💥Tears (episode 10)💥

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The heart always knows where it belongs, no matter the oppositions and distraction. When a person tries to take what belongs to you, the only succeed if that thing or person wasn’t yours in the first place. There are so many battles in life that we fight on a daily basis, but don’t ever choose a battle with Love because anyone that puts you in a position where you have to fight in order to keep them, don’t deserve you. It’s so refreshing to see how beautiful things turned out for Precious and Barbara. What a relief!

The proposal marked a new beginning in the lives of the two lovebirds and their little weekend getaway eventually turned out to be an engagement celebration. Barbara was extremely emotional and found it hard to believe that she was engaged to the man she loved dearly and didn’t want to lose. Her heart was gladden with joy and she teared up whenever her emotions overflowed. They didn’t want to inform anyone about the engagement yet because they needed sometime only to absorb this new phase of their lives.

Unfortunately, the weekend was over so they had to return back home. As they packed on Sunday evening, Barbara was all smiles and couldn’t stop staring at her ring. Precious chuckled and shook his head when he caught her smiling and staring at her ring. “Babe you have looked at that ring like 5 times now” he jokingly said, “Yes! And this is just the beginning” Barbara replied smiling.

After packing, they checked out and headed home afterwards. They arrived quite late and had to spend the night together at Precious house. Barbara had work the next day and left for her house very early in the morning to go change.

During the day, Precious called his parents and close friends to Inform them that he was now engaged to Barbara. Everyone was extremely happy for him and applauded him for taking the bold step to making it official. On the other hand, Barbara wore her ring to work and everyone noticed the big shinny rock on her middle finger. “Barbie what’s going on, are you engaged?” Everyone kept asking and she told them ‘Yes’.

Congratulations kept pouring in from every angle of the office and Barbara blushed as she thanked everyone. Later in the day, she informed her parents and siblings about the latest development in her life and everyone was overly happy for her.

As the day went by, Barbara suddenly became sad when she thought of how Mandy would have treated the engagement. She missed their friendship greatly and kept wondering why Mandy would ruin what they had as friends. Barbara was sad but had to let go of the sad memories and move on. Precious was now her best friend and he called every now and then to check up on her.

Days passed and Mandy was still unaware of Barbara’s engagement. She wallowed in guilt and was greatly disturbed because Barbara still haven’t forgiven her. Mandy tried every way she knew to reach her friend but couldn’t get to her because Barbara had blocked her line. After several failed attempts, she decided to pay Barbara another visit, since the incident was two months past.

One fateful evening, Mandy paid Barbara a visit and kept praying that things would be different this time around. After several knocks, Barbara opened the door to the sight of Mandy crying. Her heart suddenly melted as she saw her best friend in tears; a lady she used to love and could do anything for. So sad!

“What are you doing here? Thought I told you to leave me alone” Barbara said, “I’m so sorry, please forgive me Barbara. I hate myself everyday for what I did to you; I was selfish, and wasn’t thinking about how my actions would make you feel. I guess I was jealous because you always get lucky with men, unlike me. I felt bad because life seemed to be more fair to you than it did to me. It took this to happen for me to realise that you can’t force love or take what isn’t yours. I was impatient and tired of waiting for my own man to come, that’s why I wanted the fast way out by taking Precious. I’m so sorry Barbara, please forgive me because I’m dying slowly due to guilty conscience. Your forgiveness is all I need” Mandy said.

When Mandy was done talking, tears started falling off Barbara’s eyes. She stretched her hands to wipe the tears and Mandy immediately spotted the ring. “Oh my God! Are you engaged?” She excitedly asked and Barbara nodded ‘Yes’ with tears in her eyes. Mandy teared up too and wrapped her arms around Barbara.

They hugged each other as they cried. “Are you happy for me?” Barbara soberly asked, “More than anything in the whole world, I love you so much and wish you all the best baby” Mandy replied sobbing. They hugged each other again and Barbara laid her head on Mandy’s shoulder.

“I forgive you but we can’t be close anymore. I love you and would always be here whenever you need anything. Goodbye Mandy” Barbara said and removed her head off her shoulder. Mandy smiled and told her it was all good and that she mostly wanted the forgiveness. They sadly bid each other ‘Goodbye’ before parting ways.

When Mandy left, Barbara dropped a few more tears before entering inside, same with Mandy but she was at peace this time around knowing that she was now forgiven.

As time went on, both ladies moved on with life and occupied themselves with other important things that mattered more to them. Even though they greatly missed each other, they realised that it was best for things to remain the way it was.

Barbara wasn’t in need of any close friend again, as Precious was now her everything. They did everything together and was always with each other when they weren’t occupied with other things like work. Barbara and Mandy talked once in a while but didn’t talk about each other’s personal life. They always talked on random stuffs and kept boundaries.

Mandy rendered some helpful tips to Barbara for the wedding preparations and it helped greatly. Life became extremely beautiful and peaceful as everyone deliberately left the past in the past, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t learn their lessons.

Having people as friends in our lives is beautiful and fulfilling because we all need someone every now and then to lean on, but becareful and always know when to draw the line with friends.

Your relationship is yours and involves you alone and not your friends too. Learn to be private in some certain personal issues of your life and don’t be an open book because trust me, the person that has the highest tendency to hurt you is someone very close to you.

Privacy is beautiful and the best thing you can have as an individual. Always know where to draw the line and make sure not to come off as too protective or insecure while at it. Learn to date your partner alone without a third party because three is a crowd.

End of story! 😉
Thanks for staying tuned … Hope you learnt something from this story? hope You enjoy and learn from it. Bye bye

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