©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Hello Ma, are you there?” Margaret was saying, but I was too tongue tied to say anything. Out of Anger I ended the call. “You see, your father showed his mistress the text, you just made me lose my self-worth, Margaret was the one calling” I said angrily at Gold…
“I am sorry Mum” She said also very disappointed at the turn of events….“But Mum, that doesn’t change anything, the fact that one fails a test doesn’t mean you should stop trying. You keep at the test, till you succeed mum…Those were yours words to Uncle Soji when he came crying to you that he had failed his entrance test for the professional course he was applying for four times….Remember Aunty Isokene said this was your own professional course…..” Gold said
“Shush…..Sh….I don’t want to hear anything about your father AGAIN….I am the mother and you are the daughter.” Gold knows whenever I use that tone. It was final….Gold entered her shell too…
I swallowed my pride and kept sending daily text to Henry and praying for Margaret for her safe delivery (that was the best my spirituality level could handle as regards praying for her).
Henry never replied for once, I was wondering if he ever saw the messages or Margaret was the one using the phone….
Isokene was always at my place at least twice a week and one day while she was eating, she made a comment that gave me a big business idea…
“Aunty, your meals are simply off the hook, I must learn how to cook like you and besides why don’t you start a restaurant in this area, there is no such thing around this area, except for local food joints. You sure will make your money!”
Later that night, I reflected on it, this was already a month out of Henry’s house. He had not called us for once to ask how we were fairing and I was spending money. I had fixed my savings like I initially planned for my children’s education, so I had little change left. We were majorly surviving on the money paid into my account from my book sales, so I was thinking that ISOKENE’s idea could actually fly…I brought up the idea when Gold and Emerald were eating the next day and they totally bought into it. They even agreed to be my sales girls….
Within a month, My restaurant was the official stop for almost everyone in the vicinity from school children who bought their food in the morning, to housewives who didn’t want to cook, to husbands who were always complaining their wives were bad cooks… That was how I met Mr. Gbesan….The tall, dark handsome and mind blowing wealthy widower who had just recently retired from his company. His Cologne alone was enough to make a woman fall. He told me he purposely chose to move to the outskirt so as to befree from the busyness of the noisy city. He was always coming to eat at my restaurant on a daily basis and he always had me blushing….
Gold was not finding this funny….but I was having fun, because I was getting my smile back, the smile my husband had taken away, Mr Gbesan was restoring it…
To be continued…
Inspired by the LIVING WORD

By Obaino style blog

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