Who are you,my husband

🔥🔥🔥Chapter 1 Money Was Everything
“To the patient’s family members, you have already owed 100 thousand yuan’s medical expenses. You’ve to pay that, and pay more 200 thousand yuan to support the treatment to avoid a stop.”

In the ward of The First Hospital in Jol City, a nurse warned the man sitting by the bed. It was Chase Lu.

Chase turned his eyes from his daughter lying on the bed to the nurse, nodding. “I’ll pay for it today.”

“You’d better call your wife. We’re going to stop the treatment at 5:00 p.m without payment.”

Chase was a man who even his wife looked down on. The nurse didn’t believe Chase could afford such big expenses.

The expenses in the past half a year were all paid by his wife. Any woman who married this worm would live a hard life.

What a useless man Chase was.

The nurse going out, Chase looked at his daughter, Cassie, worrying.

How could he get 300 thousand yuan?

Chase and his wife had spent all their money in the hospital. What was more, they had borrowed from all the people they could borrow.

Squatting down and touching Cassie’s pale face, Chase felt miserable.

At the age of only three, suffered from the illness, the lively and cute girl had become gray and thin.

“Did the hospital urge medical expenses?”

Chase’s wife, Jayne Lin, came in.

She was twenty years old, with delicate facial features and a height of 1.7 meters, quite beautiful but cold.

“Yes, I’ll look for my friends for help.” Chase nodded, but his eyes followed the man behind Jayne.

It was Milne Fan, in his thirties, with a mask of a successful man.

Chase knew him, the manager of the sales department in Duncan Electronics, and Jayne’s direct leader.

Jayne was the sales supervisor in that company, while Chase was the security guard.

Milne knew Jayne was married, but he still had some desires on her.

For his behavior was not so excessive, Chase hadn’t do something yet.

“It’s 300 thousand yuan. Who can lend it to you?” Jayne’s tone sounded ironic.

Before Cassie’s illness, Jayne had always been believing the great power of love. But in the past half a year, her attitude had changed.

In the face of living, love was so weak.

Chase was silent. He had few friends in this city, and all of them were not wealthy. Indeed, he had no friend to borrow from.

“Jayne, take my money. It’s just a piece of cake for me.” Milne said, eyebrows raised, looking at Chase with provocation.

“I can’t do that.” Though Jayne needed the money, she knew Milne wouldn’t help her without any other desire.

“I’m Cassie’s uncle. I want to save her, as well.” Milne smiled.

“You have no need to care about my daughter. Don’t come here again.” Chase looked at Milne with anger.

He knew what Milne wanted.

“Don’t you need the money?” Milne sneered.

Milne knew Chase was a little security guard in the company, so what advantages did Chase have to fight with him?

Jayne was the most attractive woman in the company. She was married and had a daughter, so what? It would be fine if she could divorce. Milne had divorced and had a daughter as well, so there would be no problem for Jayne and him to unite a new family.

But Jayne had been ignoring him all the time.

Now, there was an opportunity to make Jayne break up with Chase. How could he miss it?

“It’s our business. You can leave.” Chase clenched his fists, upset.


It was all because of money!

But indeed, Chase had no money.

How powerless!

Milne sneered, then he looked at Jayne. “Jayne, it seems that you don’t need my help, so I’ll go first.”

He knew Chase and Jayne couldn’t afford the expenses, so he was confidently waiting for their request.

Jayne was hesitant.

Borrowing money from Milne would surely hurt Chase’s pitiful dignity, but she had no other way to get the money if she didn’t borrow.

Seeing Jayne’s hesitation, Milne made a plan.

He went out and found the nurse, giving her one thousand yuan. “Cassie’s parents can’t pay the expenses, so you can go and urge them to leave.”

The nurse was happy to agree. She took the money in her pocket and then strode to the ward.

At the same time, in the ward, Jayne’s anger broke out. “Do you think your pitiful dignity much more important than your daughter’s life? You have refused to look for my parent’s help before, and now you refused manager Fan as well! How can you get the money in other ways?”

Indeed, dignity was important, but compared with their daughter’s life, how important could dignity be?

“Chase Lu, I warn you. If Cassie’s illness became heavier, I would never let you go.” Jayne glared at Chase with great disappointment.

“I’ll handle it,” Chase said.

“How can you handle? Now expect for my parents, who else can help us? Could you please beg them for that?” Jayne requested.

“I have the method.” Chase refused. Since he had failed in starting a business, Jayne’s parents began to look down on him. He was unwilling to see them, not to mention begging.

“Stop…Chase Lu! If you don’t pay the expenses today, I’ll divorce you!” Seeing Chase going to leave, Jayne felt overwhelming despair.

For his pitiful dignity, this man was going to ignore his daughter’s life!

Jayne was regretful so much to marry him.

Out of the hospital, Chase lighted a cigarette, puffing.

How vital the money was!

Money was not everything, but everything needed money.

Chase hesitantly took out the mobile phone.

Phil Du was one of his few friends, but Phil lived hard and had already lent him 50 thousand yuan.

What was more, Phil didn’t have 300 thousand yuan, such a big number.

Chase leaned on the railing aside the road, smoking and looking at the sky. Finally, he sighed and then dialed a strange number.

“Uncle John, are you still in Jol City?” Chase asked.

“Oh, it’s the young master. How dare I go back without you? Have you made up your mind?” An old man asked excitedly.

“Uh, uncle John, could you please lend me 300 thousand yuan first? I need it urgently.” Chase requested.

“No problem, but you need to sign the contract to inherit the assets of Lu’s Family.” John smiled.

“We talk about it later. Please give me the money first. I need it very much.” Chase urged.

“No, or you call the master first. If he agrees, not to mention 300 thousand, I can give you 300 million immediately.” John’s voice sounded firm.

“Fine, I can sign the contract. Where are you?” After pondering for a while, Chase had to compromise.

“I’m in Josh Edifice. Where are you? I’ll send someone to pick you up.” John said.

“No, I’ll go there on my own.” Chase hung up the phone, feeling complicated.

Because of his mother’s death, he had broken with his father, Terence Lu, so he hadn’t returned back for many years.

Chase had decided not to forgive his father before, but now, he had to bow his head.

How sarcastic life was!

Spiting the cigarette butt, Chase stopped a taxi and then went to the Josh Edifice.

As he arrived, he saw his mother-in-law, Shell Wang, going out of the edifice.

Chase didn’t want to meet her, but Shell walked to him.

“Why don’t you stay in the hospital to look after Cassie, but come here?” Shell Wang looked at Chase with disgust. If there were not a child, she would have immediately ordered her daughter to divorce.

Chase Lu had to explain. “I have something important.”

“Something important? What kind of thing is more important than Cassie?” Shell Wang snorted.

She had failed her business just now, so she intended to release her anger on Chase.

“Chase Lu, my sister not only has to work but also look after Cassie. How tired is she? But you’re here to do something unimportant. Are you still a man?” Chase’s sister-in-law, Jeannie Lin, looked at Chase with disgust.

A young man was standing by Jeannie, whose name was Hayes Hu, Jeannie’s classmate at the university.

“Jeannie, is that your worm-like brother-in-law? Your sister’s appreciation is so unique.” Hayes studied Chase with disdain.

Shell was the assistant manager in Shawn’s Pharmaceutical Group. She had talked about a critical business with Josh Group, but it hadn’t developed further for a long time.

Hayes said he knew the manager in Josh Group, so he took Shell there to look for the manager’s help.

But the manager refused, which made Hayes shameful, so now Hayes was in a terrible mood.

“Yes, I don’t know why my sister was willing to marry such a coward.” Jeannie sneered.

“Man can be poor, but can’t be cowardly,” Hayes said.

Chase glanced at them, without any word, gong to the gate.

“What are you going to do? Go back to look after Cassie.” Shell frowned.

“I have something to talk with John Lu,” Chase explained.

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