_*🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 14♥️♥️

😍😍Mike’s P.O.V😍😍

Everyone stood there for some seconds speechless, Even princess couldn’t find an excuse for this

“Why is your hair long as this” Jessica Said

“What princess, haven’t I warn Never to fix your hair again, huh now go inside and remove those trash now” I yelled at her and she quickly ran in to her room

“Oh you mean she fixed it” mum said

“Yeah, I gave her money some days ago to get things she might need and make her hair, and that was how she came home with this long weavon” I lied to mum

“But that hair looks so natural, I need to go check” Jessica said and made her way to princess room then I quickly stop her

“You don’t need that, let’s go to my room” I said to her

“But Mike this thing is leaving this house today” mum said

“No mum, take it or leave it, she is staying here till when she want and who knows, she might even stay for eternity” I yelled back at her, I don’t really know what I mean by her staying till eternity though

“Eternity….if she is staying till eternity then I will leave you till eternity” mum yelled

“I know you can’t, and moreover why don’t you just stay at your husband house and stop coming here please” I said more like a joke

“Whatever bye” she said and left angrily….just too wicked huh

“I think you should also leave now” I said to Jessica

“No am spending the night here” she said

“No am sorry you can’t” i said to her

“But why, at least you’re not married like you’ve said so what” she said to me

“But still you need to go” I said

“Well no prob if you don’t want me to stay” she said and pick her back and left angrily….oh finally, am free

I don’t know why am only sorrounded with woman who can fraustrate people’s life even princess, she is not excluded

I walk into her room, she was sitting on her bed

“Am sorry about how mum treat you, really sorry” I said to her

“It’s okay” she said faking a smile, of course I knew when she is smilling and when faking it

“But is there anything else behind this hair, why can’t you cut it” I said to her

“Sure I will cut it” she said

“At least it will free you from everyday embarrassment” I said to her then she nod but I know she wasn’t happy with that decision, even with so much power with her, she didn’t hurt anyone….such a rare gem

I move her closer to me and hug her then she started crying while I Pat her gently

“Sorry, am sorry I couldn’t stop mum, am really sorry” I said to her

“Am just a maid you know, so you don’t need to apologise”she said still crying

“No, you’re more than that” I said then she unlock from the hug and Clean her tears

“Can I ask you a question” she said

“Yeah” I replied

“Why did you keep saving me” she asked

“Save you” I asked again

“Yeah, the first Time my hair got loosed, you quickly rolled it up before your mum finds out and today again, you lied…..why” she said I was speechless, I don’t want to tell her I Know who she is

“Actually, I just decide to come up with a story, nothing much” I replied her

“Hmm thanks I really appreciate” she said with smiles

“You’re welcome” I said then stood up and leave

👵👵Jessica’s P.O.V👵👵

Something is not right with that Mike maid, I mean why will a maid be that pretty, her skin are fresh and smooth even though she is poor, I really envy her beauty, I won’t let him seduce my Mike, I will try all possible means to make her leave that house, I will make that house a hell for her

I got down from my car and walk in

“Welcome daughter” my dad said pulling me into a hug

“How was the place” he asked

“Not bad just, it was really a nice place” I said smiling

“Wow am glad to hear that” dad said

“And one more thing dad, I don’t know if you would allow me to do this” I said

“I will do anything for you my daughter” he said
“Ahmm…..I want to go spend like two weeks at Mike’s place” I said

“But why” dad asked

“It’s just that, I want to get use to him, I want to know his like and dislike…. that’s it but I want to you to call him and make it sounds like an order so he won’t want to stop me from coming” I said to dad

“Well if that’s what you want, I will call him and tell him that” dad said

“That’s why I so much love you” I said and peck him then made my way to my room

Two days later

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I was in the kitchen with Mike, he was teaching me some stuffs when I heard his phone ringing, at first he ignored it but it won’t stop ringing

“Can you please get me my phone” he said and I quickly went to the sitting room, I came back with the phone still ringing and it’s a call from the governor

“Here is it” I said stretching the phone to him

“Just pick it and put it on speaker, am busy” he said slicing tomatoes

I pick it and put it on speaker

“Hello sir” he said

“How are you Mike” the governor said

“Am good sir” he replied

“Hmm my daughter wish to come spend some weeks with you so be expecting her” he said

“But sir….” He said then phone hang up


“Why is he always deciding what to do, why can’t I live my life the way I want it huh” he yelled angrily

I felt a little bit sad about that, now am in for everyday trouble,I just hope I get out of this mess in time….am getting fed up

“We are into another big mess” Mike said and I got surprised

“We…” I said

“You know I can’t watch her do anything bad to you and I can’t also stop her from coming, I might get ruined for that” he said

“I know, I will just do everything she want and will get my hair cut” I said

“Is there any chance of having this long hair again after cutting it” he asked

“I don’t think so” I Know I lied, Even if I get all my hair cut, once I enter the ocean I will surely get it back but my problem is Mike, how will I explain how I got the long hair back

“If I may ask, is there a way you can make her hate me” he asked

“Hate you, how will I do that, not like I have any power to do that” I said

” Well I was just asking…..I hope you don’t get jealous when you see us doing things” he said and continue cooking, that word ring into my head….. doing things….. what things

“And why will I get jealous about that, you are my boss and am just a maid here so why should I get jealous” I said to him

“Whatever, I never said you aren’t my maid so just follow me” he said leaving the kitchen, I followed him to his room and he sat me down, brought out a scissors, untied my hair

“Am sorry I just have to do this” he said the I nodded

He took the scissors and started cutting my hair and soon my over long hair got short, it was now resting on my shoulder….if doing this will keep my love safe and make me be with him forever then I don’t mind doing it over and over again

“Now you look more like a human” Mike said I stared at him, what does he mean more like a human

“Sorry…..I mean you look more pretty with this hair” he said dropping the scissors

“Thank you” I replied and packed the hair which was cut and walk out then I heard a knock on the door and Immediately I was overwhelmed with fear

Mike walk out

“Go check who is at the door” he said

“Sure” I replied, I drop the hair on my bed and walk to the door and open it

“What take you so long to open the door” Jessica yelled and welcome me with a slap

She pushed me to a side and walk in,

“my bags are in the car, go get them” she said

“Okay ma” I replied and quickly walk out, open her car this time she didn’t come with the driver

I brought out the bag and carried them in

I walk in and saw Mike also coming in to the sitting room, Jessica stood up and hug him but he just kept his hands into his pocket

I took the bag to Mike’s room, I can’t believe another lady will be sharing the same bed with my prince charming……I hate this or should I just make her hate him… I won’t do that, have promise never to use my power on Earth without any tangible reason, fate will surely decide

The day went on, I was in my room all through, thank God she didn’t call me

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

It’s night, I finished cooking but princess won’t come out guess she’s scared of Jessica, what a gentle mermaid

I served Jessy and soon we were done eating, I walk into my room leaving her there in the sitting room, I got bath, change into my nighty and lay on my bed

Few minutes later, Jessica walk in, she started undressing herself in my presence

“Do you remember am here” I said
Then she turned to me, her boobs pointing at me…..oh no

She smile and soon she was naked, I tried avoiding her but I couldn’t stop staring

She grabbed a towel and walk into the bathroom leaving the door open and I can easily see her….. Mike you’ve to overcome this

I saw her bathing and that got me aroused, I grab my pillow and hide myself under it, I don’t want her to see how hard I was, she walked out still naked then the next I saw was her laying beside me, I quickly got up and walk out, I was damn hard

I went to the kitchen, took a glass cup of milk and drank it, I left there and open princess door, at Least I can just pass the night there, I walk in and saw her laying on her bed

Why is everyone looking sexy to me tonight,I lay beside her then she woke up, and that was when I know she was braless, just putting on a singlet and her nipples were tempting

“What are you doing here” she asked

“Just wanna pass the night here, I can’t sleep beside her” I said then I saw her smiling, she layed back on the bed facing me then she closed her eye…..just too pretty, her hair fell on her face, I adjusted it from her face and I got tempted…..I kissed her, she opened her eye

“Am sorry” I said and pull her closer and kissed her passionately, I was surprised when she kissed back….so mermaid can also kiss….mehn she’s good

I didn’t know when my hand started moving and I found myself touching her boobs……I got tempted


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