My mermaid

❣️❣️Episode 19❣️❣️

❣️❣️Princess P.O.V❣️❣️

Since I was okay and now perfectly fine so I got discharged, I was the happiest soul on Earth for having back my power, I know I vowed not to use my power but this time I will have to do it, I need to get revenge, I want to know who that person is, I don’t know why but my mind keep telling me it’s not Jessica

If it’s not Jessica then who, could it be Mike mum, no I can’t do anything bad to her, I will have to know who it is but if it Jessica, I promise to make her life miserable

Mike drove me home, he was silent and I guess was worried about something

“Are you okay” I asked

“Yeah am good” he said and smiled

“But you don’t look good” I said

“Maybe because I got stressed up…am fine” he said

“How I wish I know who the person is” I said trying to bring up a conversation

“Who” he asked curiously

“Ahm….the person who shot me, I just wanna treat the person fuck up…want to let him or her knows she messed with the wrong person” I said

“You….you don’t need it” he said

“This Time I will have to do it” I said then he was silent, I looked out the window

Soon we got home, I hopped down and we both walk in

“Let me know when you are hungry” Mike said and went into his room…. why is he behaving this way….

I walk into my room, bath and change into something nice, I need to go back to the river and this time I am not sure if I would be able to come back but I need to take revenge before leaving

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

Now am worried, how will I tell her my sister is the one behind all this, but when did Michelle turn into this, when did she become this dangerous

I better find a way to make her stop this revenge but how….am really confused

I stood up and walk to the sitting room then I saw her sitting down

“Are you sure you’re not feeling any pain again” I asked

“U still don’t believe me, am perfectly okay” she replied then I said beside her, holding her hands

“What type of punishment do u wanna give the person behind this” I asked

“What type of punishment do u prefer” she asked

“No just tell me your mind” I said

“Well it depend on who it is” she answered

“And what if it me” I asked

“Nah you can’t do it but if it’s you … for love sake, I won’t do anything” she said smiling

“Love sake” I said

“Oh..skip it” she said

“Okay so what if it’s my sister” I asked

“Do you have any” she said

“Oh you don’t know I have a younger sister” I said

“I don’t know” she replied

“Well I do, she is Michelle” I said to her

“Wow, well someone I have never meant before can not harm me, so she can’t be the one” she said

“But she is” I said

“Joking right” she answered

“Nah….she said she was angry I chased mum out or whatever so she decide to revenge….” I said to her

“Like….u mean it’s not Jessica” she asked

“Not her….. can you please forgive her” I said

“Of course, why won’t I forgive her, she was right, why would you chase your mom out because of anyone” she said then I hug her

“Thank you” I said to her

“I will like to go back home” she said unlocking from the hug

“Why” I asked

“I just need to go see mother and am not sure if I would come back” she said

“No you can’t do this to me, how do you expect me to cope” I said

“Cope, with me or without me, you will be fine, I am just a maid” she said then a tear escape from my eye

“Have I ever tell you how crazy am in love with you, you are everything I think of” I said

“Teasing me again” she said

“I mean it princess, I don’t wanna loose you like I loosed jenny, I believe you are my second jenny, please do not leave me again this time” I said to her

“You know I can never marry you, I am a mermaid and you’re a human, your family hate me, my mother is against this, now tell me how do you want this to work” she said

“Do you love me” I asked

“Of course I do, I came to this world just because of you” she replied

“Then be my wife…..will you” I asked

“Am scared…. Mike….I” I didn’t let her finish wat she was saying when I kissed her

“Tell me you love me” I whispered to her

“I.,I love you” she said then I smile and continue kissing…

❣️❣️Author’s P.O.V❣️❣️

At Mike’s mom place

“So Michelle, when did you start that crazy act of yours” Mike mom yelled angrily

“Am sorry Mom, I just can’t stand it seeing Mike treating you that way” she said

“Oh really and you think the next thing to do is to get that innocent girl killed” Mike’s mom yelled

“I wasn’t trying to kill her, I just wanna teach her a lesson” Michelle said then a soap from her mom landed on her face

“You crazy bitch…now listen, am taking you over to her tomorrow and you will have to apologise to her” her mom yelled

“But…..I can’t do that mom ….she is just a maid” Michelle said

“So, yes I don’t want her for my son and that’s why am treating her that way but she was born the same way u were born therefore you are going with me to apologise to her or you leave this house and never come back” her mom yelled and walk upstairs angrily

“But what have I done wrong, I was only trying to take revenge…” Michelle said and also walk upstairs to her room

“I will never stoop myself so low to get that thing, am sure she must be very ugly…I wonder what Mike see in her” Michelle said slamming the door

💥💥The Next day💥💥

❣️❣️Mike’s P.O.V❣️❣️

I got up from bed only to see princess not beside me, memories of yesterday flash into my head then I smile…we actually make love the second time but this time it wasn’t because I was aroused or anything, it was pure love, finally jenny is back

I walk to the kitchen but she wasn’t there, maybe she is bathing so I walk back to her room

“Princess” I called but she wasn’t answering, I called her again but to no avail, I walk into the bathroom and it was empty, I became scared, hope princess hasn’t leave, no she can’t do this to me

“Princess” I yelled with tears, her word about not coming back ring to my ear, no you can’t do this to me, you can’t just leave me alone, please come back” I said sitting on the floor with tears then my mom and Michelle walk in

“Mike, are you okay, what happen, where I princess” mom said

“Just like you want, she left and she is not coming back” I said with tears

“Oh no, the princess I know will surely come back” mom said

“Not like she is a life saver or whatever, I can’t believe you are crying because of a maid” Michelle said and my eye turn red

“Will you keep those silly mouth shut” mom yelled at her

“If….she is not gonna come back….then….am dead” I said

“No trust me, I will start searching for her, she has no home so she will surely be on the street” mom said then I smile still crying

“Homeless…..huh…. Eve if you travel round this universe, u can never find her” I said

“Is she ……dead” mom asked then I angrily stood up and walk into my room

❣️❣️Princess P.O.V❣️❣️

I swam down the river, I left without a goodbye coz am not sure if I will be back, I am sorry Mike

I got to the palace and knelt in my mom’s presence

“So you can actually come back home huh” mother said and I remain silent

“This time, you are going no where coz am taking back your power, now give me the necklace” mom said then I gave the necklace to her

“Am returning this to the ocean spirit and it’s not coming back” she said and I felt a shock on me

“Ahhh” I yelled and fell to the floor, I just loose my power again, I cried bitterly

“Guards take her to the dark room and do not let her out till I order you to” mother said and I pleaded, the dark room is a room meant for a mermaid that has been casted out, it is very far from where all mermaid are, how do I cope

“Mother please am sorry” I said then the guards took me away

“I know I deserve this, but I fucking love him” I yelled

“Stop” mother said and the guards stopped then she walk to me

“So you actually went to that world because of a man huh” mom yelled and slapped me twice

“But I love him mother, I love him” I said

“Take her away, I don’t ever want to see her again, you are a disgrace to this world” mother said and left then the guards took me away


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