💥Episode 18-19💥



The drive home was a quiet one, too many thoughts occupying my mind. How were we going to pull this off? I looked at Felicia as she stared out of the window, she was still as beautiful as the first day I met her, more mature and full of wisdom.

‘You keep staring at me.’ She said without even making eye contact

I didn’t say a word but just put my hand on her thigh.

‘How did we get here Feli?’ I asked before sighing

‘Well we both work for dangerous people and as such we earned ourselves some enemies.’ She said still looking the other side

I kept quiet not sure of what to say.

We pulled into the drive way and she quickly got out of the car, I followed suite and found my mother yelling out of her lungs.

‘What sort of a woman are you? You leave home very early in the morning and return at the same time as your husband, what were those bana chimbusa’s of yours teaching you anyway?” she asked her tying her wrapper

‘Mum what exactly have I done wrong?’ Feli asked her back

‘Oh so now you have the guts to answer back when I am talking to you?’ she asked her this time allowing her chitenge to fall

The girl she had come with whose name I wasn’t sure up to now came and picked the wrapper, wrapping it around her waist.

‘Mum let her be.’ The girl said pulling my mother away

‘No I will not let her be, this girl has grown wings and I will not stand here and watch her turn my son’s life around.’ She said this with more fury

I was looking at Feli excepting her to respond but she was just quiet, no expression on her face.

‘Mother, I am sorry you no longer see me as the ideal woman for your son. But what you should bear in mind is that I and him made our vows not just before you but before heavens and earth; and one of us has to go to heaven before we can let go of each other.’ Feli finally responded

‘Babe are you hungry?’ she asked when she turned to face me

I was in shock at what she had said as such I just nodded my head in acceptance.

‘I will prepare something for you to eat.’ She told me

‘You don’t have to, I already prepared something for him. I will set the table.’ The girl said

‘Who are you?’ both I and Feli asked at the same time

The girl looked at us then turned on her heels in tears

‘You will not disrespect my guest Justin.’ His mother said

‘Your guest mum, let her remain as such.’ I responded

I watched as Feli walked out of the room, she returned later wearing a wrapper and a t shirt.

‘What should I prepare you?’ she asked with a smile on her face

‘Anything that won’t take too long.’ I responded rubbing her fingers

‘Noodles maybe.’ She asked with a smirk on her face
‘You wouldn’t dare.’ I responded and we both laughed

She walked to the kitchen and I switched on the television and started watching BBC news.

‘Babe!’ she yelled from the kitchen

‘Yes love.’ I responded not removing my eyes from what I was watching

‘I need help here.’ She yelled back

I changed the channel to trace and went to join her in the kitchen.

‘Help with company or?’ as I drew closer to her wrapping my hands around her waist

‘Do you want us to eat in time or not?’ she asked as she turned around to face me

‘Of course I am hungry.’ I told her

‘Get away then.’ She responded

‘Are you sure?’ I asked against her skin

We were disturbed with the sound of running water.

‘Sorry I didn’t mean to intrude.’ The girl said

‘Who are you really?’ I asked her

‘My name is Chimuka.’ She responded facing down

‘And what are you doing here? Don’t you have a life apart from being dragged by mum into her devious plans?’ Feli asked her

‘It was against my will to come here, but mother knows best.’ She responded still facing down

‘Chimuka I think you can do yourself a huge favour by going back to where ever you came from, as you can see I love my wife with a passion. I can never leave her for another.’ I told her

I and Feli watched as the girl’s eyes filled with tears, she must have had her hopes high of becoming the lady of the house. Yes our marriage was not all glamorous but we stuck together knowing why we fell in love in the first place and that was enough reason to keep us going.

‘Please don’t fire me.’ She finally said her voice breaking between sobs

‘I don’t remember hiring you.’ I told her frankly

‘Mum is leaving tomorrow, you can stay back and work as a live in maid. We will discuss your salary and nature of work tomorrow since I am off.’ I told her

‘Thank you ma’am, I won’t disappoint you.’ She said before walking away

‘Are you sure about that?’ I asked her

‘Keep your enemies closer baby.’ She responded before turning to what was cooking on the cooker

‘Mum didn’t tell me that she is leaving.’ I told her after she gave me the greens that I was supposed to help with

‘You will give her bus fare tomorrow morning and she will leave.’ She responded looking directly into my eyes with the assurance that she wasn’t joking about it

‘Yes ma’am.’ I said my hands up showing that I was surrendering


‘The food was amazing babe.’ I told her as I scrubbed her back in the tub

‘He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.’ She responded

‘And obtains favour from the Lord.’ I finished off

‘Oh how I am blessed to have you.’ She said with honesty

‘I am blessed to have you Feli.’ I responded

We finished taking our bath and went straight to bed, she lay in my arms the whole night and I just couldn’t help but stare each time I opened my eyes.


I was woken up with voices coming from the living room.

‘God, can’t I have peace in my own house?’ I sighed looking at the ceiling

‘You witch better come out of there.’ I heard my mother in law scream

I got out of bed and quickly grabbed a chitenge.

‘Good morning mum?’ I greeted

‘What is good about this morning?’ she asked

I looked around the room and saw her things laying on the floor.

‘Good morning baby.’ I greeted Justin as I settled into a chair next to where he was standing

‘Good morning.’ He responded softly

‘So you will sit here and pretend like you don’t have a hand in this right?’ She asked

I just looked at her without saying a word, I didn’t want to upset her more.

‘You have failed to bear my son a child and now you have turned him against me, Felicia you will not know peace as long as I am breathing. I will make sure that my son leaves you.’ She said

‘Chimuka get your bags.’ She ordered

Chimuka just stood without saying a word or moving an inch

‘Chimuka, we don’t have the whole day.’ She screamed again

‘Mum I am sorry but I am staying back.’ She responded looking down

‘I don’t have time for games you fool, get your bags right now.’ She ordered

‘Leave the poor girl alone mum.’ Justin responded

‘What? Chimuka even you?’ she asked as tears rolled down her eyes

I felt bad for her, Justin’s heart must have been heavy seeing his mother like that but there was nothing we could do. She had chosen her path and we just had to follow suite

‘This is not the last of me you are seeing, I will be back and I swear my come back will hurt all of you.’ She said as she carried her bags

‘Let me help you.’ Justin told her

‘Leave me alone Justin, you have turned against me because of this witch. Justin I carried you in my womb for nine months, turned you into the man that you have become and this is how you can repay me?’ she asked tears streaming down her face

‘Mother.’ He said

‘Don’t Justin, don’t.’ she said

At that moment I just wanted the earth to swallow me, it’s like my poor husband was being asked to pick between his marriage and his mother. I hated what she was doing to us but I hated seeing them apart even more.

I was brought back to earth with the slamming of the door. Justin sat down in defeat without saying a word. I moved to the chair he was sitted on and rested my head on his chest.

‘You are good people.’ Chimuka said breaking the silence

‘I wish you could convince my mother that we are.’ He responded

‘She will come around.’ I told him in a whisper

Justin stood up and I was guessing it was to prepare himself for work, I remained in the living room and asked Chimuka to sit down because I needed to know things about her before finally hiring her.

‘So tell me the basic things about yourself.’ I told her

‘My names are Chimuka Hamoonga, I am 24 and I do not have a child neither have I been married before.’ She told me

‘Go on.’ I said scribbling down only the important things

‘I was born and bred in choma but after my grandmother passed on, I moved in with my aunty in kabwe and that is how I met Mrs Kunda.’ She said

‘Why would you come to Lusaka with such a mission, you are still young and vibrant. Chat MartinMartino on zero eight one eighty thirty fourteen twenty one to be added to his WhatsApp group.Why not making something better out of your life?’ I asked her

‘Well, not all that glitters is gold.’ She responded

‘Excuse me?’ I asked with a raised eye brow

‘Well my aunty is doing well for herself but I guess she always made it a point that I and her children were not equal. While they got everything on a silver plate I had to work for everything.’ She responded

‘You were like a maid in her home?’ I asked now curios

‘Not really, she had maids who did everything, I was only given the same amount of food as the maids, as for other necessities I had to work for them. I did all sorts of jobs for the residents in Kabwe and that is how I run into Mrs Kunda.’ She told me with sadness in her eyes

I looked at her intently without saying a word for a few seconds.

‘I am sorry to hear that.’ I told her

‘Don’t be, I realized a long time ago that if I wanted to have good things I had to work for them.’ She told me

‘Your story doesn’t add up.’ I told her as I put my pen down

‘I don’t understand.’ She responded

‘I don’t know what you have been told about me but I am not the kind of person to take nonsense from anyone.’ I said

‘I don’t get you.’ She said looking up

‘Get out of my house!’ I said

‘What?’ she asked frightened

‘I said out! Now!’ I yelled again

‘How will I go?’ she asked surprised than frightened

‘You come into my house, try to ruin my marriage and have the audacity to lie to me?’ I asked her with fury

‘I am telling you the truth ma’am.’ She said

Just then Justin walked in and gave me an envelope, I
threw the contents at her and waited for her reaction.
‘Ma’am I can explain.’ She said her words failing her

‘I gave you a chance to explain yourself but what did you do? Insult my intelligence and lie in my face?’ I asked her as I got up

‘This is not the life I chose, I had other plans. It didn’t occur to me that I would end up here.’ She said

‘You had a chance to come clean with me but you chose to continue lying. Now leave my house.’ I said before walking off


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