EPISODES 26 & 27


We drove off as most drivers passing by
watched us as if we were movie stars.I read
the map as dad’s car stood still along the
lekki side,but before we could study the
map to that area dad’s car was on motion
again,we continue trailing the green dot on
the map as it moved,i wondered where this
man called my father was driving to,soon it
stopped and the green dot was still,yea i
read it well,it had stopped along a place in
badagry but i don’t know where in
particular so we continue trailing the car
through the green dot,we got to a road
closed,i wonder where they had passed,i
looked left and then right,right there lay a
small motorable part,we followed till we
finally found dad’s car,but no one was
inside to show they had entered the
bush,everyone of us got down
U.Emma:you s.k check around this side of
the bush if you see any thing suspecious
come let us know
S.k: ok my G…he ran off into the bush with
his well loaded Bazuka
U.Emma:bullet,check around this other side
and bring reports
Bullet:no yawa my G…he ran off into the
bush with his well loaded Bazuka gun
too,while uncle emma kept him self busy
sharing extra bullets to everyone of us
present,soon s.k was back
U.Emma:any news
S.K: (shaking his head both side) no.
U.Emma: okay,take your own extra bullet,if
bullet comes out without any positive
news,we would stay here and wait for the
owner of the car to come out…i watched
bisola as she tried to stay courageous and
soon bullet was back
U.Emma:any news?
Bullet:yes,i saw another cave in there being
guided by some armed me
U.Emma: okay take your own extra guys it time,abeg mr
soldierman,drop this AK47 wey you
hold,government too greedy them no fit
give your wey they fight for this nation
better gun(he handed him one
bazuka)bullet lead us to the new cave you
Bullet: okay G…bullet moved as we followed
him,i wondered how my dad got to know
about such existing area,this man must
really be a 10 minutes later the
cave was in sight,we saw vigilant helft able
bodied men,i slowed down
Bolu: (whispering)you,you and you that
side,you and you that side…everyone left to
the direction he had been appointed.i
feared for my little unexperienced bisola but
mere looking at her would tell you she
wasn’t scared as she boldly and firmly held
her bazuka,then the signal came as we
killed all the men standing outside,more ran
out from inside,i saw yomi and made my
way into the cave,the men guiding my
father shot at me forcing me to take cover.i
dont know what is happening outside the
cave but i knew fire exchange was going on
as i could still hear gun sounds,inside this
cave is dark,i saw where lot of children
were being kept,i ignored them first,i came
out of my hide out firing my gun anyhow as
unexperienced as i was but no one was
insight i rushed to catch up with them
before they would escape as it was so
obvious the cave has a back door so i didnt
notice yomi as he marched my gun out of
my hand,folding his white long sleeve and
ready for a fight
Yomi:you fool,you failed to understand
daddy is working in our interest well have
been waiting for this day to beat you to
Me:working in our interest you say? With
other people’s children blood?why not get
married,get children,kill them and sell their
parts or send them into human trafficing as
you are daddy are doing to other people’s
Yomi:you are a fool,we are only helping the
nation reduce its over porpulation
Me:with your own mother’s life? thank God
am a fool,being a fool to get what i want
and not a coward like you…we engaged in a
fight,real igbotic fight,i remembered the
knife uncle had given me,i brought it out to
stab him but he held it,we struggled for it
and he succeeded in stabing my left hand,i
shouted out loudly as i forcefully removed
the knife and stabbed him on the chest,he
screamed,i picked up my gun and finished
him up…i cried greatly,it wasnt in my mind
to kill him,i wanted to wound him then let
justice take its course,i had missed daddy,he
had escaped,i hold my gun firmly with my
right hand as i dragged my wounded left
hand leaving the lifeless yomi.
Episode 27

I walked to the prison where the children
were kept
Me:lie down all of you…i watched the
children drag for space as they lied down,i
opened fire on the prison lock till its gate
opened with force.the children perniced
Me:its okay,its okay,come out all of you am
taking you all to your parents,you are safe
with me i promise,just don’t pernic…i went
to the second one and did same,mehn see
hundreds of children,male and female,what
kind of life is this
Me:just follow behind me,i will get all of you
out of here alive…the children nodded but i
could still read fears in their eyes,i walked to
the exit of the cave as the children follow
behind me,now i could feel the real
heaviness of the gun as i could only carry it
with one hand feeling great pain in the
other,by the time i got out of the cave all our
enemies were down but i saw uncle emma
and co sorrowfully gatthered someone lying
flat on the ground,at first i thought it was
bisola,i rushed close only to see thunder in
the pool of his own blood
U.Emma: (sorrowfully) o thunder is gone
Me:what happened to him
U.Emma:he fought bravely but got hit by a
Bullet: oh thunder don strike when sun dey
for o
U.Emma:he was one of us,he died fighting
for justice,may heavens accept his
soul,everyone raise your gun and escort his
soul to heaven…he commanded,everyone
lifted their guns to the heavens and opened
fire till the guns cried for a reload.
U.Emma: God knows your died a hero,you
died fighting for freedom.heaven would
accept your soul RIP dear
Omo Yoruba:RIP
U.Emma: (seeing my wounds)jesus who
shot abi stabbed you?
U.Emma:where is yomi and your father?
Me:my dad escaped and yomi is dead,i killed
U.Emma:better,S.k,dagger go drag out that
idiot corpse here
Both:we nor no as the guy take be
Me: (noticing bisola is missing)where is
U.Emma: (turned and noticed the children)
woah,you saved the children already.
Me:yes uncle but please where is bisola,is
she dead too
U.Emma:no,dagger where bisola?
Dagger:my G i nor no o…everyone got
confused as they started searching for
bisola,i took my phone and called her,she
picked up
Me:hello bisola where are you
Bisola:am chasing daddy
Me:what! Are you sick,where are you now
Bisola:we are now in first gate festac,i guess
daddy is driving to the station
Me:just wait for us at first gate there we are
coming now.
Bisola: ok…she hang up
U.Emma:where is she
Me:in first gate chasing dad
U.Emma:i like her courage,guys lets go now
Me:she said my dad is driving to the station
U.Emma:really! then congrats to the police
the police don buy market because we are
storming the station,no retreat,no
surrander.Slot lead the children to the car.

To Be Continued

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