Umahi B Chinedu, 2020.

1. Let the establishment of your marital union go beyond the twinkle twinkle little star of your Pre-pleasant shared moments. Marriage is both sweet and bitter. It is beyond moments. Marriage is a unique uncomparable wonderful Vocation, it is a necessary sacred risk and “Marriage is a beautiful thing, is an awesome experience everyone will be glad to have but is not always Rossy” (Odo Nnenna Cynthia, 2020). Do not accept if you are not truly ready for such life journey.

2. That the marital union must only be completely out of accepted freedom of self giving for the true fulfilment of each other. Do not be carried away by deadly emotions. Marriage is a responsible freedom. If love is blind, marriage is not. Shine your eyes and know what you are doing.

3. That Courtship must never be understood as to end in the acceptance of every marriage proposal. Hence, be strong never to share what is meant for marriage in courtship. Learn to say a clear NO to what you do not truly want because “getting married to the right person makes everything easy and sweet” (Odo Nnenna Cynthia, 2020). Marriage is defined, always be defined.

4. That married life is comparable to the journey out of sodom and gomorrah. Marriage is not test and see that the Lord is good. Marriage is not a pleasure but a welcomed life sacrifice. Make up your mind first, then be ever true to this decision and avoid looking back.

5. That two of you are the best couple you could ever imagin but this shall be lost once you entertain discontentment and comparison. Every Marriage is uniquely blessed and complete. No other person can truly replace him or her in your life. Never live suspiciously and avoid being unnecessarily suspicious but cultivate the life of unmixed truth, transparency and humility. Never be the cause of the abuse of your marital trust.

6. That marriage must not be understood as a direct entry to fertility. No, not every husband must be a father nor every wife to be a mother. Earlier you understand this hard truth, better for you. You see this our society, we constructed it. Do not spoil the Happiness of your marriage.

7. Please do not in your singleness make yourself a distruction to the married couples. Stop increasing broken marriages, divorces and the heavy task of single parenting. It is not good. But in your marital state, please what else different are you still looking for even when Christ had said, it is finished.

8. That Marriage is never a living in bondage. It is the acceptance and manifestation of higher positive consciousness within the values of Human Relationship. Two of you cannot survive alone in the human society. Therefore, continue to relate with people but never ever even for once neglect the true sense of who and what you are. Again, be truly defined without compromise.

9. That at a certain stage, what sustains marriage is no longer your first charming attractions, It is no longer romance, not even your conjugal sacrament (Sex), never again those emotions. Yes, this is very hard and sometimes unbearable but it is the reality. No more togethernees, no longer eating together, no more darling and honey lets go to bed it is late, all those sweet words are gone, chidren (if there are) are gradually psychologically divided, hmmmm, now you test the bitter side of marriage and it dawns on you, that Marriage is truly a great sacrifice. (Remember number one above). Alas!, marriage here is upheld by your true sense of maturity and acceptance. It is sustained by your living daily in tolerance, endurance, dialogue, understanding and forgiveness, living in total commitment to making things less hard. And when seems not working, at this point many give up. But NO!, you must transcend beyond this stage, never give up but do protect your life. Of course, never forget your strong relationship with your belief.

10. That no matter the situation, never forget how you began, that morning moments of i love you, i love you too, those looks in the eyes, remember those sweet names, those promises, that trust, do not forget them, never stop them, they are useful companions and strengths to your marital weak bones. Marriage is never old.

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