🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 16❣️❣️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

The necklace dropped down and I got scared, I can also see fear in Mike’s face, I tried running out before t Jessica stopped me, I was expecting my tails to have come back but to my surprise, my legs were still intact, no change in my body

“Jessica with due respect, pack your things and leave my house right now” Mike said

“Never, I am not leaving this house for anybody” she yelled

“the last time I checked, I own this house” Mike said

“I am Jessica,the governor’s daughter, I have every damn right to do whatever I want” she yelled

“in your father’s house, not in my own house so I will advise you to go in, pack your things and leave my house or else” he said

“Else what” she asked

“I will call the police and accuse you of being a thief or whatever”Mike replied

“Fine, I will leave but as for you princess, I am coming back to deal with you” she said

“In your dreams” mike said then she walked in angrily

“Are you okay” Mike asked me then I nodded but I was still in shock, why was I still in human form Even when am not with the necklace, Mike took the necklace, tied it together

“Have it” he said

“Am coming” I said and rushed In to my bathroom, switch on the shower and stretch my leg into it but it didn’t change, now am getting scared

What if I can’t have my tails back?

What have I done wrong, now am scared, I turn only to see Mike behind me

“You’re scared right” he asked and I nodded

“Am leaving for good….bunch of fools” I heard Jessica yelled and slam the door

“Thank God” Mike said sitting on my bed, I turn off the shower and sat beside him

“I don’t know why my tails are not coming back” I said

“Well am glad it’s not coming back” he said

“Happy…why” I asked

“Just happy,at Least you will be free and stop getting scared of human” he said

“But I won’t be able to see my family” I said

“Oh” he muttered

“And why did you call me your woman” I asked

“Oh…why don’t you go to the beach when it’s dark so you can see if you can get your tails back” he asked avoiding the question I asked him

“I will do just that” I said

“That’s good” he said and left, I just hope am safe, am really worried

In the Ocean

Queens P.O.V

I was very anxious to know where my daughter disappeared to so this time I summon courage and went to the ocean spirit

“It’s nice having you here queen mother” the spirit said

“Thank you” I answered

“What has brought you here our queen” he asked

“Ahm… it’s about my daughter” I said

“Is she not back yet, I was thinking you came here to return the necklace” the spirit said

“What necklace” I asked curiously

“What….. princess and her friend came here few months ago, telling me some mermaid were captured by human so they came to ask for the necklace to go save them and princess said you sent them to come for it” he said and I was speechless, so princess has been going to the human world all this while and Selena knee about it, that girl is dead

“Oh now I remember, I will see you later” I said and left

“Long live our queen” I heard him says, I angrily went back to my palace and order the guards to bring me Selena

Few minutes later

They arrived with Selena looking so worried I guess..

“You sent for me my queen” she said kneeling down, I told the guards to leave and it was remaining just the two of us

“Now tell me, where is princess” I asked

“My queen, I don’t know where she is” she answered

“Oh, how dare you lie to the goddess of the river, do you take me for a fool, you think I don’t know you guy’s went to get the necklace in my name” I yelled and she got scared

“Now tell me where is princess” I asked

“She…..she… she is….In the…human world” she said with tears

“Human world” I exclaimed

“Am sorry my queen, please do not kill me” she pleaded

“Guards” I called then they came

Take this thing to the prison and do not feed her” I yelled, they took her away while she cried, I am going to teach that princess a lesson she never forget but firstly am seizing her tails and power, I said some words and her tail and power were sized, let see how she will escape the human wrath.

Princess P.O.V

I woke up having a nightmare, even if all my powers taken, I still have the talent of dreams

So mother was behind this, now how do I get to the ocean

How do I save Selena

How do I get back my power

How do I escape the wrath of the queen….oh am doomed bit somehow she helped me coz if not for her, my secret would have been exposed to Jessica….Thank you mother

Selena’s P.O.V

I haven’t eaten for two days in the prison, I just hope I don’t get killed for this, I was asleep when I heard the prison gate opening

A guard with a sword walk in, I think the queen has ordered him to kill me, he pulled off the sword and i quickly closed my eyes as tears rush down my face

“I know I am going to get killed but please can I send you to my mother, tell her I am sorry for leaving her so quick,

Tell her am sorry for not being there kind of daughter she want, I was disobedient to the queen, tell her I love her so much and in my next life I will choose her as my mother again but not as a mermaid” I said crying bitterly

“Tell princess I love her so much and I wish her best of luck with Mike… I can die in peace” I said crying bitterly with my eyes closed

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