🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 18❣️❣️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

It’s been three days av been in the hospital, my legs are not getting any better, I wonder why mother is so heartless…I don’t even Know if Selena has been killed but if that should happen I will never forgive mother for doing that to me

I am sure Jessica did this to me, but why is she so wicked, was she planning to kill me or what….I was still thinking about this when Mike walk in

“How are you doing” he asked

“Not fine” I replied

“Sorry you will be fine” he said

“Thanks for everything” I said

“Ahmm I want to go see someone, I will be back very soon” he said

“Okay” I replied

“If you need anything, call the nurse okay …bye” he said and peck my cheek then left….he is really a darling

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I dailed Jessica number, i need to know why she did this

“Why did you call” she said in phone

“Can we meet” I asked

“Why” she asked

“Let just meet” I said

“Okay at where” she asked

“I will text you the address…..I want you alone to come” I said to her

“Okay” she said and hang up the call, I text her the address of the bar

Few minute later she arrived

“What will you like to drink” I asked

“Just tell me why you called me, I need to go home” she said

“Okay…..did you hear about the gunshot” I asked

“Gunshot….what gunshot” She asked

“Stop pretending, I know it was you who shot her” I half yelled

“Hey stop yelling, I didn’t do it and what proof do you have” she said

“You came to us that very night and told her you have a gift for her, and not long she got shot, who else will do it if not you” I said

“Are you out of your mind, how dare you accuse me of murder….why will I do that” she said

“I know you hate her so much so you can do it” I said

“Oh….yeah I hate her so much that I will be happy if she died coz I know I can never have you when she is still alive but trust me, I can’t hurt or shoot anyone, I can’t do it” she said

“Jessica just stop playing this game” I yelled

“Now I see you’re crazy…. Don’t you ever call my number if it’s about this issue okay” she said and left

Oh, then if it’s not her who could it be, or is it my mum, but I trust mum, she can’t do it…..I will just go meet her

I stood up and made my way to her place


❣️❣️ Selena’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I knelt down crying bitterly

“Mother please, am sure she is in danger, she already learnt her lesson, please forgive her and give back her power, please mother” I said to the queen

“No am not giving it back, she is my daughter and I will make her regret why she did that,do you even know I was even helping her, what if she is not my daughter, if I get to know that any mermaid did that, won’t she be killed or what if the mermen and mermaid are aware of it, what would have happen to her so I will continue punishing her till when I want” the queen said

“I understand you my queen but she learnt her Lesson, please let her come back home, she is really sorry, I beg you my queen” I said

“Selena just stand up and stop begging” queen said

“Long live to the queen mother who ventured out from her waters and flew to sky to taste the sun

she stroke her fin and rode the rays knowing too well they’ll come undone

heaven gave her one limb, so strong she stretched it far till day was none

in thoughts, we see her priestly pure in dreams, she shows with lust, we yearn

she gave it all as life can give when ocean ebbed her trunk…oh queen mother, with so much power bestowed to you, I beg you forgive our princess” I said to her

“You got me Selena…. okay I just return back her power” she said

“Oh thank you mother….I love you” I said and hug her happily, I already forgot she is a queen then she smile and clean my tears.

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

“And why did you come here after sending me from your house” mom said to me

“Am sorry mum” I said

“So why are you here” she asked

“Mum why did you do it” I said

“Did what” she asked

“Princess got shot four days ago and she hasn’t recover from it” I said

“So….you think I shot her…..are you crazy so you think I can shoot her because I hate her, did you remember I myself brought her to your house because I pity her, now tell me why will I no decide to kill her or shoot her” mom yelled

“If not you then who” I yelled then she slapped me

“How dare you yell at me huh” she said

“Am sorry Mom…..but did you do it” I said

“Oh am really disappointed in you, so you think your mother has now turn to a murderer” she said

“You threatened to get rid of her so I know you can do it mum coz you keep putting on some act which you never had before” I said

“You don’t accuse my mother wrongly brother” Michelle, my junior sister yelled from upstair

“And how dare you yell at me” I said

“Coz you deserve it, I shot her, I sent my men to shoot her, you wanna know why, I hate it when my mum get angry or worried about something, why will you send her out of your house because of a maid and she came home crying bitterly, so I decide to revenge, I wasn’t planning to kill her, I just wanna make life miserable with her….no one dare step on my toes and go Scot free” Michelle said

“Oh this little thing has turn into something else” I muttered

“Am listen, I already instruct someone to inject her with poison, by now she should have been gasping for air…..let see how you will save her” she said and walk in, I wanted to ran upstair then mum stopped me

“Are you crazy, you can always come back to deal with her, go and save princess” mother said

“Thanks mother” I said and ran out….. princess please don’t die, I can’t watch you die this time….it not gonna happen

💎💎Princess P.O.V💎💎

I was resting on the bed when a nurse walk in

“I will inject you now okay” she said and I nodded

She injected me and left just then I felt a change in my body, I couldn’t breathe like before, I started coughing and tears were all over my face….I can’t breathe….mother please save me…I coughed and coughed then in a twinkle of an eye all the pain left, I was able to breathe again, my leg was back to normal and I was perfectly okay…..what just happen… power is back…..oh thank you mother now I can have my tails back

I removed the drips and other things inserted into me then Mike ran in, fear was all over his face

“Are you okay huh….. you’re fine right” he said

“My power is back” I said happily then he hugged me tightly like he was afraid I would leave….he looks scared and sad… what’s happening

Written by oluwabusolami

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