(IQWEOCHA) or whatever Mazi Nnamdi Kanu call it……


The area called portharcourt was Ijaw riverine side which was bought by British man Harcourt Lewis for the establishment of seaport former governor of old eastern regional govt under colonial masters.

Southern part of PH from Diobu side is owned by Ijaw up land ogbunabali northern side is owned by ikwerre and eastern side Eleme down to onneh port is owned by ogoni people.

no place in PH owned by igbos.

The euphoria Old eastern regional govt was under igbo control who claimed superiority over Niger delta people is gone forever.

The British as a result of the overwhelming power of natural justice empowered the Niger delta people to become more superior than the igbo destroyed the privileged the gave igbo people forced gowon to create autonomous state for the Niger delta people.

Gave hausa/fulani neocolonial stooge at the detriment of the Niger delta people in their Evil Nigeria.

Ikwerre people were made the worthless miserable people during the old eastern regional govt under igbo.

Ikwerre pple claimed igbo are occupying their land imposed law in town hall meeting to prohibit anyone selling their land to igbo people.

Ikwerre people dont speak igbo the have mix dialect of various tribes across the Niger delta and igbo. Racial group that form one tribe. Ikwerre is linked with Benin hitherto benin kingdom down to onitsa.

How many ikwerre people have you seen carrying BIAFRA nooks and crannies of PH?

BIAFRA is igbo things not Niger delta republic braced states things..

Ada Boro declared Niger delta for Ijaw nation only he didn’t include other ethnic group….claim by our igbo brothers

The six state choose to come together because we ‘ve live together for many years peaceful…..Niger delta is never an ijaw things

Nnamdi Kanu should stop adding us in his BIAFRA. and stop looking for troubled..

Yoruba in their map didn’t include Kwara and kogi in oduduwa despite having indigenous members in those area

southeast is landlock region image


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