💥Episode 16-17💥



Immediately I left the office I went straight to Lindile’s place, I needed somewhere to vent otherwise my emotions would explode if I stayed another minute in my house.

I knocked once at the door and opened it and was welcomed by her son Terrance. Lindile was a single mother who had been so in love with the father of her son but when he asked her to abort the time she discovered she was pregnant five years ago, she cut all contacts with him.

‘Aunty!’ he screamed when he saw me

I lifted him up and swung him a little before putting him down.

‘You are becoming too heavy sweetheart.’ I told him when I put him down

‘I am a big boy now.’ He told me as his cheeks flushed with happiness

‘Hey love.’ Lindile said when she appeared with a bowl of porridge which I was guessing was for Terrence

‘Hey.’ I said as I stood up for an embrace

‘Mummy, I do not want to eat this.’ Terrence said as he folded his hands

‘Why?’ she asked surprised

‘When I started eating this porridge you said it’s because I was a light baby but now I am heavy.’ He said making puppy eyes

‘Who told you that you are heavy?’ she asked almost bursting into laughter

‘Aunty Licia here.’ He said as he came to where I was standing

She gave me a stare

‘What? He is becoming heavy.’ I said in a low tone

‘Baby you need to eat this.’ She said handing him the plate

‘Aunty can I eat?’ he asked looking at me

‘Sure my love and when you finish everything I promise to get you the latest play station.’ I said

‘Yes!’ he screamed excitedly as he left the room
‘You spoil him too much Licia.’ She told me as she settled just next to me

‘He is our son, not so?’ I asked

She smiled lightly

‘What is wrong with you?’ I asked her

‘Am I that transparent?’ she asked a tear almost escaping her eyes

‘You are not just my sister Lindile, you are more family than anyone is.’ I told her

‘Well its Terrence’s dad.’ She said with a sigh

I didn’t like where the conversation was going
‘What about him?’ I asked

‘Apparently he is back in the country and he wants to meet his son.’ She told me as she lay her head on my laps

‘That is absurd!’ I yelled unexpectedly

‘Not too loud, Terrence might hear you.’ She said in a low tone

‘Baby Terrence is five, sooner or later he will want to know about his dad.’ I told her

‘That scares me, his father might not be a perfect figure but he still has the right to know about him.’ She told me

‘Life sucks babe, can you believe Justin is working with the Office of the President.’ I said with anger in my voice

‘No!’ she said sitting up to face me

‘You have to believe it.’ I said bluntly

‘But how?’ she asked

‘Well, remember the job I was assigned to do by the vice president?’ I asked her

‘Yes?’ she responded

‘It so happens that we were put on the same mission because he is the President’s most loyal worker or whatever it is you can call him.’ I said

There was silence in the room.

‘I am sorry to hear that.’ She told me

‘Why?’ I asked her

‘Come on babe, he is your husband. The only man you have been with, he lies to you about such I wonder what else he is hiding.’ She told me as she rubbed my fingers

‘That is just the icing on the cake.’ I told her

‘There is more?’ she asked her eyes almost leaving her sockets

‘His mother brought him a wife.’ I said

‘Tell me you are joking?’ she asked

‘I wish I could.’ I told her softly

‘That is just absurd, Justin loves you. He has protected you from his family for so long he can’t stop now.’ She told me

‘I wish I could believe that.’ I told her

‘Now listen to me babe, I know the gravity of what he has done and I won’t try to justify his actions.’ She said

‘Well you sound like you are about to do just that.’ I told her

‘Just listen to me.’ She responded

I made a zip sign on my lips using my hands showing I wouldn’t say anything but would just listen

‘Justin loves you, I don’t need to remind you of that fact. I don’t know why he lied to you about his job but I do know that he did not do it on purpose and the nonsense that his mother is doing is just a plan to tear the both of you apart. Remember the words from war room?’ she asked

I kept quite signaling her to go ahead.

‘Submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee. Babe the devil doesn’t always come with horns on his head or a tail in his butt, the devil looks like anything that wants to move you away from the right path. The devil looks like anyone trying to destroy your marriage, the devil looks like anyone trying to frustrate you to a point of losing yourself.’ She said

‘So my mother in law is the devil?’ I asked

‘It’s a metaphor you fool!’ she said and we both burst out laughing

‘I know exactly what you mean, it was just getting too serious in here.’ I told her

‘Now listen to me, Justin is not the one you have to fight. Listen to his side of the story, analyze what he has to say about himself then you can make the judgment.’ She told me

‘I am not playing Licia, go home and listen to his side of the story. Then you can continue hating him, for now just listen.’ She said sternly

‘And his mother?’ I asked

‘She can only break your marriage when she sees a loop hole, don’t allow her to see you and Justin broken; she will use that against you.’ She said

‘What can I do without you?’ I asked

‘Nothing fool.’ She said before we both laughed
We were disturbed with a knock at the door.

‘I will get that.’ Terrence said

‘It’s too late for you to open the door.’ Lindile told him
‘I know who it is.’ He said as he turned the door knob on his toes

‘Hey big boy.’ Justin greeted

‘Hey uncle.’ He greeted back as they held hands

‘Get your man back’ she whispered in my ears

‘Mulamu how are you?’ she greeted as she stood up to give him a hug

‘I am okay Mulamu, how are you?’ he greeted back

‘I have been okay, my man here keeps loving me.’
She responded pointing at her son

Terrence smiled

‘Please take a seat.’ She told him

‘Thank you, I thought I would stand throughout.’ He responded

‘This is your home Mulamu.’ She said

‘Hai.’ I greeted when both Lindile and Terrence excused themselves

He came closer to where I was and squatted just before me

‘Feli I don’t want to lose you.’ He told me

‘You are not losing me Justin.’ I responded

‘I miss us.’ He told me

‘I miss the man I fell in love with.’ I told him honestly

‘Let me make it up to you, dinner perhaps?’ he asked

I smiled shyly

‘Dinner would be lovely, but look at me.’ I told him starring at the clothes I had been wearing since morning

‘You are just perfect my lady.’ He said before he kissed my cheek

I couldn’t help but smile again.

We said our good byes to Lindile and Terrence and drove to debonairs at mandahill, my favorite joint.


‘Ba Jacob what do you have for me?’ I asked

‘I am afraid you will not like this boss.’ He responded

‘Stop getting me anxious!’ I screamed through the phone

‘I found the woman.’ He told me
‘That is good news, now tell me the bad news.’ I told him

‘She is married.’ He responded

‘That is not a big deal, I can still get her.’ I responded

‘Well there is more.’ He told me

‘Jacob stop being a girl and just tell me what the hell is happening!’ I screamed getting impatient

‘She is married to your boy Justin.’

I let the phone drop to the ground, did Justin just play me. Did he use his wife to get to me, I helped him out when he was in need and he had to pay me back like this.


‘It’s bad Your Excellency.’

‘How bad?’

‘Kalenga likes Felicia and now he thinks Justin sent her.’

‘How does he like someone he doesn’t know?’

‘She challenged him that was a smart move she played.’

‘That could work to our advantage.’

‘You never cease to amaze me your Excellency.’



After we had our pizza we decided to drive home, I noticed a black vehicle had been following us and I didn’t want to tell Feli because she would get worried.

‘Babe has that car been following us?’ She asked after fastening her seat belt

‘What car?’ I asked trying to pretend as if I didn’t know what she was talking about

‘Babe I work for the secret service, I am very observant.’ She responded when I started the engine

‘Which route should we take?’ I asked her

‘Use the main road, park at any filling station let’s see what they will do.’ She told me

I could have used a different route and lost the car that had been following us in the process but I wanted to see how much she knew her job.

I drove at a constant speed until we got to a filling station.

‘What now?’ I asked as I made a u turn

‘Let us refuel.’ She responded with a smile on her face

I parked and told the fuel attendant how much gas we needed, surprisingly she unfastened her seat belt and unlocked her door.

‘What are you doing?’ I asked her worriedly

‘Trust me.’ She said as she picked something from the back

She got out of the car and walked to the mini market just across, I got my gun and got ready to get out if she didn’t come back after 10 minutes.


The plan was simple, to face the monster that was busy following us and to see what exactly he wanted. I walked to the mini market as slow as I could, my eyes fixed on my phone but my mind sensitive to the environment. I heard car doors banging and I knew one of the people following us was out of the car.

I walked at the same pace and I saw a man from the corner of my eye walking past me into the mini market.

‘Just perfect!’ I thought to myself.

I got to the mini market and got myself a basket, I saw a man dressed in black and a hoodie over his head. He was talking to one of the shop attendants and she looked like she was really liking the conversation that they were having.

I walked past them and moved to the sanitary aisle, I picked a pack of sanitary towels and tissue then continued to walk slowly as I surveyed the environment and waited for the attack. I had done this so many times and I knew when exactly he would come.

I heard footsteps behind me and when I looked up was another man coming towards me.

‘Time to act Feli.’ I said between smiles

I turned around and saw one of the scariest men I had never come across, heading towards me was another not so scary but yet looking fierce. I dropped my basket down and heldd on to my phone

‘I don’t have any money with me.’ I screamed
The scary man slightly removed his gun signalling me to shut up.

I held one hand to my mouth and some crocodile tears fell.

‘I do not have any money with me, please.’ I pleaded

The fierce looking men came over to where I was standing and held me by the hair.

‘Shut up and we won’t do anything to hurt you.’ He said as if smelling my skin

My phone started ringing and I knew it was Justin

‘Pick that up!’ I heard a voice command

I got my phone and picked it up.

‘I am okay babe.’

‘Yes just a minute.’ I said before putting the phone down

‘That’s better.’ The man said pressing his gun harder on my neck

A few minutes later I heard other footsteps and I knew we had company, my plan was working just fine. You see you need to face the monster himself in order to bring him down.

‘Boys.’ He said when he got closer

‘What do we have here?’ he continued as he looked me

Once again I was face to face with the former Minister, the man I had brought down and now whose mission I was not sure of.

‘Felicia, is it?’ he asked

I didn’t know whether to respond to that or not

‘What do you want from me?’ I asked as more crocodile tears streamed down my face

‘Felicia or Ms’ Katongo?’ he asked again

‘I do not know what you are talking about. Just let me go.’ I pleaded with him

During this whole process I had not cut Justin’s call and I was pretty sure he was recording the whole conversation

‘Who sent you?’ the former minister asked again

‘Nobody sent me Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about.’ I pleaded again

‘Now listen to me Felicia, you are a beautiful lady and I wouldn’t mind having such beauty and brains all to myself but I don’t appreciate people who lie to me.’ He screamed

‘I understand you sir.’ I said between sobs

‘Call me Kalenga.’ He said with a smile

‘Yes sir, Kalenga sorry.’ I said wiping my tears

‘Good, now I want you to pay extra attention. I don’t know who sent you or what their mission is but I wouldn’t want to hurt you. From now on you are mine.’ He said

I looked up to catch one more glimpse at him

He smiled and came closer to peck me on the check.

‘You will go back in the car and pretend nothing happened. I wouldn’t want to hurt Justin.’ He told me before they all left

I got my basket and paid for everything, I knew these were dangerous men and they would keep an eye on me so I had to pretend that I was playing by their rules.

I walked to the car as fast as I could and locked myself in, was just glad the windows were tinted and as such they couldn’t see anything.

‘What is the relationship between you and Kalenga?’ I asked him

‘His mother helped with the medicine that caused that girl’s miscarriage.’ He responded

‘The one you got pregnant in high school?’ I asked with a frown on my face

‘Yes.’ He responded

There was an awkward silence between us

‘What was that about?’ he asked playing the recording on the phone

‘I was trained to do my job Justin.’ I responded

‘You are good.’ He said

I smiled a little

‘Kalenga is a man with ruthless men around him, he won’t hesitate to bring you down if at all I play him.’ I said

‘How do you know that?’ he asked

‘I have dealt with men of his kind.’ I responded

‘Should we tell the President?’ he asked me

‘Justin I think there is something the president is not telling us.’ I told him

‘Felicia please don’t walk down that lane, you cannot start war with the head of state.’ He told me

‘Justin think about it, why would they allow you to lie to me about your job, why would they put us on such a dangerous mission together?’ I asked him

‘Well I have never thought about it in those lines.’ He said scratching his beard

‘That is the case Justin, I am not saying it is true but it could have some truth in it.’ I told him as I held his hand

‘Well what should we do?’ he asked

‘We play by their rules and when they least expect it we bite them right in their face.’ I said as I gnashed my teeth.

‘Who are you?’ Justin asked surprised

I looked at him and smiled.

‘Your wife.’ I responded.

‘Get your phone and send that recording to the president.’ I continued

‘Kalenga is not a man to play with.’ He told me

‘Exactly, we won’t fight him. The President will.’



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