🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 17♥️♥️


🧜🧜Selena’s P.O.V🧜🧜

I closed my eye still weeping, expecting the guard to have kill me with the sword but nothing of such was happening

I opened my eye only to see the queen and my mom, my mom was crying bitterly, I guess she got touched by what I just said

“Mother” I stood and hug her

“Am sorry mother,I never meant to disobey the queen, I only keep it as a secret because I love princess and I don’t want her to get killed” I said crying

“It’s okay my daughter” she said unlocking from the hug and cleaned my tears

“Am sorry Selena for treating you so bad, but I just want you to know that it’s not a good idea to decieve a queen okay” the queen said hugging me

“Am Sorry mother” I said to the queen

“You are just like a daughter to me and I will never get you killed for any reason” she said

“Thank you mother” I said happily

“I prepared a delicious meal, will you like to eat” queen asked and I happily nodded

“Okay” she said then we walk out of the prison but deep down I was worried about princess, I just hope she is doing fine over there

Princess P.O.V

Mike walk in to my room holding a bag

“Have it, you will need it tonight” he said throwing the bag at me, I checked it and saw a black long gown, the back was widely open, looks like a party clothe

“What is this for” I asked

“Am invited to a party do you are going with me” he said

“Night party” I asked

“Yeah, I already asked a make up artist to come this evening, you need to look good” he said

“But why me” I asked

“Must you ask questions” he asked

“Am sorry…..but….my necklace” I said

“Not like you need it” he said

“Who knows, I might have my power back anytime” I said

“Power……what happen to it” he asked

“Nothing….. nevermind” I said

“I will give you your necklace when were ready to leave…. Eat as much as you can, I won’t let you eat there” he said and left

“So rude” I said to myself but seriously, the gown was wow

Later in the evening

I was done cooking, I served the food and we started eating when I heard a knock on the door

“Come in” Mike said then s lady who was putting on a short and black top carrying a box walk in, she was having a cardigan tied round her waist

“Hi am Daisy, a make up artist” she said

“Oh you’re welcome” Mike said

“She came here because of you, so you need to start dressing up” Mike said

“Okay” I said packing the plates

“Ahmm follow her to her room but please, I don’t want heavy make up on her, as you can see, she is pretty already” I heard Mike say and I was blushing….oh really, did he just say am pretty

The lady followed me to my room

“I should just go freshen up” I said

“Okay” she answered, I walk in to the bathroom, turn on the shower

Soon I was done, I walk in, rub a cream on my body

“Yeah….am ready now” I said

“Okay” she said and walk to me….she started applying different things on my face, it’s get to a point I was getting fed up, I don’t know why Mike won’t let me go with my natural face

“Yeah done” she said, I checked my face at the mirror, I was looking more beautiful, wow….I exclaimed

“So let’s pack your hair” she said, she untied it, comb it and apply some cream to it, she made a part at the center and everything was resting at my back

I put on the gown and it suit me well, I wonder how Mike knew my size

I brought out a shoe from the one Mike bought for me when I just got here, it was a heel, I put it on and I was looking good

“Thanks for your service…. really appreciate” I said

“Well it’s my job, you look pretty same as your boyfriend” she said

“My boyfriend” I said

“Yeah, I would have seduce him if you are not here…all the best” she said and left….I smiled to myself….I wish he is my boyfriend though

Mike’s P.O.V

I was done dressing, waiting for princess in the sitting room

Soon the make up artist walk out

“Where is she” I asked

“Coming” she answered, I pay her and she left

Soon princess walk out looking so pretty, she is truly a princess…. seriously speaking I don’t know how or why but I just find myself falling in love with her

She walk down to where I was

“How do I look” she asked and I remembered the jenny, she asked me the same question when I was taking her to my dad’s place, somehow my heart started beating fast

“Are you okay” she asked

“Yeah …you look good….let go” I manage to say

We got in the car and I drove to the party
We got down and walk to a seat where we were served drinks

“Like I have said….no food….no drinks” I said to her

“But am hungry” she said

“Now you are behaving like a mermaid….” I said

“U don’t expect me to behave like a human who doesn’t care about others” she said

“And who are you talking about” I asked

“I don’t know…just saying” she said eyeing me

“But why did you bring me here when you know I won’t be able to eat anything” she asked

“Hey fool take your necklace before you turn into a fish” I said giving her the necklace

“Whatever” she said and put on the necklace, then I saw Jessica walk to your place

“Hi lovebirds, guess you are having a good time, you look pretty tonight princess” she said smilling

“Thanks” princess replied

“I got a gift for you…..stay tuned” she said and left

“What gift” princess asked me

“Y Don’t u just ask her…..silly fish” I said pressing my phone

“Oh every thing looks boring” she said then a lady walk to us

“Good evening, someone is waiting for you outside, he said you should come out with your miss” the lady said and left, who could it be

“Let’s go” I said and we both stood up, we went out but we didn’t see anyone,

“Should we just go back in” princess asked then I heard a gun shot, princess fell holding her leg which was bleeding heavily, she got shot, who could have done this

“Princess…..oh my God” I said and quickly carried her into my car and drive to the hospital

“No….do not take my to the hospital….. take me home” she said

“Just shush your mouth… don’t tell me what to do” I yelled

“You know I can’t die, just take me home” she said but I didn’t listen, I hurried to my hospital, I got there and took her in

I started operating on her leg, I was able to bring out the bullet then I closed it back

She was asleep already….I just hope you get okay when you wake up

💎💎Few minutes later💎💎

Princess has been transferred to the ward, I went there to check on her, her legs were getting swollen up, I wasn’t expecting this, what could be the problem amd thinking about this, thought she don’t fell pain or get injured but why is this happening….is it possible she loosed her power, why….is it because she is in the human world or what

I wonder who could have done this it Jessica….oh am going crazy right now

🧜🧜Selena’s P.O.V🧜🧜

I was served a delicious meal, I ate and went to sleep, then I heard my mother having a conversation with the queen

“You ought to know how wicked the human are, why don’t you just give back her power so she can come back home then you can punish her the way you want” my mum said

“Am not saying I won’t return her power but I want her to face the human world judgement, I am not a fool” the queen replied

“I know but still she is your only daughter” my mom said to her

“She is not gonna die” the queen replied

“But please tamper justice with mercy, I need to go home now…. tell Selena to join me at home when she is awake” mother said

So the queen actual seized princess power and tail, oh I just hope she is save over there….but that mean the necklace can’t be useful anymore and she might get hurt….oh heaven

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I woke up feeling pain on my leg, I couldn’t lift it, it got swollen up and I was feeling so much pain

“Mother, please forgive me, return my back my power,this pain is becoming unbearable” I say crying then Mike walk in

“You will be fine babe….be calm okay” he said

“I can’t….mother seized my power and that why am getting hurt here, I will never be fine until she return it and I won’t be able to go back to the ocean, am getting punished” I said to him

“Punished…..why” he asked

“You know it’s a taboo for a mermaid to come to the human world, and the only way to turn human is this necklace which I collected from the ocean spirit in my mother’s name even without her consent, and now am getting punished for violating the rules” I said crying

“So you getting punished because….of me” he asked but I continue crying

“Sorry….you will be fine” he said patting me gently while I continue crying

Unknown P.O.V

“How was the Job” I asked

“Done” he answered then I smile

“No one dare step on my toes and go Scot free, I intentionally did not kill her, I only did that to warn her, I won’t kill her but I would make life more miserable for her then no one will tell her before leaving Mike


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