*PART 18*



Henry walked in and practically pushed Emerald away from him, he gave me a look that told me, he was not happy to see me. Without saying a word to me, he ran up the stairs to meet his mistress…Emerald ran up to me shattered….
“Mummy, Daddy did not even hug me, Mummy….She has taken away my daddy’s love from me….My Daddy doesn’t love me anymore….” Emerald said crying so loudly
“No don’t say that Emerald, things are just complicated right now, things will get better I promise and if it doesn’t, there will always be a way out”… I said comforting Emerald. Emerald was her Dad’s Egg so she felt really bitter he treated her that way…
Gold! Where was she? I pulled Emerald and ran up the stairs, I didn’t want her doing anything terrible to herself. As we got upstairs, I heard Henry shouting at Margaret…
“What I am saying is you shouldn’t have let them come in, you should have let them stay outside till I came, I would have gone to look for another accommodation for them, I wasn’t the one who asked her to leave, she left on her own” My heart shattered hearing the love of my life saying this about my children and I, the charm Margaret was using was definitely a strong one, but on the contrary I heard her say
“Henry, we had an agreement, you are not to leave your wife because of me…I am a Christian and I have a conscience. If I was in her shoes, I wouldn’t want to be thrown out of my husband’s house because of a new woman… Henry, this can work out…
My father had three wives and I have learnt from his mistakes…. I know how dehumanizing it is when a man Favors one woman more than the other…Just be a good father and husband to us all and I will be fine “I heard Margaret saying….
“It is easy for you to say, is it possible for me to have two women I love under the same roof looking at each other as rivals, it will run me insane!”
Henry said angrily as he walked out.
He bumped into Emerald and I. He gave me a long stare that said “I hate your guts”….
I walked towards my old matrimonial room with every step like a brick was on my body…Margaret had the decency to keep My matrimonial room untouched, while She converted Gold’s room to their Matrimonial room….
As I stepped into my room, Margaret followed me, and she spoke to Gold
“ For a 14 year old girl, you spoke wisdom, If I was not pregnant maybe your words could have made me leave your happy family, but unfortunately I am carrying your father’s baby and that has given me a permanent place in your lives….I am not as evil as you think I am , I am also just looking for where to lay my head, I also want to be happy ” as she said this I saw tears flowing from her eyes, to avoid us seeing her tears she ran from the room….
I cautiously moved further into the room where Gold was seated on the floor in a corner… “Mum, why didn’t you tell me?” Gold sounded unbelievably calm
“I was trying to save and keep you from this kind of trauma” I said sitting beside her on the floor
“But which is worse Mum? We could have prayed together, maybe it won’t have gotten to this level”
“I didn’t want to disturb your academics”
“I am not going back to school until that woman leaves this house, this is not her place” Gold said affirmatively
“That is not going to happen any soon, you heard her, she is carrying your father’s baby and that has given her a permanent stay in your father’s life and may I add, it is a baby boy, your father’s greatest desire…”
“ I am not angry at the baby, in fact I have always wanted a baby brother too, she is only helping you to carry the baby, she has to leave and just like Jacob, my education is on hold till God sends her out” Gold said like she was the boss
“Gold! I am not going to let you tamper with your academics because of my mistake “
“Mum, we all make mistakes, you remember you once told me, when you were helping me with my take home and I made a mistake while using a pen… I cried saying the mistake could not be erased because I was using a pen, You said “No matter how indelible a mistake is, there is always a way to erase it, all you need is to have the right corrector” Mum, you brought out an ink eraser and erased my mistake, I was able to write the correct answer afterwards… Mum, I was just in Primary 3, when that happened, but it never left me”
As she said those words I broke into a thousand pieces, my loving Henry was gone, he hated my guts, and my children were in pain. Could all these be corrected? It seem Gold was listening to my innermost cry, because she said
“And Mum don’t bother about us, we will walk our way into Dad’s heart back, No matter how much he loves another woman, the woman can never take the place of his own blood”
Emerald and Gold sat beside me on the floor wiping my tears….Then Gold gave me the best suggestion ever …
“ Mum, do you remember when the parents of Jesus left Jesus behind, they had to go back to look for him, Mum, Dad is lost, we need to go back and get him…Do you have someone you can trust who is spiritual who can join us in this search, like a Prayer partner….”
I wept, I wept and I wept, My Daughter was stronger than I was, she knew the right thing to do….
Isokene! That was the first and only name that popped into my heart… Yes, she was a trusted friend… I had to call her to inform her I was back. At this point I didn’t need hypocritical Christians who would pretend to be prayer partners and yet would be the first one to tell everyone what I was going through….
I nodded…
“Who?” Gold asked
“Isokene “
“Who is that? I don’t think I know her” Gold said
“She is my distant cousin, but she is a good person” I said vouching for Isokene… “Ok Mum, because we don’t want fake friends….Let’s call her”
“ I am taking you out of here now, please get your things” We heard the voice of Henry as he stood by the doorway, looking straight ahead trying not to maintain eye contact with us….

To be continued

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