🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 22♥️♥️

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

I knocked the door, I can’t just wait to see my prince charming, it’s already there month, am sure he will be happy to see me

The door was open and standing before me was Mike, I smile but my smile fade away when I saw Jessica, what’s happening, why is Jessica here

“Who are you” Mike asked and I got surprise, like is he trying to play prank on me or what

“You ….u don’t know me” I said

“Who the hell are you” Mike said and I was speechless

“Babe, who is she” Mike asked Jessica, did he just call her babe, I need someone to tell me what’s happening

“Ahmmm, I don’t know her, I guess she is just one of those street beggers” Jessica said pecking Mike

“Then get your ass off here” Mike said and slam at the door, crazy Jessica, am sure he did something wrong to Mike, but could it be true that he doesn’t recognize me anymore, it’s barely three months, how could he just forget me like that, after so much pain that hair went through, now do I deserve this from him….I will surely teach that Jessica a big lesson, I sat there at the entrance crying

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I closed the door and sat down feeling worried, somehow her face looks familiar but I can’t really remember

“What wrong, you look worried” Jessica asked then I smile

“Am okay baby, just a little bit stressed up” I said

“Or are you thinking about something” she said

“Actually, her face looks familiar” I said

“Oh you mean that dirty thing, she do come here every day to beg for food before you had an accident” Jessica said

“Oh really…..” I said

“Yeah, you don’t need to stress yourself over it okay” she said and peck me

“Okay” I replied

Soon it started raining heavily, Jessica was already asleep, I open the door then I saw the same lady sitting at the entrance, she was drenched

“Hey…. what are you still doing here” I said then she turn to face me standing up

“You still don’t remember me, Mike what happen to you” she said with tears and I was confused

“Are you not just a bigger” I said

“Huh….so that bitch told you that” she said the she raised her hand to hair and untie it, it fell freely to her knees, I stood there speechless

“You still don’t remember anything” she said looking straight to my face

Then I remembered the long hair, the lips, I move closely to her and check her lips, same hair, same lips….. what’s happening

“Who…..who are you” I asked

“Tell me, what has come over you, why was it so easy forget me, it’s barely three months and you’ve moved on already huh” she yelled crying, I felt a sharp pain on m head

“Ahhh” I cried out

“Yah….are you okay, what happen” she said touching me, my heart was beginning to beat fast….in some seconds I was back to my normal self

“You are wet, you should come in” I said opening the door then she walk in, I closed the door and I watch her walk to the second room, house come she knows the way to the room, I took a towel and one of my shirt then hand it over to her

“You should pack your hair up, it’s scary” I said and left

♥️♥️Princess P.O.V♥️♥️

I was done dressing, I sat on my bed facing the mirror, I was worried about Mike new attitude, is he pretending not to know me again or…I really don’t get, what’s happening

I stood up and walk out then I saw Jessica

“Hey…. you, when did you come in” she yelled walking towards me

“The last time I checked, this house doesn’t belong to you” I said and this type she was already standing in front of me

“Tell me, how did you get in” she yelled

“I brought her in, do you ladies should stop fighting” Mike said from the sitting room

“Shit” Jessica muttered and drag me in to my room slamming the door

“What do you think you are doing huh, you can never have Mike again, I own him now” she half yelled

“Not like he is bag of rice or whatever…..I just wanna what happen to him, why is he not recognizing me” I said

“Well….. because he doesn’t love you” she said folding her arms

“Even if he doesn’t love me, the Mike I know will never pretend not to know me….so just tell me whatever it is” I said to her

“Well….he had an accident and loose some part of his memories which you are Among and right now he recognize me as his fiancee and should I shock you….I am carrying his baby so get the fuck outta here” Jessica said and left

I was speechless, he had an accident but why am I the only one he is not remembering, and Jessica is carrying his baby….does that mean I and Mike no longer have anything in common

No this can’t be true….the Miki I know won’t stoop himself so low to lay with Jessica….oh…. Mike….I don’t deserve this

I sat down crying bitterly….I finally loosed my man, my prince charming

“The rain is over, I think you should get going” I heard Mike says so I quickly clean my eye then I stood up

“Ahmm…. Can I please ask you for a favor” I said to him

“Hmm…ask” he said

“Actually….am homeless….. can….. like…. can you take me in as your maid or anything…. please” I said kneeling

“Huh…. actually taking you in is not the issue but I need to ask my girlfriend if she will like it” Mike said and I felt tears coming, did he just call Jessica his girlfriend

“She hates me slot so I know she won’t let me stay, please help me” I said to Mike

“Okay, don’t worry just stand up” Mike said then I got up

“Thank you” I said and I saw him staring at me

“I was wondering…..why do you look so pretty” he said and that makes me smile

“Take care” he said and left, at least he still remember the fact that am pretty

♥️♥️Jessica P.O.V♥️♥️

“What” I yelled after hearing that princess will be staying here

“Why….do you have any problem with that” Mike asked

“Why would you just bring in a stranger and tell me she will be living with us, I mean who does that” I yelled

“Listen woman, this is my house so I can do whatever I want” Mike yelled

“Even when you loose your memories, your heart still beat for her” I muttered to myself and walk into the room angrily

I need to get rid if this princess, she is just a pain In my ass, she needs to learn this house as soon as possible

💥💥The Next day💥💥

I was mopping the floor when Jessica passed and pushed me, I fell to the floor

“Ahhh” I cried, I can now feel pain just like human coz I have their blood flowing in me

“This is just the beginning, you motherfucker” she said and hissed then Mike came

“What happen, are you hurt” he said to me….he still cares about me

“Yeah, I just fell but am fine

“Get up” he said helping me up but then i wasn’t able to walk well and before I knew it, he carried me in a bridal style and I saw Jessica burning in anger

He placed on my bed, our gaze met, I couldn’t help but stare at him

“Next time you should be more careful” he said avoiding my face

“Like you really don’t remember me” I said sitting properly

“I don’t know you so stop stressing me” he said then I gave him a quick kiss on his lips, I stared at him but he wasn’t saying anything

“Gosh what type of brain do you even have” I said and stood up then I fell again

“Ouch” I cried and look at him

“Not even a sorry” I said to him

“Sorry my foot” he said and walk out….. always rude

Do you think Mike will still recognize princess

Is Jessica really pregnant or just faking it

Will Jessica be able to get rid of princess


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