🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 21♥️♥️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I regain consciousness and I was told I have been laying down for the past two days but still I wasn’t feeling too well, I don’t know what’s wrong

Mum brought me my food so I sat down properly to eat

“You don’t look happy princess,what is bothering you” mother asked

“Am fine” I answered eating

“I know my daughter to well, what is the matter” she asked again then a year drop from my eye

“What happen princess” she asked

“Mom…..I miss… him” I said hoping to get slapped for it but I didn’t get any

“Who, your human boyfriend” mother asked then I nodded

“Princess stop loving him, am sure once h knows you are a mermaid he would stop loving you, and you’ve been here for two month, do you think he wouldn’t have move on” mother said then I shake my head in disagreement

“He knows I am a mermaid, but still he never treat me bad for once, Mike really love me mother, and I also do” I said

“Never,I can’t let you go back to the world, what should I tell other mermaid and mermen, how will you become the next queen if I let you go the human world huh” mother said

“I don’t need the throne mother, and I know you are immortal” I said

“Yes I am immortal and same as you but once you give birth or had sex with a human then you become mortal, you can die anytime, even if am immortal, I still have to leave the throne when it’s time so we can have a new queen which is you” mother said

“Did you say, once I have sex with human I became mortal and I can die” I asked

“Yes, that means you now share the same blood with the human and no longer a full mermaid…..but…..did…did you had sex….with him” mother asked and I became scared

“Oh….y…yes” I said with my eyes closed

“Like you had sex with your human boyfriend” mother asked then I nodded with fear

“Princess what has gotten over you, why will you let that human had sex with you, he just cut your immortal life, now you can’t live till eternity even if you stay here in the river” mother said with sadness

“Am sorry mother…. Please forgive me” I said

“Now how do you intend to become a queen with you human blood” she said

“Mother just make Selena the next queen, she has always been there for me, I trust her and she will rule this kingdom very well” i said

“And what about you” mother said

“Please mother, give me back my power and let me go back to the human world, I so much love that man” I said pleading

“How do you go back without the necklace” she said

“I know you can do it for me” I answered

“And what should I tell everybody” she said then I was speechless for some seconds

“I would let you go only on one condition” mother said

“What condition mother” I asked

“You will have to tell everyone you are going to to the human world forever so if they allow you then I will return your power” mother said and left, she knows fully well that it’s not possible, am going to get killed

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

Jessica won’t leave me for a seconds, always beside me, caressing me and doing all sort of things to seduce but I swear it’s not working, I think my heart still beat for my ex girlfriend jenny, I just found myself missing someone but I really can’t tell which the person is anf since jenny has been the only woman in my life before Jessica, I believe am still Missing her, bit how come I was her step brother without knowing, did dad went to get married to another woman

Why is it that am not remembering anything concerning my love life, I just pray I get it back quickly

“Dinner is ready” Jessica said from the dinning, I heard she is the governor’s daughter, I guess am lucky to have her, I should just start loving her

I went to the dinning and peck her then say down, I guess she was happy and surprise, I know she should be but she actually deserve it, she stood by me all this while, such a rare gem

We finished eating and we walk to the bedroom, I lay down while she lay on me

“Don’t you think we should start making babies” Jessica said

“Babies, we are not married yet” I said

“Doesn’t mean, I can’t wait to have your baby in me” she said then we started kissing passionately, I moved my hands to her boobs and she let out a soft moan, guess that’s her weak point, I pressed the soft boobs and kiss her cleavage, I made her lay on bed while I placed half of my body on her, I removed the night she was wearing, it was like a shirt with a belt so it was easy to remove, I took her nipples to my mouth and suck them while I play with the second one then my hands move to her pants, she was damn wet…. well I was only trying to satisfy her, I wasn’t aroused at all, I pull down her pant and played with her pu**y, she moan softly while we continue kissing then a flash hit my head,

Her over long hair, her lips…..I stopped

“Why did you stop” she asked

“Sorry, just having a slight headache, I think am over stressing myself” I said and walk out

I don’t wanna sleep beside her so I went to the next room beside my room

Then another thing came to my vision, me kissing a lady on the bed….who could bit be, was it jenny or was there any lady in my life aside jenny and before Jessica

I slept on the bed then I felt my heart beating so fast, tears running down my eyes, I don’t even know why am crying

Princess P.O.V

I thought over it and I made up my mind to do what mother says

I stood up and went to the palace then I blew the sea shell, all mermaid and mermen gathered including mother, I guess she was eager to know why I called the meeting

“My fellow mermaid and mermen, I greet you all” I said

“Thank you our princess” they all said

“I called you here to ask a favor from you all” I said

“Ask our dear future queen” they said then I knelt down with tears

“I know I deserve to be killed for what am about to say but I will be glad if you all can forgive me…..I found love, someone I truly want to spend my life with, someone I want to have beside me forever” I said then they all clapped, mother’s face turn red with anger

“But he his a human, please I want you a to pardon me and let me go bto the human world” I said and everyone was speechless, there were silent everywhere, no one was willing to reply

“The princess we know has always being a gentle loving princess, she gives help to all mermaid, she is never proud of her status, why don’t we just Grant her this wish for once” a mermaid said after many silence

“But she is our future queen, if she leave then who will become the next queen” another mermaid said

“Selena……make Selena the next queen” I said then they all exclaimed

“Selena is not related to the royal family so it’s again our rule to make her the queen” an elderly mermaid said

“But still, love conquers all, our queen is still on throne and will last for many years before we have a new queen, why don’t we just princess go for whom she love and discuss that when it’s time

“But it’s a taboo for a mermaid to love human, such mermaid get killed” a mermen said

“Let’s consider the respect she has for us, the love she shows to us and how humble she has always been, let’s consider the good behaviour of our queen towards us and let princess go to the human world, at least she might be the reason human and mermaid will become friends and stop the hatred between us” a mermaid said

“Yes that’s true….” They all echoed

“Great queen mother of a oceans, we plead thee, please release princess and let her go to the man she loved” they all said bowing to mother and I felt happier

“If that’s what you want….so shall it bebut princess do not forget to come visit us whenever you are free” mother said and I bow to her

*Thank you mother, thank you all” I said then Selena hugged me and whisper to my ears…. finally we did it, I hugged her tighter and said thank you

Mother return my power that night and blessed me

“I just add another power to your power, you can now turn into a mermaid when you want to, and a human when you want to, Even if water is poured on your body, you can never turn into a mermaid unless you want to, I love you my daughter” mother said and I hugged her

“I love you too mother, finally I am meeting my prince charming” I said with smiles

♥️♥️Jessica P.O.V♥️♥️

I was in the sitting room with Mike, seems my plan is now work, Mike now pay attention to me and show me love, am glad princess is not coming back again

I heard the door knock

“Who is it* Mike said but there was no answer

He stood up and open the door then I saw princess standing at the entrance, I was shocked, Mike stared at her not uttering any statement while she smile….no this is not suppose to be happening, I can’t let princess come back to this house

For those of you saying princess is pregnant, abeg u be doctor…..she is not pregnant o

Do you think Mike will recognize her

Will Mike allow her in or send her out

Do you think Jessica will succeed in her plan


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