💥(episode 3)💥

Everyone on the surface of the earth have their own partner destined to cross path with them. You rob yourself of your esteem, peace and dignity when you desperately go after a person that doesn’t belong to you and isn’t attracted to you. It’s quite unfortunate that Mandy stripped herself of any iota of self-respect she had for herself by knowingly brushing her breasts on Precious chest. What an act of desperation!

As at the time all these were happening, Barbara was fast asleep on her couch and wasn’t aware of what was going on under her roof. It’s so sad that Mandy betrayed her friend’s trust and was making advances towards the man that she knew Barbara was attracted to.

“Are you ok or did you hurt yourself?” Precious asked after Mandy apologised, “No, I’m not fine, my toe hurts” she replied, squeezing her face as that of someone in pain. Being a gentleman, Precious held her and gently made her sit on another couch; “you’ll be alright, just rest a bit and don’t stress the toe by walking” he calmly said.

Precious actions and kind personality got Mandy tripping even more for him. She wanted him and got scared at any thought of him ending up with Barbara. Mandy thanked him for being kind and waved him ‘Goodbye’ as he walked away. “Kai! see complete package, why don’t I come across these ones eh? It’s only confused and frustrated guys that don’t know what they want that usually come my way” Mandy thought to herself as she sat on the couch.

As night drew nearer, Mandy cleaned Barbara up and changed her clothes so she could sleep well and comfortably. Barbara slept in the sitting room that day, while Mandy slept in the room.

All through that night, there were series of thoughts going back and forth in Mandy’s head. She couldn’t get her mind off her encounter with Precious and how he gently held her when she fell on him. Mandy kept fantasising about him and smiled whenever she recalled how she knowingly brushed her breasts on Precious chest. “Sharp girl” she hailed herself for coming up quickly with such a deceptive move. After much thinking, Mandy finally fell asleep.

The next day when Barbara was back to her normal senses, Mandy told her everything that happened the night before but left out what she did to Precious. Barbara screamed and placed her hands on her head in shame because she felt a bit embarrassed.

“What did he tell you when he called? Did he look angry? How was I looking, did I misbehave too much? Oh God!” Barbara inquired with her mouth wide opened. Mandy made fun of her and kept laughing as she answered her questions one after the other.

Luckily for them, it was Saturday and there wasn’t any work so they had all day to gist and laugh at each other. Barbara was feeling shy and ashamed to call Precious, because she felt embarrassed by her actions the night before.

Just as Barbara was contemplating on whether to call Precious or not, Mandy’s phone ranged and it was Precious calling. He still didn’t have Barbara’s number so the only way to reach her at that time, was through Mandy.

“He’s calling me Barbara, Precious is calling” Mandy screamed in excitement and Barbara’s heart skipped several beats. “Pick up, Oh my God!” Barbara said with her hands shivering. Mandy adjusted her voice and finally picked; “Hello” she greeted, “Hi Mandy, how are you doing” Precious asked, “I’m fine, thanks dear” she replied.

Barbara wasn’t worried about Mandy referring to him as ‘Dear’, her innocent mind overlooked it and focused on their conversation instead. “Please are you still with Barbara? I didn’t have the chance to get her number yesterday, so I’m unable to reach her except through you” Precious politely said. When he said that, Barbara’s heart calmed down and she started blushing while Mandy felt jealous even more.

At that point, Mandy told him to hold on and handed the phone to Barbara. “Hi Precious, how was your night?” Barbara asked, “It was good dear, how are you feeling now?” He asked, “I’m feeling better but feel so embarrassed for what happened yesterday, I’m so sorry for ruining our celebration moment” she said in a low tone and Precious chuckled. He told her it was all good and that he was more concerned about her well being.

Barbara was quite relieved and impressed at Precious maturity in handling things. “Thanks for being a good friend, can I make it up to you?” She asked, “Matter of fact, you can make it up to me by first giving me your number and going on another date with me” he said and Barbara smiled. “I’m in and would take your number from Mandy and give you a call. Let me know when you want another date” Barbara said.

Precious told her that he wouldn’t mind going out with her the next day. Barbara agreed to his offer and another date was set for Sunday afternoon. They said goodbye to each other and ended the call afterwards.

After the call, Barbara looked at Mandy and started smiling and blushing at the same time. “Someone is in love” Mandy said and Barbara nodded ‘yes’. Deep down in Mandy’s heart, she wasn’t genuinely happy for her friend because she wanted Precious for herself too.

In order for suspension not to arise, Mandy acted cool and didn’t give Barbara any clue that she was envious of her. “If he ask you out would you accept him?” Mandy curiously asked, “Maybe, but I don’t really know yet if he feels the same way” Barbara replied, “Hmm, ok oh! But last time I checked, you weren’t interested in relationships so what changed?” Mandy inquired, “I don’t even know myself, he’s just different and I don’t mind giving this one a shot” Barbara responded.

They talked a little more before changing topic and doing other stuffs. It was almost evening so Mandy had to leave for her house. After Mandy’s departure, Barbara started preparing for her upcoming date with Precious the next day. She made sure to take Precious number from Mandy before she left.

At around passed 7pm, Barbara called Precious just as she promised earlier and he was excited to hear from her. “How are you feeling now?” He asked after they exchanged greetings, “I’m fine but still feel a bit embarrassed for what happened yesterday” she confessed but he told her it was his fault and that he should have changed the wine when they found out it had alcohol in it.

They both felt excited for their upcoming date and Precious jokingly promised not to order any wine again. The call ended and they both retired to bed.

On the other hand, Mandy wasn’t ok at all as she was worried that her fears would come to pass; the fear of Barbara actually falling in love with Precious and having him to herself. “I thought she wasn’t into relationships, what changed?” She wondered all night and was restless all through.

One of the things that calmed Mandy’s heart and gave her joy was the fact that she had Previous number. She was overjoyed due to that it made her heart glad.

Mandy managed to sleep after being restless for a while. The next day, Barbara’s happy date expectation was ruined because she had fever and was running a high temperature. She was bedridden all morning till in the afternoon.

Precious called Barbara in the afternoon to check up on her and inquire if she was ready so he could come pick her up, but found out that she was sick. Without hesitating, he hurriedly finished up with what he was doing and headed straight to her house.

At around passed 6pm, Precious arrived at Barbara’s house and found her in a critical condition. “Do you want to go to the hospital?” He curiously asked, “No I’ll be fine, I just need to rest more” she said in a low tone. “Have you eaten anything?” He asked and she nodded ‘No’.

There and then, Precious zoomed out to get something for Barbara to eat. While he was gone, Mandy called her friend to find out how the date went, only to be informed by Barbara that she was ill. Mandy didn’t want to come but immediately changed her mind when Barbara told her that Precious was around. She wore her clothes with speed and headed straight to Barbara’s house.

Before Mandy arrived, Precious was already back from his quest for food. He bought lots of fruits and vegetable dishes that could last a week. Barbara kept smiling and thanked him for being far too kind. “Are you going to be on your own tonight?” He curiously asked, “Maybe, but I think my friend is on her way here” she said. Just as Precious was about to talk further, Mandy walked in on them.

Immediately Mandy saw them together, her heart dropped and jealousy overshadowed her instantly. “Hi Precious, you are here, that’s nice” Mandy said and Precious smiled faintly. “I’ll be leaving now, please take care of her” he said, “Oh no no, please stay let me go into the kitchen and prepare something for your tummy, I know you must be hungry” she said and before Precious could talk further, she went into the kitchen to prepare something.

Precious looked at Barbara and she smiled innocently because her heart was pure. “Please let her prepare something for you, I owe you that much at least” Barbara calmly said. Precious smiled and laid back on the bed as they waited for the food to be ready.

In no time, the food was ready and everyone ate happily. Barbara took few spoons from precious plate and left the remaining for him. Precious compliment Mandy for her cooking skills and she blushed all through. “I can cook more than this, I have like a library of recipes in my head” Mandy said and Precious smiled faintly.

After eating, Precious got up to leave and out of nowhere, Mandy said “Oh dear, please let’s pray before you go”. He confusingly asked ‘Why?’.

Mandy smiled, looked at him and said; “Uhmm, Because I love praying”.

End of episode 3 😉


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