Natalie’s POV🏰

I walk downstairs feeling so tired after arranging my new Dresses inside the wardrobe

I walk down and sees mom making calls while dad just sit right watching ball on TV

I walk to mom’s side
“I wanna talk to you about something!”I said to her

She point to dad and continue talking on phone

Dad turn to me
“What do you need,Princess?”he asks me

I walk across the cushion chair and sit beside him
“I wanna ask for something”I said

He place my head on his shoulder
“What that,huni?”he asks

I look up at him
“I needs some maids,dad and urgently!”I said

Sis walks in
“And why will you need a maid?”she asks me

Brother jump down from the steps
“Cos she’s a baby!”he said and they laugh

Dad hiss
“I’ll do that immediately!”he said

He looks to the kitchen’s door
“Butler John!”he said shouting

The man rush out with immediate effect
“I’m here sir!”he said and bow

Mom turn to him
“I need three maids right away!”she said in commanding tone

Sis stands up too
“Make it eight cos I need too!”she said sitting beside mom

Brother gasps
“You said what!”he says exclaiming

She laugh
“I need five maids too!”she said

I hiss
“Crazy b**ch”I said and she sticks her tongue at me

Dad looks at him
“Can you do it,Butler John?”he asks him

Mom frown immediately
“Go and do that straight away,don’t want excuses!”she said fiercely

He quickly walk back inside

I pecks mom
“You’re a Darling!”I said to her

She just smiles and rub my hair

Sis stands up too
“And dad is a sweetheart!”she said blowing kiss to him

She turn and start pulling me into her room

We enter and sit on her bed

She turn to me
“Can you follow me to a night party?”she asks me

I shakes my head
“No no capital NO”I said looking away

She pull me close
“Why why whyy?”she asks

I turn to her
“Last time I did and I remembered so clearly,you wanna hook me up with some freaking guys!”I said to her

She giggles
“You call those guys freaking or you wanna say ‘hot’ rather?”she asks me

I scoffs looking at her
“I don’t want such guy!”I said to her

Brother peeps in
“What about Jason then?”he asks and enter fully

Me and sis gasps
“You mean that great Liar of our time?”we both chorus looking at him

He laugh and turn to us
“He’s cute,Hans,rich,tall, smart but truly truly,he’s a liar!”he said and we laugh

I sit right
“Thanks God you know too!”I reply him

He laugh
“What about Derek?”he ask

I just nods
“A player?”I said but more like a question

He turn round
“But no guy is a great player like Andrew Cruz!”he said proudly

Sis laugh and face him
“Just pray you don’t meet a great coach like Katherine Cruz!”she said looking high

I cross my legs on the bed watching a live show

Brother smiles
“I’m very sure I could drag you to my bed begging for more!”he said

Sis laugh
“I can make sure you never taste any but begs for it with your kneels hitting each other and body shaking!”she said

I mouth ‘wow’

He laugh
“I rather be with an innocent girl like Natalie Cruz!”he said winking at me

Mom peeps in
“Will you do me a favour and get your butts out to interview your maids?”she asks us

I shrugs
“Don’t think so!”I said and turn to sis

She laugh
“Did I look like someone who can interrogate an employee,mom?”she asks

Mom nods and walk away
“Don’t let me hear complain later on,girls!”she said as her heels shoes making sound on the steps

What a crazy sound huh

Brother jumps on me on the bed
“Give me your first kiss,sis!”he said licking his lips

Sis lean on the wall
“I think I’ll quickly be a referee!”she said looking at us

I hiss
“Move away,dumb player!”I said pushing him

But he’s so powerful
“I can’t ever until I kiss you!”he said

He brings his mouth close and close
“Heish!”I said angrily and headbutt him

He smiles
“That doesn’t work on me!”he said and laugh

Oh father,I’ll kill this guy today and ask for forgiveness later on

I smiles
“You’re dead,Andrew!””I said and kick him so hard on his groins

He slump on the floor hitting the ground repeatedly
“Holy crap!”he said tearing up

I stands up and face sis
“Wanna stroll in the garden!”I said and walk out

She laugh
“You’re cool,lil sis!”she said as we high five🙏🙏

I walk downstairs and gasps
“Oh wow,lots of maids already huh!”I said and winks at Butler John

He smiles and bow
“Thanks!”he mutter silently

I walk pass mom
“Well done,mommy!”I said

She face me
“I thought you came for interview!”she said

I just shrugs and walk out to the garden

I stroll in it and inhale the beautiful scents o f the flowers

I stop on my track seeing someone’s back
“Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?”I asks as the person turn slowly

I sigh and hit my head as the person turn round
“What is a mad person doing here even how did he enter?”I thought looking round

He bow for me
“I’m so sorry but I’m the son to one of the women who wanna work as maids here!”he said

Oh gosh, I love his sexy voice
“What’s wrong with you,Natalie?”I said quietly

I quickly compose myself
“And so what?”I asks angrily

He walk pass me and bow again
“So sorry,just feel astray that’s why!”he said

As he walk away,I shouts
“Watch out for that…!”I said halfway

He move away immediately and turn to me
“Blind people tends to use their instinct and inner sight!”he said laughing

I gasps more
“Are you blind?”I asks him

He giggles
“Yes I’m!”he said and winks

Oh gosh,blind guy winking huh

I smile quietly
“Why giggling?”I asks him

He giggles more
“Cause you’re the first person that will ask me cos others know at first glance!”he said

I feel pity for him
“Don’t you feel sad at all cos of this?”I asks him

He turn away
“Rather than my blindness,my ugliness worry me most”he said

“What!”I said exclaiming

He turn to me
“Oh sorry,I just wanna crack a joke!”he said

I frown
“What a sly joke!”I said and he laugh

I laugh too
“Your name?”I asks

He walk away
“I’m nobody!”he said

I wanna run to his side when someone pull me back
“You better be nobody!”I turn to see angry Kath

I pull myself away from her
“What’s wrong with you,sis?”I asks angrily

Brother gasps
“Is that anger in your voice?”he asks me

I look at the two elders and hiss
“Shut the f**k up”I said and walk away

I look around for the boy but didn’t see him so I walk angrily to my room and slam the door shut

Jake’s POV🙏

I walk away immediately I hear angry voices to avoid been put in a messy situation especially in a minister’s house and children

I stroll to the gate
“Please can I go out?”I asks the security man

He turn to me
“Will you be okay alone?”he asks me

I chuckles
“Yes thanks”I said and walk out immediately he open the gate

I walks outside and feel refresh
“Oh the cool breeze!” I said smiling

The cool breeze,the sun,the different weathers and scorching time is the things blind people feels without seeing

No need telling a blind man it raining cos he would know immediately a drop of water falls on him repeatedly

I wish I could for once see all this work of nature but I do picture how it look in my head then draw it down n

Oh yes,one great thing about me is I’m a great artist despite being blind from birth

And also,I’m Jake Mark even tho I never knew the person bearing Mark cos mom says he run away from us when the suffering is too much

She’s a great and best mom as she do any work to help me to survive and little for herself

I try hard to find work but none could accept a blind person….I didn’t blame any

Walking down the bridge,I smiles as my ear lit up
“Oh rushing water!”I said smiling brightly

I walk step by step to it,yes I’m not using stick or anything but my inner sight

I sit beside it and off my shoes
“Oh it refreshing!”I sad putting my legs inside

I stay there for few minutes before gasping
“Oh,mom!”I said exclaiming

I didn’t wear my shoes again as I rush up the bridge then dash to the minister’s mansion
“Its fifty steps to here!”I said

I stop on my track
“Ten steps already so gotta run and take like twenty!”I said and inhale deeply

I run with all my might and arrives there
“Oh gosh!”I said breathing hard

Since I’m a blind guy and even a guy,mom teaches me everything about instinct,using inner sight and brain to do everything cos she won’t ever be there for me so I adhere to it all

I knocks at the gate
“Is my mom still in?”I asks the security man

He hiss
“Your mom rush out not long ago searching for you!”he said and slam the door shut

Talking about a person with bad manners huh

I walk down again and sigh
“Oh mommy!”I said when someone hugs me

So tight
“I tot I lose you too!”mom voice boom in my ear

I quickly turn in her arms
“I’m sorry mom,quickly take a walk round!”I said to her

She rubs my hair
“It’s okay,let’s go home!”she said and pull me along the way

When you offend someone especially so bad and the person says it’s okay,then it means the person loves you so much cos IT’S OKAY,IT’S LOVE for sure

I walk with her and smiles
“How’s today weather?”I asks her

She smiles
“So bright and cool!”she said to me

I laugh
“I feel like I’m seeing it already as you says it!”I said and smiles more

She chuckles
“Oh really?”she asks

I giggles
“Oh really!”I said exclaiming

We walk side by side till we get home and open the door as I slump on the chair
“So tired!”I said

She throw spoon at me
“What!”she said exclaiming

Someone knocks at the door
“I’ll get it!”I said

Moving to the door
Here for you sir and please sigh here!”I guess it a postman

I bow
“Oh thanks”I said to him

He sigh
“But who gonna sigh since you’re blind?”he asks me

Mom quickly push me away slightly from the door,take the envelope and sigh the book
“Thanks sir!”she said and close the door

She face me
“Are you okay,son?”she asks

I smiles and hugs her
“Its not new,mom”I said and pull her to sit down

If someone ask you if you’re okay,that’s means the person really care a lot for you I mean much

She tear the paper and gasps
“Scholarship to Bally high school!”she said to me

I gasps
“Say it again,mom”I said

She jumps up and shout
“Scholarship to Bally…High…school!”she said spelling it out

This is damn lucky
“Oh gosh!”I said jumping up and hugs her

She laugh
“So happy!”she said

I smile
“So lucky truly,mom!”I says

She sit down
“But can you cope?”she asks me

I sit down too
“Why not?”I asks her

She sigh
“The students there are rich or is it wealthy,they’re pompous and a bully and….”she said halfway

As I cut her off
“I might be blind but i’m doing so okay nd also I’ve a mom that always make things happen no matter what so everything gonna be okay!”I said to her

She blush so red I guess
“Oh Darling!”she said and hugs me tight

I smiles and feel so okay even tho deep down,I’m truly worry but I don’t wanna get her work up after what she always did for me despite being poor and alone with no other two eyes which is dad to help but I knows with her and God by my side,everything will be okay


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