Episode 4-5


Melody couldn’t help than to cry seeing his father lying lifeless on the ground without any sign of survival.

She didn’t even have the idea that her mother too is in a more complicated situation than his father.

The worst part of it was that Mr Armstrong was still breathing but none dare to rush him to the hospital because they knew that even if they take him to the hospital that he won’t have the bills to settle.

Nobody wanted to help them which made Melody cried the more for help but none seems to come.

Mr Armstrong heard the news of his wife being involved in an accident, so he rushed out of the house to go see his wife not knowing that the worst is awaiting him too on the road as he got involved also in a fatal car accident.

Mr Patrick could be seen driving along the lonely way so speedly as if he is playing the game called fast and furious.

He stopped at a huge compound that has a big fence on it with electric wires that prevents thief’s from entering the house.

He press the car horn and immediately the gate was roll open, he drove in park the car in the car garage and move inside faster as someone who is being chased by a troop of army or someone who is under a demonic spell.

His house was well built with a small garden inside and everything in it smell money which is to say that Mr Patrick has what is called money.

He was so restless immediately he entered his house, he pace up and down with the car key making noise in his hands at the same time.

“What a bad day for me. how could this possibly happen?
“I knock down a lady on my way back and I ran and left without taking her to the hospital, and the worst of it on my way of running, I also knock down an old man too and still run away? Mr Patrick complained bitterly.

“that’s so bad of me, what if they die how will their kids feel?

“No, I have to start searching for them now before the worst happen “he concluded and just then Amanda emerged from her room wearing a mini skirt that stopped below her thighs which got her body exposed but she didn’t care.

“Dad, good afternoon ”

“Yes, my angel good afternoon. how was school today?

“Fine dad. I overheard you talking so I decided to come and check who you are talking to dad ”

“It’s fine dear, what about your mom is she not back yet?

“Yes dad.

“Okay, I’m going out now and I will be back soon.

“Bye bye dad”

Mr Patrick kissed her daughter on the forehead and head out of the house praying that he found the two people his car had knocked down earlier.

It’s obvious that it’s Mr Patrick car which is Amanda father that knocked down Melody both parents and he ran away leaving them to their own fate after the incident.

#5 hours later

Mr Armstrong was already admitted in a close hospital with the help of a closed friend and that was when the news got to Melody that her mother too was also involved in an accident which was the reason her father on his way to check on her got involved too.

It was a very sad and tragic day for melody for her both parents to get involved in a car accident, and she had no option than to pray that their suffering end soon.

#Next day

Melody didn’t go to school but she took on her mother’s business of selling orange on the streets.

She was visibly seen with a tray of ripe orange on her head shouting for people to buy from her under the hot sun of the day.

Back to golden gates high school Mrs Hannah class was so boring to her as she looked around only to discover that melody who always makes her class interesting was not in school.

She wondered what could have made her stay back from school, she even wanted to visit her to check what’s wrong but the worst part of it is that she doesn’t fully know her talkless of their address.

Henry too was confused because Melody always comes first to school but it is almost #11:30am and she’s nowhere to be found.

Amanda couldn’t help but to smile that the bitch is not in the school.

She was sitting with her gossip team breaking people with their mouth.

“Where’s that bitch that said nonsense yesterday ?Praise asked

“Who are you asking? who knows whether her poverty has killed her through hunger during the night? Amanda mocked and all of them end up laughing and Henry who was sitting far away knew that they were gossiping about Melody.

He shook his head pitifully and continue with what he was doing praying that all goes well with Melody.

Two days has already gone still her parents condition wasn’t a pleasant one which got her so worried and she has stayed away from school for the past two days hawking on the streets to take the responsibility of her mother to provide a little meal for her both parents in the hospital.

She was selling on the streets when a car drive past her and then reversed back to her and wind down the glass.

Melody was just the carbon copy of her mom, everything about her was Mrs Armstrong.

The car wind down the window and it was Mr Patrick who stopped by.

“Good afternoon sir, please how much do you want to buy orange? Melody asked taking the tray down.

“Sorry dear I don’t want to buy anything ” Mr Patrick said and the word was hurtful to her as she picked her tray to leave.

“Young girl, where’s the owner of this orange you are selling? Mr Patrick asked this making her to stop and looked back at him.

“You mean my mom? she asked

“She’s your mom?

“Yes sir”

“Where is she? Mr Patrick asked and the question alone had the answer to itself as fresh tears drop from melody eyes and Mr Patrick knows that melody is the daughter of the woman she knocked down.

“My mom had an accident and she’s in a critical condition struggling for her life in the hospital “she said cleaning the tears from her eyes and Mr Patrick prayers has finally been answered because he has been searching for that lady she knocked down.

“Take me there”Mr Patrick said and melody didn’t think twice than to jump into the car and they zoom off to the hospital.


.Mr Patrick got to the hospital to see several machines connected to Mrs Armstrong body which was beeping and a metre hanging on the wall showing some reading he didn’t understand.

Mr Patrick was stunned to see the woman badly damaged, he shook his head negatively just then the doctor emerged from the door.

“Good afternoon doctor “Mr Patrick greeted.

“Good afternoon, welcome sir. please are you related to this woman because since she was brought here no one shows up to know her except this girl here standing and it’s a pity we have not taken proper care of her as we should do, it’s only because of this girl here that we agreed to help her because of her story “Dr Ekan said.
The word hit Me Patrick in the heart as he heard the story that the woman was not properly taken care of and he knew that it was all his fault, if not so she would not be there suffering.

Fresh tears began flowing from Melody eyes, she just stood there shedding tears not knowing why the man asked her to bring her here.

“Starr proper work on her immediately and make sure she’s fine and okay for her daughter “Mr Patrick said and the word cut the tears back into melody’s eyes, she wondered who the good Samaritan was the came from nowhere and decided to help her and her family without any reason.

Melody was so happy that she couldn’t even control it than to kneel down and thank Me Patrick not knowing that he was the one that got her mom in the situation.

“Thank you sir,,,, she greeted with a shaking voice

“Stand up dear, all will be fine soon “he said and helped her up on her feet.

“Follow me to the shopping mall because she will need some stuffs to keep her strong and healthy “he said to melody who only nod her head and followed him out of hospital.

It’s three good days now that melody didn’t attend school and she has missed so many lessons but luckily for her that she’s brilliant and she always read all her notes anytime she’s chanced.

Dave sat down on his desk wondering why the new girl is not in school for two days now and it’s obvious that he has been secretly crushing on her which no one noticed.

Dave is as handsome as Henry but the difference between them was that he has a pair of glasses on his eyes which was given to him by the doctor to enable him see clearly, and he is fai r in complexion.

“Mehn, the girl is really hot and I like her “Dave said to Mike his friend on their way to the cafeteria.

“Don’t even go there man, can’t you see that she does not have time for boys and moreover she’s so damn poor”Mike mocked

“It’s true bro, is like she’s poor oo”

“Before nko? you better get rid of that thing you call feelings for that idiot, you know we don’t mingle with the poor, she’s just lucky to attend our school “Mike blurted out.

“You are right man, I better stay away from her before students start calling me after that poor girl ooo and if my dad got to hear about this that means I’m dead” he said as they proceed to their classroom.

Mrs Hannah was still so worried that her new brilliant girl is still absent from school but she didn’t know her whereabouts and how to find her which got her more confused and worried.

Amanda couldn’t help than to gossip day after day about melody with her crew.

“Where’s this new bitch? why is she not in school? Praise said aloud while enjoying themselves in the cafeteria.

“Who knows whether that idiot is a prostitute and whether she’s pregnant which stopped her from coming to school ” Joy said and all of them end of laughing

“You are right ooo, maybe she’s pregnant ooo”Amanda said out and just then Henry passed them heading inside which got them startled and after a while he came out again.

“I have a perfect plan ladies to make Henry hate melody for the rest of his life and come back begging for me to be his girlfriend “Amanda said.

“How is that possible because we all know who Henry is “praise said and it was concured by others

“Just watch me “she said said and stood up walking to Henry as they all wait to hear her feed back.

Henry was still walking when he heard footsteps following him,he looked back only to discover that Amanda was shouting his name for him to stop and he frown wondering what it was and stopped.

“Didn’t you want to wait for me? Amanda asked immediately she got to Henry

“Sorry I didn’t hear you early enough ”

“Okay dear, how are you doing today “she asked smiling

“Is that all you wanted to say? anywhere am fine as you can see”he said and turned to leave but was interrupted by Amanda speech

“Melody sent me a message to you “She said looking else where and standing akimbo. hearing the name melody Henry stopped and looked back at her and she smiled inwardly knowing that her plan will work out.

“Melody? you mean the new melody? he asked and she nodded her head.

“Melody is pregnant, and the news is everywhere. she saw me on my way back from school yesterday and check asked me to plead with you that it’s not her fault to get pregnant that she has been doing prostitution just to survive ” She said and just then Henry expression changed immediately hearing that and he was out of words as he left the place instantly without saying anything.

“Yes it work as well planned ” Amanda exclaimed and walked to their girls who were eager to hear how it went.

Henry got to the class and he couldn’t even eat the lunch he purchased from the cafeteria without of the news he just got from Amanda.

he wondered whether it’s true, or whether she lied to him.

He remember that Amanda always hated melody for no reason which makes a little perplex whether Amanda is trying to deceive him or whether it’s true.

“It might be true ooo because I can’t see a reason a new girl after her two days in school is suddenly absent from school for three days ” he said to himself and then decided to forget the matter and see the outcome of it.

Melody was so excited that finally God has answered her prayers by sending a good Samaritan to help her mother.
To be continued
Stay tuned for the poor girl episode 6.
Will Henry believe Amanda?
Will Melody show up in school the next day? If yes how will the situation be?

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