🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 15❣️❣️


❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I couldn’t resist myself, was it because she is too pretty, or because I was aroused or could this be love, I don’t do this to any woman I don’t have feelings for but why am I doing this

We continue kissing and it finally led to sex, I found myself thrusting in and out of her, I was glad Jessica didn’t interrupt

Soon I was done, we both lay helplessly on the bed, I guess she was shy coz she covered her face with the duvet

Seriously I don’t know why am always getting attached to her, i fell Happy whenever she is here

“Are you sleeping” I asked her but she only nodded and thinking of this, why didn’t she stop me from doing this, is she scared I will send her out, does this look like a rape, oh I shouldn’t have done this

I removed the duvet from her face and turn her gaze to me

“Are you angry at me” I asked

“Am not” she smiled

“Can I ask you a question” I said


“Do you… me” I asked then she smiled

“Why asking, does it look like I love you” she asked

“I was wondering, why did you allow me to do this if you don’t love me” I asked

“Why will I fall in love with my boss” she said then I felt somehow

I dip my hand into her chest and brought out the chain she was always hiding in her clothe

I remember Immediately she pull off this chain, she got transformed into a mermaid

“What is this for” I asked

“Just a chain” she answered

“For how long will you hide this from me” I said and I guess she look surprised

“What” she asked

“I wanna know everything about you….I mean everything” I said

“U know almost everything about me, am poor, no home what else” she said

“Okay then remove this necklace’ I said

“Why” she asked

“Just remove it” I said sitting properly on the bed while she also do the same

“It’s a precious gift I received from my mum so I can’t remove it” she said

“At least I am your boss and I have every right on you so remove it” I said then she sat there speechless

Princess P.O.V

I sat there looking for a way to convince Mike, how will I tell him am a mermaid

“Okay I will just do it myself” he said and took the necklace about to Remove it from my neck, it will be better I let him know than him finding out after removing this necklace……I need to do it…..oh Heaven

When I thought I already have my man now am loosing him finally

“Please don’t remove it” I pleaded

“Why” he said…. I wish Jessica can just walk in right now

“I……I…..” I stammered

“Say it” he said and I know he was curious to know

“Actually…..I am……a…..oh God” I said

“You are a what” he asked

“I…….a….I am…oh….I am a Mer….maid” I said covering my eyes

“Mermaid” he said but he wasn’t surprise…. maybe he doesn’t believe me

“And how is it related to the necklace” he asked

“Actually… putting on this necklace to avoid me turning into a mermaid” I said

“And why did you come to this world” he asked, I stared at him for some seconds, I was wondering why he wasn’t surprise or yelling at me

“I came here because I love you” I answered

“Because you love me” he asked

“Yeah ….the first day I came to this human world, I saw you and feel in love with you at the beach, I was the same girl who waved at you and that was the second time I saw you….all I think of was just to be beside you so I leave my home,my dearest friend to be with you….I mean no harm”I said to him

“And you kept this alone within you….one sided love, huh….were you a princess” h asked

“Yeah I am the only princess and next to the throne after mother” I replied

“So you love me all this while and you couldn’t tell me, you a princess came here as a maid just to be with me and I was treating you that bad” he said

“Actually……I knew long ago that you’re a mermaid but I never knew u came here personally because of me” he said and I was surprised

“How….did you know…when …where” I asked

“The day mum sent you out, I followed you to the beach and saw you transformed into a mermaid, I was just waiting for you to tell me” he said to me

“Oh…..” So Mike knows am a mermaid yet he never treat me bad, no wonder he was staring at me the day i came back

“Yeah….. don’t worry, your secret are save…. okay” he said then I nodded

“So let’s sleep” he said, we both laid down, he cuddled me and soon we slept off

The Next day

I woke up only to see Mike not beside me, guess he left

I heard a hard knock on the door and am sure that was Jessica

I stood up and open the door

“So I have to come wake you up before you can do the house chores huh” she yelled

“Am sorry” I pleaded

“Now go mop the sitting room” she said then I quickly walk out, took the mop and started mopping the big sitting room, I was hoping to see Mike but seems he is not at home

I was done mopping the floor whey I saw Jessica pouring milk on the floor

“Clean them” she said sitting down

I started mopping again and she keep telling to go back and mop it

Soon I was done with the mopping

“Can you cook” she asked

“Yes” I replied

“Okay go into the kitchen now and cook something worth eating” she said, I hurriedly walk into the kitchen, I started cooking then I heard her calling me again

I rushed to her

“You called me” I said
“This floor are getting dirty again, start mopping it” she said

“But am cooking” I said then she slapped me, how dare you talk back at me

“Am sorry” I said and took the mop then I started mopping again

Soon there was smoke everywhere

Oh the food is getting burn, I quickly rush to the kitchen and turn off the gas

“Princess….” I heard her yell my name, so I went back to her

“Don’t tell me the food you are making for me get burnt” she’s said

“Am sorry” I said

“How dare you” she said and raised her hand to slap then Mike walk in and stopped her

“Listen you don’t treat my woman anyhow, she is my woman and not a maid okay” Mike’s yelled at her I was surprise, did he just call me his woman

“What….your woman” Jessica said

“Yeah… it’s better you go back to where you came from….you are not needed here” Mike said and she started crying

“Am Sorry, I wasn’t around” Mike said and hug me…. right now am still shocked….what is really happening

Jessica drew me closer and slapped me, Mike was about slapping her when I stopped him

“How dare you charm my man” he yelled and pull my hair, I pushed her from me then he got hold of my necklace and boom, the necklace cut and dropped down

Oh heaven….i yelled

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