Episodes 28 – 30
Episode 28
We got out of the bush with the children
U.Emma:slot as you can see na only two
motor dey here and this children pass six
hundred abeg you go stay here watch over
them…a male child’s voice was heard “uncle
there is bus over there,the bus they use to
bring us here”
U.Emma:really? Oyah slot follow the pikin
make im show you where the bus dey…slot
followed as the child lead him back into the
bush.soon slot drove out a long bus in form
of BRT.uncle emma ordered all the children
inside the bus and ask slot to drive behind
us (although the long bus was still very tight
for the children as they were too much but
they had to manage.we made use of the
remaining two cars as bisola had used mine
in chasing daddy.
We drove off and slot followed behind
us,finally we got to first gate and met bisola,i
came down going to meet her
Me:where is he
Bisola:those guys you said killed mummy
drove him to the station…i entered my car
driving her this time,we got close to the
station like a stone throw away from it,i
stop,came down and carried my gun,bisola
did same,others came out carrying their
gun,even slot did same,we immediatly
noticed confusion in the road as drivers
began to park their cars,running for their
dear lives but who cares,it pay back time,we
begged the children not to leave the bus
and they agreed,i guess they now beleive
we want to save them.
We began marching to the police gate,when
we were close enough we released fire as
we enter the station,some policemen were
jumping the station fence,some runing to
no direction in particular just few tried to
fight back but as uncle emma would always
say “bazuka no get charm”,cars,bikes and
vans parked in the police custody began to
catch fire by the hit of the bullet,i bet you the
policemen who managed to escape were nt
much and some of them escaped with
injuries,some civilians who had case with
the police where lying down shivering. by
the time we stopped shooting the station
wall was close to a fall.
Uncle emma ordered me,bullet,slot and s.k to
enter inside and push everyone in there
outside.we entered,pushing everyone
outside,both civilians and the remaining
policemen,i got to the cell,i wanted to open
the gate for the prisoners to come out but
on a second thought i left them but s.k came
shooting the cell gate open,i didnt see my
dad,i came,entered the next building and
found the D.P.O,my dad and the three guys
that killed my mother with one other guy
lying down,i pushed all of them out,as i was
coming out i heard uncle emma shouted
“FREEDOM” and the rest replied “FREEDOM WE
In no time the police compound was
flooded with both police and innocent
citizens lying down then my evil father my
worse enemy
U.Emma:chidi the ball is in your cort now so
play it well with no regrets…i smiled,picked
up the three men that killed my
mum,seperating them from the rest
Me:i saw you guys shoot my mum,i saw you
guys butcher children and today i want to
watch you guys watch me butcher you
painfully…i walked up to bullet collecting his
knief,i trip them naked and just like i saw
that man that day inspecting that little girl’s
breast and private part,i press each of them
dick especially the balls in their bladder hard
and roughly,they screamed.
Me:slot,go bring all the children here to
watch this idiots die…slot rushed out,i eyes
caught that of James lying on the floor(that
old police man that allowed me and bisola
escape the day we were arrested from the
hotel,i ordered him to stand up,he quickly
did saying “thank you” repeatedly
Me:no need,ones good turn deserve
another…slot came back with the children,i
asked them to stand aside and watch
people that wanted them dead die in their
Me:children children,its fun time…i begged
s.k and omo yoruba to help me hold the first
man,i played a little with his penis and it
came to life(see the guy,e nor no say trouble
dey,e think say na babe im wan fuck) “o boi
what a huge dick you have here”,i held it
and sliced it off as blood rushed out and the
idiot shouted like a person the lion is
feeding on,uncle emma just laughed,but i
really dont know where i got the mind
from,i just dont know but i needed revenge
Me:so an adult like you can shout when
being cut? So how much more a child? Una
leave am make im dey feel the pain first,hold
the next one…o boi the two don dey shiver
o.i never even touch am self,hard sweat had
taken over him
Do unto others what you would want and
be happy when others do unto you because
what you sow you must reap.
Episode 29
After i had cut off their dick i began to stab
them one after the other starting from their legs
to their hands,it was a slow but painful death,the
children watched,some had their eyes
closed.then i called bisola to finish them
up,which she did free mindedly without objection
the i let go of the civilians and prisoners,they ran
out of the compound without turning back,i had
just the surviving policemen,their D.P.O and of
course my evil of a father,he was shivering like a
goat drained by the rain,i told bisola to drag
him out of the rest which she gladly did
Me:dad,its finally over for you and your evil.
Dad: please am sorry,its the devil’s handwork
Me:you killed my mother and labeled us most
wanted just to cover your dirty secrets,how could
you dad,how could you
Dad:am sorry my greedy for wealth didn’t let me
think properly,i was carried away
Me:your greed for wealth with people’s
children.tell me how did you manage to get the
police all to your side
Dad:i was carried away when i started the
business and i knew that sooner or later the
police would catch up with me,i confided in one
of my rich friend whom suggested the business
to me,he promised to help me and introduce me
to a cult,i was promised fame and more
riches,booming business and above all
protection,i was given connection with top
generals and politicians and then people from far
and near began to patronize me,even
politicians.the police also help me in kidnapping
children.when you mum found out i never wanted
her to let a second ear hear it but she proved so
Bisola: daddy you are a beast,so you are an
occult member?
Dad:am sorry,find a place in your heart to forgive
Bisola:answer me before i blow off your head
Dad:i used my only sister and you,my children’s
destiny,please forgive me
Bisola: oh my God,you sent me to school mean
while you locked my destiny already,you are my
worse enemy dad,my worse nightmare
Me:you mean what? how,when?
Dad:you might be successful in life but all your
wealth would be coming to me
Me:am not surprised,if you can kill people’s
children comfortably and still live in peace,then
surely we your children are not safe,the
curses of the parents of those children you killed
and sent into trafficking would surely be on we
your children but today i free myself and my
sister from your bondage.bisola get me my
laptop for him to watch his wickedness.
Bisola: evil father…she dashed out to get the
disk and came back with it and the laptop,played
it for daddy as he sat on the floor with his mouth
wide open and beads of sweat formed on his
U.Emma:but you know say you wicked,i ask you
make i find my sister killers but you no gree
Dad:emma am sorry
U.Emma:where is that D.P.O self(i dragged him
out)so you are the one spoiling Nigeria,eh?
dagger bring that your gun make i waste this
bum-fool(bullet threw his gun to him and he
caught it,pointed it at the DPO and wasted him
up)all corrupt leaders in nigeria must die,they
must leave our dear country for us…i turned to
see we had been surrounded by group of
soldiers,before i would say a word their public
addresser was on air
Voice:you had been surrounded,drop your
weapons and give up yourselves
Bullet:my G make we fire these idiots?
U.Emma: (turning to take a clear view at the
soldiers)no no shoot them and dont drop your
weapons at least they cant shoot because of the
children with us but never the less we go follow
them go barracks
Me:uncle lets give in,lets drop our guns please,i
cant bear to see any of these kids die
S.k:my G na true,make we use because of this
children,e nor go good say after our suffer we
come let this children die
Voice:drop your weapons now and let the
children go
U.Emma:una drop your weapon but on a normal
good day these idiots nor go try this nonsense but
make una no leave the children…everyone
dropped their guns,i picked up my father and held
bisola as the soldiers came inside to pick us up.
Episode 30
We where driven to an army barracks in
ikeja after our guns had been siezed.
the next day we all where taken to
court,what’s there to wast time
on,myself,bolu and bisola where first
discharged after presenting our case and
reasons for our actions and the children
testifying in our interest how we saved
them,i was asked where we got the guns
from,i simple told them “i was eager to
avenge my mum and recue the child,i met a
guy who supplied me with the guns and
bullets for 6million but after the deal he
vanished and up till this very day i don’t
know him,i havent met him again too”.then
the question “how did you manage to trace
your father” came,i gladly answered “i hid
my tracked laptop in my dad’s car”,i saw my
dad’s mouth wide opened,he had never
suspected such.
Second lieutenant bolu how did you get
yourself involved in this,the court had ask
bolu”when i was joining the army,i pledged
for justic so i couldnt refuse the call when i
was call on”.we were then discharged while
uncle emma and his men then dad’s case
were adjoined to the next day being that
uncle emma and his men were being
wanted by the government before now.
The next day the case continued,my dad
was sentenced to life imprisonment,the
government siezed all he had,freeze his
account,i was surprised when uncle emma
said his men were innocent but pleaded
guilty and that he has repented and his now
dedicating his life to freedom fight,his men
were discharged while uncle emma was
sentenced to a week imprisonment with
hard labour and was granted bill of 250
thousand naira,we were happy for him for
we thought he would be given years
imprisonment,he was a true leader.he
turned to us shouting “FREEDOM AND
JUSTICE” and we replied him “FREEDOM AND
JUSTICE WE MUST GET” as the police lead him
and daddy into their black maria.
The government tagged us the justice team
and supported us with 30 million
naira,myself and bisola were highly
praised,it not easy to fight against blood.we
saw ourself as heros but i still miss yomi a
little.the children were placed on news for
their various parents to come pick them up.i
was even surprised to see that some of this
children’s parent were multi millioniars,they
give us huge sum of money but what made
me cry was when i discovered that about
20 of the children had no parents,the
government took them in their care.days
later the soldiers arrested most of my
father’s partners while the sharp and lucky
ones james(the policeman that
allowed the escape of me and bisola was
made a police A.S.P.
Bolu went back to work with an undue
promotion in the army.
A week later uncle emma was out of prison,i
really saw a different person in him.with the
money my late mum left for me and bisola
and with our own share from the money
the government and most of those
children’s parents gave us we became
young millioniars not being affected by
dad’s siezed wealth by the governmen.we
carried thunders body to his parent,gave
him a befiting burial,giving his own share to
his parents(thunder was our hero,he gave
his life).
By the time we got back to delta i made
millions of fliers(hand bill) which i boldly
designed “MUM LIVES ON”.i got agents
giving them to share it all over the 36 states.
U.Emma:your mum my sister must be very
proud of you both.
Me & Bisola:and you too uncle
i and bisola finally get our lives back,we got
our freedom and justice.when i called a
vendor to give me a PUNCH NEWS PAPER he
smiled as he stared at me handing the news
paper over to me,i wondered why but when
i saw the justice team picture at the front
page i knew why,i smiled back at
him,handed him 1000 naira note and asked
him to keep the change.i looked at bisola
and smiled then took out my phone calling
the rest to go get their own copy of the
punch news paper.
Bisola:how is your hand now
Me:am healed now
Bisola:i wish mum was here
Me:yea i wish same too but if she hadnt
died maybe those children would have been
dead by now
Bisola:yea but i wish she can appear now
like before
Me:i believe she would be happy wherever
she is right now
Bisola: (looked at me smiling) MUMMY LIVES
Me:yea,oyah come and do and resume your
Bisola:what of you?…i hold her hands as we
laughed together.
The end of your problem is the begining of
your testimoney because for every
disappointment their is a blessing.there is
always a reason why people in your past
didnt make it to the future so dear fans
NEVER SAY NEVER because your success
must be heard by the world

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