Foriegn news

This is why Trump must go!
1. He recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
2. He is pro life, he hates abortion.
3. He built wall against illegal immigration instead of just letting everyone in!
4. He loves freedom by allowing states to legislate on masks.

5. He stopped China from turning US into a dumping ground.
6. He believes that all live matters not just black lives.
7. He kicked the ass of the enabler WHO.
8. He built the biggest economy the world has ever known.
9. He wants schools and the economy to reopen.
10. He believes in God and in Jesus Christ and proudly reads the Bible.
11. He says it as it is and calls it by its name.
12. He is a friend of Israel.
13. He dismantled their love son ISIS.
14. He supports endangered Christians of the world like those facing genocide in Nigeria by Fulani herdsmen and their lieutenants.
15. He is rich and cannot be bought.
16. He defeated them trice before.
17. He is smarter than them.
18. He is free from drugs and free from liquor
19. He has a great large happy family.
20. Trump is an enigma, too hot to keep and too bitter to be swallowed.
Hence they want him out of the way by all means possible.
China wants him out
Iran wants him out
ISIS wants him out
Mexico wants him out
Venezuela wants him out
France, EU wants him out
Dems wants him out
Newyork times, Washington Post, CNN wants him out, they all wants him out because he exposes their lies and corruption. So they want him out.
But he isn’t going out
Because he has the majority
Even as polls continuous to lie like they lied in 2016, little did they know that”one with God is the majority”

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