🧜🧜My Mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 20♥️♥️


It’s been a week now in the dark room, mother refuse to come see me, all I see was the food sent and the guards guarding the door, even Selena was not allow to see me, if I had known I wouldn’t have come back

The guard open the door and brought in my food

“Why is mother not coming to see me” I asked the guard

“Am Sorry my princess but the queen said she don’t want to see you” the guard said and left closing back the door, I cried and pleaded but no one was listening

How I wish I still have my power then I would have disappear from here coz am getting sick of this place, I can’t even get to see my loved once, for how long will mother continue to punish me this way huh.

♥️♥️Author’s P.O.V♥️♥️

For the past one week, Mike has turned into a drunkard, he keep patronising all bar and drinking to stupor

He finished drinking that night and paid, he manage to get up and made his way to his car and started driving, memories of the time spent with princess came to him and he cried bitterly while driving

He continue driving with heavy speed, then he hit a car and his car turn upside down, then he lost consciousness, some people who were able to witness the incident manage to bring him out of the car, he was bleeding so he was quickly rush to the nearest hospital

His mom got informed about the accident and quickly ran to the hospital

“Please I need to see the doctor” Mike mom to one of the nurse at the reception

“He is busy ma’am, have your seat” the nurse replied

“No I can’t keep calm, my son is in there and you ask me to sit down” Mike’s mom yelled then the doctor walk in to the reception

“Doctor how is my son” she asked

“Calm down ma’am, let see in my office” the doctor said and left while she followed her

The got to the office and sat down

“Ahmm, you are Dr Mike’s mom right” the doctor asked

“Yeah I am, how is he” she asked curiously

“Well, he is responding to treatment but hasn’t regain consciousness but I’m sure he will” the doctor said

“But when precisely the doctor” Mike’s mum asked

“I can’t say for now but I’m sure he will be fine very soon ok” he replied

“Okay” his mum said

“And one more thing ma’am, ahmm actually because of the accident, and the way he hit his head on the floor, he lost his some of his memories which I don’t know for now” the doctor said

“What…oh my God” Mike’s mom said

“But there’s is high probability of having back his memories as times goes on okay

“Alright tnx doctor” Mike’s mom said and left

2 weeks After

“Doctor, the guy in ward 3c just woke up” a nurse said to the doctor

“Oh finally” he said and made his way to the ward having his stethoscope round his neck

He checked Mike with the stethoscope and he was fine

“Why am I here” Mike asked

“You had an accident and thank God you are okay now” the doctor replied

“So can I leave now” he asked

“No you still have to rest for some days, you will soon be discharged” the doctor said and left

The doctor phoned Mike’s mom and inform her about Mike

“Alright I will be on my way soon” Mike mom said and hang up the call

🕥🕥Few minutes later🕥🕥

Jessica walk in carrying a food flask, she ask for the direction to where Mike was and walk in

“Oh baby you are awake” she said and hugged him, Mike pushed him aside

“Who are you” Mike asked and Jessica look surprised

😞😞Jessica P.O.V😞😞

I guess he lost his memories, now it’s time to claim wat belongs to me, I had better play along

“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me again, I am your fiancee” I said with tears

“My fiancee” Mike asked and I nodded, I hugged him and started crying, he looks confused, but I don’t care at least I can now have him back

“I know you loose your memories but trust me, I will help you get them back okay” I said then he nodded

“But why does it feel like am missing someone” he said

“Oh… that’s your mum, she will be here soon,I brought your favorite so you should eat” I said opening the flask, I will make sure he forget everything about princess, I just pray she doesn’t back from wherever she is

Soon Mike’s mom and Mike’s younger sister walk in

“Jessica, what are you doing here” Mike’s mom asked

“She” I said and walk to where she was standing

“The doctor said he need someone to love him and I think am in the best position to do that since princess is not around” I said to her then she nodded

“Thank you” his mom said and they both walk in

“Mike how are you feeling now” his mom asked

“Am good mom” he replied

“Oh, you remember me” his mom asked and I was also surprised

“Of course I do, I still remember something’s, what about dad” he said

“Ahm he went on a a 3month business trip” his mom said

“Sorry brother” Michelle said

“Thanks dear” Mike replied


Mike got discharged and I also move in with him, I need to be beside him and make sure he doesn’t remember anything about princess

While Mike was sleeping, I took all princess clothes and belongings, I burned them into ashes, there was no traces of princess in the house anymore

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

Somehow I don’t know why I am not free with my girlfriend Jessica, I walked around the house and saw a lady’s pics on the wall,I stared at it but nothing comes to my head then I felt a warm hug round me

“She is Jenny, your ex girlfriend, she died when she in a car accept when she knew you were her step brother” Jessica said

“What, step brother….. died” I said

“Do not stress yourself baby, you will get to know as times goes on” she said and peck me, but seriously I never thought I once loved Jessica coz I don’t even feel anything for her, I was only pretending so I won’t break her heart but still I felt something missing in me which I really can’t tell

🌙🌙Later in the night🌙🌙

I was laying on the bed when Jessica came and started kissing me

“I want you” she whispered to my ears

“Babe you know am not fine now,I will surely make it up to you when am okay” I said to her

“But Mike why are you doing this to me, for the past one week, you never hugged not kiss me until I do, Don’t you love me anymore huh” she said

“Am sorry babe, give me time to solve myself out, am sorry, I really love you,” I said but I know I lied, I just don’t want to make her feel bad

“Are you sure you love me” she asked

“Of course I do” I answered then she kissed me and lay her head on my chest, with her boobs widely open, I know she was trying to seduce me, but it’s not working, one thing am sure of is that my heart beat for some one else, but who that person is, I don’t know

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

After spending a month and some days in the dark room, mother finally forgive me, I got released but she didn’t return my power, I was very weak, I couldn’t walk upright anymore, I walk out seeing mother then I fell down and blackout


I opened my eye only to see myself on my bed

“Oh you are awake” Selena said

“Selena” I said and hugged her

“I miss you my princess” Selena said with tears

“Same here” I replied

“Where is mother” I asked

“She went out but she will be back soon” Selena replied

“I miss Mike, I want to see him” I said crying

“I understand but am not sure that will ever happen, I heard the queen return the necklace and you know what that mean, the necklace can only be collecting again in the next three years” Selena said and I nodded

“Yeah, it almost two month now,am sure Mike would have moved on, I should stop thinking about it” I said then mother walk in

“My baby” mother said hugging me while I cried bitterly

“Am sorry Mom, am really sorry” I said to her while she hugged me

“Am also sorry my princess” she said while I continue crying

“You will be fine okay” mother said patting me, I was very weak so I passed out again
Jessica is pregnant for Mike
And Mike don’t know who princess is again

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