Former Sunderland full back Michael Gray has revealed that he received a video call from Hendo’s dad after Hendo had lifted the PL trophy.

“I’m just finishing off watching the Liverpool game, and 10 minutes after the trophy celebrations this number comes on my phone.

“It was a Facetime call, and to my surprise when I answer it there’s Brian Henderson. He’s sat on his sofa with a couple of friends round, obviously celebrating.

“He said ‘Michael, I bet you never thought you’d see a Mackem lifting the Premier League trophy!’.

“He was just saying that he was so proud and that Jordan had been asking over the last two or three weeks what’s been happening [with Sunderland] and if I needed any help moving forward with what I’m trying to do with the club.

“Half past ten at night, here’s me talking to Brian Henderson when his son has just won the Premier League!”

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