Having made the necessary consultations with all the key stakeholders in the three arms of government, Aggrived Npower beneficiaries will not only sue The minister of Humanitarian affairs for breach of contract, but also to include the following;
1.The disapearance of #850 billion for virtual feeding of pupils while on lockdown
2. what happened to the money worth billions of naira meant for Npower batch B device?
This does not mean we are against the government who empowered us but frankly speaking, we are against Sadiya farouq. She disengaged batch B without device, their legal stipends of June and July are not paid and a deliberate flagging up of some beneficiaries accounts for over four months without payment and evidence to show the irregularities in their accounts which she claimed. It is important to know that some well meaningful Nigerians both at home and in diaspora have been consulted and are very interested in this motion, and in order not to loose our fight due to corruption and decay judicial system in our country, we decided to choose a senior advocate of Nigeria ( SAN), a dynamic lawyer devoid of corruption and sentiment. He is no other person than human right Activist, Femi Falanan.
Therefore, we are giving the Minister of Humanitarian affairs and disaster management the grace of four days ultimatum to do the following:
1. Pay the June and July stipends to beneficiaries
2. Pay all the outstanding arrears to the affected beneficiaries ( All batches)
3. Explain to Nigerians how she spent 850 billion naira for feeding of ghost pupils while on lockdown.
4 Go to the media house and make it public how she sponsored fake Npower beneficiaries for thank you note at presidential Villa to sabotage the plight of real beneficiaries and openly tell us what transition of batch A and B is all about.

After the above, we can now reconsider our stance.

Meanwhile, our protest continue.

Aggrived Beneficiaries of Npower.

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