One day people will respect your whole family just because of you… Am talking to you the one reading this post.. Ameen

I was in a church and the pastor said “Do something crazy for the lord” I could see ladies removing their wigs. The pastor said again “Do something crazier for the lord” I saw people dropping their car keys inside the offering box. Now he was like “can’t you do something craziest for the lord?” Someone from back came and took the offering box and start walking majestically, and the pastor shouted “Hey! Hey! This is not craziness your own is madness”.

Landlord bought ram ,
Tenant bought cow .
Who enjoys more?.

If you knew how quickly people forget the dead. You will stop living to impress people.

Imagine in a wedding you are serving your husband food and another lady telling you that he doesn’t like too much salad.

Is your Ex still disturbing you?
Worry no more
Just Call 08704165210
We help you insult your EX from morning till evening.
One hour Insult N5 000
Before they will say I am not doing online business

Sister even if you keep your viginity for your future husband or refused to date married man , it can’t stop him from cheating if he wish.
May God help us.

A minute silence for those who hate us but find it hard to unfriend us because they want to see how far we made it in life.

Sometimes I feel like looking for people’s trouble…the person reading this “go away”or else……..

Seduce your wife with clean boxer and white singlet stop wearing adeiu papa with arsenal short Be Romantic


Sanitize your woman with money if you want her to isolate herself from other men, else she will be quarantine by men with cash.

Whenever I see two kids fighting, I will separate them and knock the ugly can’t be ugly and be looking for trouble.

Ladies tell us the most useless questions a guy has ever asked you on Facebook?

Blessed are those women who don’t check their men’s phone ,
For they shall have peace of mind.

As big as this country big like this, nobody is repairing ear piece? Nawa oo.

What happened to the last relationship you were building?
Me: Cement finished.

I was using free mode in peace until when a network provider sent a message to me saying dear customer are you not tired and ashamed of yourself?

Where are the Geography students? Please What is the name of that star we see after receiving hot slap?

You that study English in school, what is the opposite of Welcome?

A fat guy from a rich family is called BIGGY
please What is a fat guy from a poor Family called ?

*Smoking weed before going to work is not good, one guy nearly sacked his boss today…*

*Your girlfriend cheated on you…. !!
*And you’re crying as if you don’t have my contact*.
*Abeg am here*
Come to me for a solution.

I hate it , when I pass people will be starring 👀at me as if they have not seen a virgin before , i don’t like What I hate please.

That a girl gives you her number doesn’t mean she will pick your call,most times they like dancing to their ringing tone.

Someone told me that a lady block him because she said ,she can’t marry a man without a car! So,he replied her,Who will you marry ?your brother that is riding keke .
Anything wrong with the reply ?

Just like the University System, you can bribe to pass, but you can’t bribe to be Intelligent.
Passing six is not passing sense .

Marrying from your village is very risky. Just small problem she will pack her stuffs and follow backyard fiam.

No reason to love, if there is reason to love,then what if one day that Reason disappears?That means I won’t love you again.there is no Reason to love.

Gone are the days when the word “DEAR” was used by lovers
Now even the police will tell you
“My DEAR” , enter motor, you’re under arrest.

Are you wicked with bad mouth? Are you strong in the face? Do you like to inflicting pain on people? Join Nigeria nurse that is your calling.

Aunty You See That Guy In Your Inbox Telling
You He’s Not Like other Guys, He’s The Chairman
Of Other Guys Association.

Sister, if you followed Facebook “I love you, I want you to be my……”, you will become public dog, be wise nobody loves you.They are on other girl’s inbox as well saying the same thing.

Until Pen Robbers are treated like Armed Robbers,
corruption will Never End In Nigeria ,I am going to my house!!!

I used to think that men on suit were the most successful, until I realized they work for men on T-shirts

My sister if you want to marry !!!
Marry a man with a good surname .
Which one be “MRS. JUIDITH ONUAMU”

Is only in NIGERIA that you will do a give away program on radio, presenter’s child will win it with another name at home.
I fear oooooh.

How can you lodge in a hotel and went ahead to hang your picture frame, do you want to live there for ever ?

I’m owing my mum N4000, I told her to remove it out of the money she was keeping for me when I was young, she said I will not chop for 2weeks, what should I do?

.Not Every Dstv Dish You See In People’s House Is
Some Are Just There To
Block Thunder!

Very soon,you will just sit down and thinking,’had it been I replied his chat that year,I would have been his cleaner by now’,,

Chatting with a _Nigerian girl is like an interview_ ,if
You don’t ask questions she has nothing to tell you.

What is the greatest punishment a lady can give a guy?

If men can handle women the way they handle bet9ja slip. Some relationship will last long.

Give Away!! Give Away!!!
Snap your ATM card front and back, let me see, the finest one wins…….. terms and conditions applied

Where can I buy land to build my relationship ?

I went to buy satchet water today, they said that 1bag is #150 and half bag is #70. I told them to give me 2half bags, that’s #140. Sense

The garri I soaked since afternoon refused to rise. How can mama Nkechi sell expired garri to me. My #50
Is paining me seriously

Thinking of serving roasted corn on my wedding day if rice didn’t reduce prize ,.can’t spend 28k on people that doesn’t know how it all started.

Is your boyfriend YOURS or (OURS) Y is silent?
Minding my business anyway

*Nigerian police be like: Mr man why are you walking on the road with singlet in this cold weather? You want cold to enter your body so you can go and look for somebody’s daughter to rape abi?*
You are under arrest for attempting rape , my friend enter motor. SAY NO TO RAPE..

No matter how heavy your pains might be, never you cry on the shoulder of a parrot…
Elder writes

Never lie to someone who trust you,and never trust someone who lies to you.

Once they can’t kill you, they start spreading rumors about you.
May God give your enemies heavy load to carry.

You see those hands you are using to hold your phone, you shall use them to count money in abundance this month.


Book of lies page 1
I can’t do without you .
Drop yours.

Wow I have finally gotten a job
I’m selling sliced onions online
Contact me for yours and I will deliver it,
At your door step.

Please while praying for those in prison, also pray for that sister that has been engaged for 8-10years

I am In a relationship, in open relationship.for how many years? hmmm girls there is no time.

Difference between Ogogoro and Hennessey. Ogogoro is used to discuss hardship while Hennessey is used to celebrate success.

Dear money social distance doesn’t concern you please locate every member of my family in Jesus name Amen

It’s during the worst storms of your life you get to see the true colours of the people who say they care about you.

If what I heard on the radio this night is true. I Thank God ooooh.

When God gives you a new beginning, try _not_ to repeat the old mistakes.

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