Ozo is upset Nengi cut his slippers? And he doesn’t like when people mess with his stuff. He was pissed about it.

Dora asks if Nengi’s aware and he says she apologized and told him to request another one from Biggie.

He tells her that Dora has asked for
Another but hasn’t been given one. Dora says, he just had to include her name in the gist.

They discuss Eric cooking & joining the gang of people that don’t sleep.

She feels Eric is trying cos he’s probably missing Lilo & wonders how Ozo would cope.

Ozo says he would feel only her absence if she left. She says she’s not going anywhere that he is stuck with her.

He complains about people not sleeping/finding it difficult to wake up in the morning. They discuss her interest in interior design after today

Ozo says all the people that were nodding off during rehearsals are awake now except Erica who he respects cos he left her on her bed sleeping.

Dora says there’s a lot going on in the house they are unaware of. Ozo gists her about the Wathoni bed issue

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