💥Episode 12-13💥



I looked at Feli as she slept, a peaceful soul yet so broken. I had always known the impact of lying to her and I dreaded this day but it broke me to see her like this. How will she even react when she finds out that I had a vasectomy done?

I was young and ambitious, had just gotten the secret service job and we had to let go of certain things that would prove as a hindrance or weakness in the near future. For me children were my weakness, I needed this job badly and to keep it I had to have it done. Never in my life did I ever think that I would regret that decision, I saw how my wife needed kids. She feels she has failed me as a woman and wife; but how do I bring myself into telling her that she has no problem and her dear husband sacrificed that one chance of making her a mother all because of a job he wanted to keep.

I know I am a messed up soul but I love her beyond anything and I do not know what I will do if she decides to leave me after she finds out. I looked at the time on my phone and it was 05am exactly, soon her alarm would go on.

After a few seconds it went on and she lazily got hold of her phone and switched it off.

‘Good morning?’ I greeted

‘Was I dreaming?’ she asked her eyes swollen

I tried to hold her hand but she pulled away

‘Babe can we talk?’ I asked her

‘We do not have time Justin, remember we have a case to work on.’ She responded getting up from the bed

She went into the bathroom which I supposed was to brush her teeth then she later appeared wearing a chitenge and my t-shirt.

‘In case you need anything I have gone to clean the house.’ She told me

I looked at her as she walked off, she had become distant in a short pace of time and I was trying to really understand her fury. I know I was wrong but did she really have to take it like that.

‘Women need some space each time they are upset.’ My half-sister Priscilla always mentioned. But what if that space just draws them further from you. I blocked the thoughts from my mind as I got my laptop to dig more information on the mafinga MP.


I love Justin with everything in me but as his mother I want nothing but the very best for him, I have been where he and his wife are and I know it must be very tough for them. I had watched how my husband had become distant through the years when I couldn’t bare him children and when I was finally pregnant with Justin it was the best years of our lives. But he had already started misbehaving thinking that I was barren.

When he came back home with Priscilla as a baby, I never asked questions. Not because I wasn’t hurt or because I wanted to keep my marriage but because I just couldn’t understand how a woman could be so cruel as to give up her child to be raised by another woman.

I loved Priscilla with my all, hoping she would turn out to be what I groomed her into, but she was the total opposite. A Delilah in our day and age, tell me what she had not done. Her character killed her father; my husband more than it did me. And when he finally died, I vowed never to allow Justin to go through the same thing. I know he loved Felicia but I wasn’t going to allow them to break each other before a solution could be found.

It was absurd at first when I thought of taking another woman into their home but after much thought and deliberation I decided I was doing both of them a favor and I would do everything in my powers to make sure that Chimuka bore me a grandchild. I loved Felicia yes but not as much as I loved my son so I had to protect my own, at the end of the day a mother knows what her son needs.

‘Chimuku.’ I called out lightly hitting her leg so that she could wake up

‘Yes mum.’ She responded in her sleepy voice.

‘Is there a chance that my son will ever fall for you?’ I asked her

‘Well mummy, from what I have seen; your son loves his wife a lot.’ She responded before yawning

‘I know that already.’ I told her worriedly

‘But nothing is impossible mummy.’ She said awakening me from my sleepy state

‘So what do you think can be done?’ I asked her

‘We use exactly what she does not do, we slowly get her husband away from her.’ She said in her conniving voice

‘I am all ears.’ I told her interested

‘Well we know Felicia’s weaknesses, she doesn’t want a maid and yet has a demanding job. So she has less time to play house wife, how about I play that role for her. Clean the house, cook Justin’s meals, and wash clothes. Do everything she does not do. You know a man in love can only have doubts about his woman when he finds a reason to compare her with another.’ She told me convincingly

‘That sounds like a plan.’ I responded

‘I have something else in mind.’ She told me

‘Sure, anything to get you and Justin together.’ I responded

‘How about bringing over Priscilla’s kids, Justin loves them to death not so?’ she asked

‘But I don’t see how that fits in the jigsaw puzzle.’ I told her

‘Well if he loves those kids and they come over, I will be responsible for them when they are here. He will be able to see just how much I love kids and which man won’t fall in love with a woman who can take care of a home and loves kids all together?’ she asked me

I couldn’t help but smile. It was a great idea all together bringing this girl here, she knew just how to get what she wanted and I was glad we had one goal.

I got up from the bed and walked to the living room, the house was clean and I spotted Felicia in the kitchen doing the dishes. Her back was facing me but from the little sobs I could tell that she was crying.

I watched her mourn over her marriage, I had loved this girl since day one and despite me wanting to ruin her marriage I still had a soft spot for her and I had to remind myself most times that I had to hate her if my plan had to go through.

She turned around as if sensing my presence.

‘Good morning mum.’ She greeted wiping her tears

Her eyes had formed eye bags, I could tell she had been crying for quite some time, if not the whole night.

‘What is good about this morning?’ I asked her before clicking my tongue

‘Mum we used to be close, what went wrong?’ she asked with teary eyes

‘I am glad you have put that statement as a past tense, the moment I realized that you were just a man like Justin. That is what went wrong.’ I told her

‘I wish I was responsible, I wish I could tell you that I have a problem, that someone somewhere cursed me. But no, I can’t.’ She told me this time breaking down

‘Listen to me you hypocrite, you might lie to my son and keep him under your spell but I will not allow you to continue fooling him while I am still breathing.’ I told her

Her tears dropped, she broke down but there was no turning back.

‘I will make sure by the time I am done with you your mother’s rotten body in the grave will be ready to receive you.’ I told her before walking off



I watched her leave after telling me the things that she just did, I couldn’t bring myself to crying some more, my eyes were swollen from all the crying and I knew I had a task at hand meaning I had to stay as strong as I could.

I finished doing the dishes and prepared breakfast, afterwards I went back to the bedroom to take a bath. Justin was already done dressing up when I got there, he was in a navy blue slim fit suit and a plum long sleeved shirt. He looked good and anyone who looked at us saw nothing but perfection when in fact we were struggling with our own demons.

‘Your breakfast is ready.’ I told him without even looking at his face

‘Thank you.’ He responded before clearing his throat

‘Since we are on this mission together, are we using the same car or you would rather you use your own?’ he asked me before I stepped into the bathroom.

‘We were sent by different organizations. I do not see the reason why we have to be in the same vehicle.’ I told him still avoiding eye contact

‘I just thought that maybe because we are…’

‘I need to take a bath or I might run late.’ I cut him short before he could continue

‘Sure.’ He responded defeated

I closed my self in the bathroom and dropped the towel, allowing the water to fall freely on my skin. Drop by drop each one giving me memories of the good life I have had.

‘Where did I go wrong?’ I questioned as I scrubbed my back

I had it all easy and at times it all seemed too good to be true. After a session of asking myself questions without getting any answers I walked out. Justin was not in the room and I guessed he must have been in the dining room having his breakfast.

I quickly applied some lotion and settled for a baby pink dress with a burgundy thrower and a little too much make up just to hide the eye bugs. Hunger was the last thing on my mind so I just got my car keys and walked out, making sure to lock my bedroom door.

‘Aren’t you having your breakfast?’ Justin asked as I almost walked past him

‘I am not hungry.’ I responded getting hold of the door

‘Here, I knew you would say that.’ He said handing me a lunch box

‘Thank you.’ I responded trying to walk away before he pulled me by the waist

‘Justin I need to go.’ I told him

‘Felicia look at me.’ He commanded

I fixed my eyes on him slowly, almost getting lost in those hazel nut eyes.

He leaned in and kissed me.

‘Can I go now?’ I asked as I bit my lower lip pulling away from his grip

‘I love you Licia, this is just a phase that we will get through.’ He told me honestly

‘I will see you later Justin.’ I told him and banged the door behind me.

My schedule was to meet up with the MP because my source had told me that he was in Lusaka on a business summit and I made a mentor note to attend it.

I drove to central police where I would pack my car knowing the gravity of what I was about to do, I hired a cab to drive me to stay easy and also told the driver to pick me up in thirty minutes; just enough time to do the mission at hand.

‘Good morning ma’am.’ The lady by the entrance of the hall greeted

‘Good morning.’ I responded

‘Can I know which Ministry or organization you are with?’ she asked

‘Oh sorry.’ I told her faking a smile before producing a fake ID.

It was in the nature of our job to have fake IDs, these also included numerous pass ports just in case we were sent on a mission outside the country.

I looked into my hand bag and got one for YWCA, the ID was fake but without much concentration one would think it was genuine.

‘Ms. Katongo?’ she asked

‘Yes, that is me.’ I responded

‘So how does it feel to work for a non-governmental organization?’ she asked

You see this Character of Ms. Katongo was a 27 year old single mother who worked for YWCA as a social worker, her boyfriend had been abusive and when she finally managed to get away from him; she was helped by the organization and that was how she decided to join them.

Aside from that, working for the office of the vice president, all your data was wiped from all the data systems and anyone who wanted to find out anything about you could not find it. The only thing they would find is the identity you would be using at that particular moment.

I watched as she entered my name in the computer and also asked for my thumb print.

‘Charity Katongo, 27 and social worker.’ She told me handing me a tablet so that I could sign

I entered my signature and she handed me an ID with the initials C. Katongo (Ms.)

I walked into the hall and spotted where the minister sat. He was the guest of honor so most of the attention was on him. I removed my tablet and waited for the office to send me my speech, everything had to look so real just to get this man’s attention.

The summit started with little talk from all the organizing members each of them making sure to recognize the presence of the Minister.

‘Ms Katongo may you please come forward for your presentation.’ I heard the voice in the speakers announce.

I had not gone through the speech that I was given but I had done this more than once so it didn’t seem like a problem. I walked to the stand with my files and tablet, my heels leaving an echo behind me, my perfume filling up the room.

‘Good morning, my names are Charity Katongo representing YWCA. We as an organization have been helping out the vulnerable children and different women from all walks of life for a long time now and that will not change now. We have partnered with the government specifically the Ministry of Health so that we can work towards achieving our theme for this year which is; feed a child campaign. Our other partners are the world health organization, which we believe has already donated some money to the Zambian government for this project.’

I paused after saying that seeing how uneasy the Minister was now, I smiled a little and continued my speech.

‘It is therefore in our organization’s interest that we name Mr. Kalenga Mumba, Minister for Mafinga Constituency as our ambassador.’ I said looking directly into his eyes

Everyone stood up and clapped as I got off the stand and handed some papers to him so that he could sign. Without taking time he signed them with shaky hands.


‘Your excellency.’

‘Wane, you didn’t tell me that your girl is that good.’

‘What have I missed?’

‘Kalenga has just signed his resignation letter.’

‘No; but how?’

‘She went for the kill, she didn’t waste time.’

‘You mean the speech about him being ambassador was a trap?’

‘Not really, what he was just signing was him accepting that he misused government property and that he has resigned with immediate effect.’


‘We cannot afford to lose her Wane, I want her here.’

‘Felicia is mine, you have Justin.’

‘She has an attractive mind, the kind of brains we need to keep.’

‘Your excellency, do you still want her out?’

‘I am not sure Wane.’

‘We keep her but that means we take Justin out.’

‘His good Wane.’

‘Let’s turn them against each other.’

‘Does he still believe that the vasectomy was done?’

‘Yes it is still eating him up.’

‘Increase the drug in his tea, we cannot ruin this nOW



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