no policeman in sight as they
lied lifeless in the pool of their own blood,i
turned fearfully only to see Bolu (the
soldier)smiling at me
Bolu:you really have a war sense
Me: (not smiling)how did you know i was
Bolu:i was going to fight your father when i
saw the police chasing you so i followed
Me: (still not smiling)and so? did i beg you to
help me,when i called for your help what did
you tell me,you forgot all the pains my
mother passed through to see you become
somebody in life,i needed you most then
and why are you suddenly going to fight
your almighty helper?
Bolu:am sorry i left you then and i was
going to confront your father because of
you and your sister,i saw you guys on the
news paper being tag most wanted and i
felt you really needed me so am here to
help,where is your father
Me:you are here to help! did i hear you right
that you are here to help,if myself and bisola
had died would you care…i just walked away
leaving the confused guy who kept pleading
as he followed me,i got out of the bush,the
police van was still there,no driver inside,i
entered my car and kick the car to a start
Bolu:am following you,my car is parked over
there…i just ignored him and zoomed off,i
was going to the cave,i noticed a blue car
following me,it was Bolu’s car,i got to the
road of the cave,entered the bush with my
gun but was surprise to see the cave empty.
Episode 24

I drove to the lonely bushy road,parked my
car,carried my gun and walked into the
busy,by the time i got to the cave it was
empty,i entered into the cave,mehn the cave
was large with up to three offices then 2
large prisons,i saw a small room by the
corner,i entered,what i saw in there was
breath taking,it was a well filled with fresh
blood,i guess they added preserver to the
blood because it was still very fresh,maybe
they also sell human blood,i soon began to
walk to a direction i was hearing a child
cry,it seem i was hearing the cry from one of
the offices,i walked to its door,gentle
opened it and saw a little child of about 7
years of age crying with his/her head
burried in between his/her (i don’t know
the gender yet) leg,maybe they forgot this
one here.i was alarmed when i saw blood
flowing out of the child like a river,i ran to
help the child and he/she vanished as i was
about touching him/her.i was terrified,i
stood straigth in shock,and ran out of the
cave,i saw Bolu keeping watch over me,i
was relieved within me,at lest we are two
Bolu:are you still mad at me?
Me:no because you are still giving your life
to protect me
Bolu: ok thanks,so where is this place? your
Me:no,my father’s real evil office,where he
kills and sell human parts,helpless children
for that matter
Bolu:what a world,he must be a bloody where are they now
Me: (i kept silent for a while before
answering)i wish i know,they had relocated
Bolu:hmmm,but not far from here then
because they cant follow the street for fear
of being discovered
Me:you are d–n ri…i didnt complete my
statement when i heard a familiar voice,it
was uncle emma’s voice
U.Emma:if to say you no be my sister pikin i
for waste you for playing with me…i turned
and saw uncle Emma,bisiola and a squard of
about 6 able bodied men,all armed,even
bisola had a pistol with her.i thought it was
an illusion
Bisola:uncle Bolu,you changed your mind?
Bolu:i had too
Me:uncle what have i done(slap landed on
my face)uncle??
U.Emma:have you been in the streets before!
do you know what they call war! you think
say this gun wey you hold na food? why did
you lie to me that you had men? if you get
killed you think say my sister go clap for me
abi you think say only you fit fight all the
people wey dey guide your papa abi you
wan form rambow? If not for bisola i would
have believed you had men here
Me:uncle am sorry,i was only…
U.Emma: only forming actor without
sense,you told me you had men and only
needed guns but i sensibly gave you one
gun and you collected and left,that was why
i began questioning bisola and she told me
the truth and we drove after you
immediatly…o boi see sense,i even forgot i
lied i had men,i would have requested for
more guns
U.Emma:soldier you wey don get war
experience nor even fit advice am abi
Bone:merci G,na small pikin sense dey worri
Bullet:yes G abeg no too vex for am
Omo Yoruba:i hail G but make u forgive
am,you know say pikin wey hear go wan
see for him self
Bisola:why is the cave empty,have you killed
Me:no,the relocated before we got here
S.k:na your only saving grace be dat if not
you fit don die before we reach here.
U.Emma:where did they relocate to
Me:i don’t know uncle
U.Emma:let him run well but we are battle
ready and i go fish am out anywhere even if
e ran go barracks i go enter,guys lets leave
here…now am not just alone,the battle is set
and with God,mum’s spirit and uncle
Emma’s men i believe the battle would be in
my favour.
Episode 25

We walked to the place i had parked,i saw
uncle emma’s car parked at a corner
U.Emma:so where are we heading to now
Me:uncle i don’t really know,you know i
don’t have a house and i can’t lodge
anywhere because some many people are
looking for me and my sister to hand us
over to the police
U.Emma:make we go find any where stay
first,even if na uncompleted building.dagger
abeg drive am
Dagger:no problem my G…he asked for my
key and i gave him,i entered my car with
bisola while Dagger drove u,Bolu entered his
with Bullet and s.k while my uncle and the
rest four entered their car,we drove like ten
minutes before seeing an uncompleted
building which we entered.there we stayed
delibrating on what to do and how to find
my dad but well it was already late as night
soon came.we stayed vigilant while bisola
slept.mehn this guys are smoking as if their
life depended on it and the odur and smoke
are not going on well with me and as if
uncle emma was reading my mind
U.Emma:guys make una go far abi una wan
kill my brother? Infact the one wey una
smoke don do…every one of them stopped
smoking.early the next morning we all drove
to my father’s house only to discover no one
was home,even the gateman was no where
to be fire
S.k:na who disfigure this house like this na
Bullet:jesus that person heartless o,this fine
house…uncle turned and looked at me,i
knew he knows it was me who had fired at
the house
U.Emma:gun go dey sweet you like food o
Dagger:the ugba wey your papa get with
you nor be here o…we walked outside the
compound,my writings were still at the
gate.everyone of us just stood confused,not
knowing what and how to locate my dad
again,i went to my car,brought out my
laptop and started operating nothing in
Bolu:what of the white apple laptop,is it
Me:yes it faulty,it in my dad’s..(it stroke my
head,i got up shouting)yes,yes
Thunder:wetin happen…i just
ignored,search out my tracker’s map pad
Me:with this we can get MY FATHER MY
WORST ENEMY…everyone stared at me
U.Emma:what’s that?
Me:it a tracker map pad for my apple laptop
which i had earlier hiden in my father’s car
U.Emma:is it still working
Me: (i on it and found the green dot
standing at a location in the estern side)yes
it is
U.Emma:guys it time,lets go now…everyone
rushed into the car as we drove off with my
car leading the way.

To be Continued

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