#BBErica is not ready to go home at all!

Erica: I feel nervous. I don’t want to go home. I just hope i don’t get evicted. Hardest part is leaving the house and second is voting someone out. Anyway, that’s a game. No way i want to leave, I’ll nominate.

Erica: If i was to be evicted, I’ll cry & u ppl will have to use security to get me out. I’m not leavin, I don’t ve anywhr to go. But If that happens, I’ll tak few days, process everything & get use to world, I’ll get bak 2 work. Movies, TV commercials, brand influencing

Erica: My goal was to be here till the last week, win but if I don’t, be in the top 5. I want to be a big actress, and British actress as well. I will like to act in Europe, Nigeria and SA. Other African countries too. Then set up a Spa as well

Erica: If i have to plead with housemates not to vote me out, i will beg them not to evict me, I’ll be their friend, whatever kind of friend they want me to be, I’ll be, I’ll cook for them, i will make them happy.

#BBNaija #BBNaijaLockdown

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