Listening to Nengi and KiddWaya talk, you can tell he sees her like a guy!
The way he’s teaching her how to flirt! He said she make it obvious you kiss Prince on the neck and go and give Ozo a massage immediately!

KiddWaya to Nengi : He said if he wasn’t failing for Erica he would’ve made all the guys go crazy with how he will have hold of the girls.

KiddWaya telling her she doesn’t know how to flirt. Nengi said she would stop she thinks it’s getting too much.

KiddWaya: most of the girls are not talking to you because of the way you’ve been carrying on and causing beef among some guys.

He also told her to try and sort things out with some of the girls that are not talking to her.

KiddWaya was telling Nengi to have fun with Ozo and also she should loosen up with Ozo and Nengi was like what will people say and KiddWaya said fuck everybody and what they are saying.

#BBNaija #BBNaijaLockdown

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