🧜🧜My mermaid🧜🧜

❣️❣️Chapter 23❣️❣️

❣️❣️Princess P.O.V❣️❣️

💥💥The next day💥💥

I stood up and walk out of my room, i met mike at the stair case, he was busy with his phone so I walk pass him

“When did you become so rude” he said then I turn to him

“You don’t expect me to start kneeling” I said folding my arms, seriously I don’t know where this courage is coming from

“Huh….look at the girl who was crying begging me to give her food, now you can’t greet…is that how rude your people are” Mike yelled then I laughed

“Oh really, I would never stoop myself so low to kneel down and greet you again” I said to him and turn ti leave then he pulled me back

“Oh….” I said

“Hey listen, I am your boss, i deserve some respect” he said still holding me

“Let go off me” I said and leave…. I’ll surely make him remember me at all cost…that Jessica needs to leave this house, I won’t use my power….fate will work this time

I went to the kitchen and started preparing something to eat, I guess Jessica is still asleep, but is it true Jessica is pregnant, could it be that Mike has been having sex with that demon….oh no….I just hope this is not real, I was still thinking of this when a plate fell from me and broke

“Oh…” I cried out then Mike rush in

“Are you okay….what happen” he said looking worried…but why is he worried about me

“Ah….am sorry….the plate” I said pointing to the floor

“Are you injured” he asked

“Am not” I replied

“Pack those plate….you should be more careful next time” he said and left

Seriously, is Mike just pretending not to know me or what, why is he showing too much care, or is there any part of him that still cares about me…ohhh

I quickly pack the plates before Jessica comes out then I went out of the kitchen to throw the plate in to the Dustbin, and right there Jessica was standing at the entrance, with her arms fold

“What are those” she asked

“Ah…am sorry i broke the plate” I replied

“Let me ask you a question, ever since you’re born, has any of your family eaten with such plate” she asked then I shake my head in signal of No

“Oh I see….do you know how cost this plate is in the market, the money alone can feed your generation” she said, deep inside I was damn angry but I tried to control my temper…. it’s just a matter of time

“Am sorry ma” I said then she walk closer to me, took one of the pieces and cut my hand

“Ouch” I cried out then Mike walk out

“Jessy….what the fuck are you doing” he yelled

“Boo…she deserves it….” Jessica said and walk back in of course not without giving me a deadly look….

“Well….you deserve it” Mike also said and sat down, pressing his phone

“I hate you” I said to myself not knowing he heard me

“I wasn’t expecting you to like me…..” He said then I angrily walk out

What’s wrong with him, in a minute he was like an angel to me and in another minute he was like a devil…I hate him….but is that true, am not sure I hate him, I don’t even have a space in my heart to hate him…that ugly jerk

I was done cooking, I served the food, then we started eating

“Hey maid, and what are you sitting at the dinning with us” Jessica asked

“Is that a taboo” Mike said to her

“She is a maid, and a maid should be treated as a maid” Jessica replied, I was just speechless

“But she is also a human like you” Mike said

“Baby, she is just a maid, and a ugly one” Jessica said….am i really ugly

“Actually that last Tim I checked…she was 10times more pretty than you are” Mike said and I got surprise….I could see anger in Jessica face, I wanted to laugh but I manage to hold it back

“Then I will leave” she said and left angrily, I looked into Mike face who was busy eating his food….

“What…. not like you’re pretty, I don’t just want you to feel bad” he said then I smile…. he is just to hard to understand

I continue eating then I caught him stealing a glance of me, I gave him a look like what

“Why that look” he said to me frowning

“Why re you staring at me” I asked

“Hey, who is staring at you” he replied

“I caught you staring at me” I said

“What will I be staring at you” he said

“Maybe my pink lips….my eyelashes, my eyeball” I said smiling

“Everything looks ugly to me” he said

“Oh really…. not like you are also cute….not even my type”

“What, are you telling me, I am not cute” he asked putting on a serious face

“Yeah, just too ugly for my liking

“Me…..I hate you” he said and left angrily,I laughed out…. seems I got him angry

♥️♥️Mike’s P.O.V♥️♥️

I can’t believe she is telling me am too ugly, this is the first time am hearing a lady telling me that, I walk in to my room and check the mirror….I think she has a bad sight

Jessica was laying on the bed, I walk closer to her and sat down

“Don’t come closer to me” she said, who wanted to come closer to her before

“Are you okay” I asked

“Why would I be okay huh, I can’t believe you cherish a maid more than me” she’s said crying

“It’s not what you think” I said

“Then what, why will you tell me she 10times pretty than me” she said

“Not like am lying, that’s the fact” I said then she started crying again

“Just leave here….I hate you” she said crying

“Why is everyone hating me today, what have I done wrong” I said and walk out….women with dramas…why is my life so filled with women with dramas huh

❣️❣️Princess P.O.V❣️❣️

Days pass by and everything was going on smoothly, aside Jessica who was trying to make this house a hell for me but still I don’t give a damn

I was in the sitting room that evening when I heard a knock, I open the door and It was Mike mum… another problem

“Princess… when did you come back” she said then I step aside so she could come in, she came in and sat down then I closed the door

“You welcome ma, should I get you a juice” I said

“You still haven’t reply me…when did you come back” she asked

“Last month” I answered

“Come closer” she said then I walk closer to her

“Did he recognize you…..I mean Mike” she asked

“No ma” I answered

“Oh….so that the part he forgot” she muttered

“And where is he” she added

“He went out but am sure he will be back very soon” I replied

“And the governor’s daughter” she asked

“Sleeping” I answered

“Get me a cup of water then” she said then I quickly walk to the kitchen and came back with the water

“Here it is ma” I said giving the cup to her then she told me to sit beside her, why is she being nice to me

“Princess,am sorry about how I treated you back then, I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me, and am also pleading on behalf of Michelle” she said, seriously i was surprise

“Am not angry ma” I said smiling then she hugged me

“You see, i was just being scared, I don’t want a lady to marry him because of his wealth, I was treating you that way then coz I thought you are in love with his money but now I know it true love” she said

“I understand ma” I said

“Thanks for understanding me, so what is Jessica still doing here since you’re back” she asked

“Mike did not remember me, he believe Jessica was his fiancee and Jessica also said she is pregnant for him, am just here as a maid” I said

“Pregnant…that is not possible….that girl is just a devil” she replied

“Oh mum you’re here” Jessica said and hug her

“Jessica, you know fully well that you and Mike has nothing in common before he had an accident, so why are you trying to confuse my son” she said to her

“That is non of my business, Mike loves and I also do, that is what matters most” she said

“Not when am alive will I let you marry my son, princess is back why don’t you just leave” Mike mum yelled

“Am sorry, Mike is mine and am not gonna leave him for anybody” Jessica yelled back

“I will make sure Mike hate you” Mike mom said, I was just sitting there speechless, seems everyone is now against Jessica

“Even if he hate me, I will make him like me coz I am carrying his baby” she said then Mike mom was speechless

The door open and Mike walk in

“What is the noise all about” Mike said

“Mike Don’t Tell me you don’t recognize princess, she is your girlfriend and not this demon” his mom said to him

“She is just a maid and not my girlfriend” Mike replied, I felt tears in my eyes but I quickly hold it back

“Mike, you should try and remember, she is the woman you loved” his mom said to him

“Of course I remember, i am not a fool, I knew who princess was ever since she can into this house” Mike yelled and every body was shocked, I saw fear In Jessica eye

“I knew Jessica wasn’t my girlfriend, I knew she was just trying to make use of this opportunity to have me, I knew I had an accident because princess left me, I knew she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, i just decide to play along” he said

“But why” his mom asked

“I want her to also go through the pains I went through, I had this accident because of her, life was never the same without her, she broke me into pieces, she left without saying goodbye, tell me princess, do i look like a joke to you, you think you can just leave and come back to my life anytime you want huh” he yelled

“I can’t believe you are saying this, do you also know what i went through because of this, do you know how bad I was punished for this, you think you can just treat me anyhow because I love you, so you knew who I was all this time, and still you decide to be without another woman, you even got her pregnant….is that love huh” I said crying

“Who…..who is pregnant” he asked

“Oh so you don’t know Jessica is pregnant for you” I said

“What… that true” he asked Jessica

“I have proof” Jessica said and walk into the room while I keep giving Mike a deadly look, his mom sat down andw as speechless, Jessica came back with a white paper

“Have it” he said giving it to Mike, Mike collected it and open it

“What…..four weeks pregnant…how….when did that happen” je said, so it was true

“I am carrying your baby so trust me, I am not leaving this house” Jessica said nd walk in, the three of us was speechless….. finally I loose Mike 😥

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