🧜🧜My mermaid 🧜🧜

♥️♥️Chapter 24♥️♥️

❣️❣️Semi final❣️❣️

♥️♥️Princess P.O.V♥️♥️

“Seriously this is not true….I never did it” Mike said, I didn’t say anything, I angrily left nd walk into my room, I sat on my bed crying then Mike walk in and kneel

“Babe believe me, i didn’t do it, I never touched her” he said to me

“You think am a fool right huh, I can’t believe you recognize me all this while” I said

“Babe, at first I didn’t recognize you, but I later do and that why i cared so much for you,I was only pissed off that how could you leave me without saying goodbye” he said

“Oh, do you know what I went through because of you huh, I left my family, lived ones just because of you, I got shot, I almost died because of you, I lost my power, my mother turned to my enemy, I was isolated for almost two months, I couldn’t see my loved ones, still yet I tried all possible best to come here just because I wanna be with you, my Immortal life got changed to mortal, I can die anytime, now I feel pains just like how human do, I left my throne…..and this is how I got paid” I half yelled

“Am sorry….I Never knew about this….am sorry, trust me I love you so much and I didn’t impregnate her” he said

“It’s okay, what was a mermaid expecting from a human if not betrayal, I should just go back to where I came from, it’s obvious I am not needed here” I said standing up

“So you don’t trust me anymore, I swear with everything I have labour for, I didn’t sleep with her” he said and that change my mind

“Get up” I said then he stood up and hug me

“I miss you” he said

“Next time, do not leave without saying goodbye” he said then I smile

“Am staying for good, not going back” I said smiling

“Really” he said then I nodded in signal of yes

“Wow… sure am not the owner of that pregnancy” he said to me then his mum walk in

“Hey lovebirds, how do we settle this matter” she said sitting on my bed

“I will run another test myself” Mike replied his mom

“And when is that” she asked

“Tomorrow” he replied

“Okay am leaving bye” she said and left, I fell to the bed while he lay on me

“So tell me, how was life without me” I asked

“Bored, damn boring” he replied and kissed me

“And this time am not gonna let go off you” he added then we started kissing, smooching which later leads to sex, it was wonderful….we did it non stop

💥💥Next day💥💥

Mike went to the hospital with Jessica, I was worried, what if truly she is pregnant then what will happen to me, then am gonna loose Mike forever, I just pray it should not be true

Few hours later, Jessica, Mike and his mom walk in with a worried face, they came in and sat down

♥️♥️Andrew P.O.V (Jessica driver)♥️♥️

I was just chit chatting with my freind but deep down me I was very worried, should I just do it or let it go

“Andrew u look worried, what the prob” Nelson asked

“Nothing much, am good” I replied

“No, you know I don’t keep secret from you so you shouldn’t be doing that” he said then I smile

“Actually am only worried about something” I said

“What’s that” Nelson asked

“Ahmm….I impregnated a lady, so am thinking if I should claim it or just let her give it to whom she want to give it to” j said

“Really, guy, you don’t have much to take care of yourself and the baby plus your wife, since the girl is not forcing you then just let go off her” Nelson said

“I actually thought of that, but at some point, claiming the pregnancy might bring luck to me” I said

“Really….how” he asked

“You know Jessica, the governor’s daughter…she is the one I impregnated” I said to him

“Tell me you’re joking….that not possible” Nelson said

“I know it’s not easy to believe but Trust me….she is carrying my baby” I said then he put on a serious face

“But how…..when” he asked


“Ahmmm….. Andrew I need to go somewhere….come drive me” Jessica said heading into the car, I quickly took the car key and entered the car

“Where to ma’am” I asked

“To any nice hotel…..I don’t want a cheap one” she said then I started driving to one of the best hotel in the state

Soon we got there then she told me to follow her in, we checked in to a room and I also follow her since she told me to do that

We got into the room

“Have your sit, I will back soon” she said and went into the bathroom, I was wondering why am I here with her

Soon she walked out tieing a blue towel round her guess she just finished bathing, I wanted to Leave but then he told me to sit there so I obeyed her then I saw loosing the towel and bend down in front of me cleaning her leg, her back view including her Pu**y was well shown to me….but why is she doing this then she stood up smilling

“You like what you see… wanna have a taste huh” she said sitting on me….I was fully aroused and my dick was standing upright pointing to her pussy, she stroked it up and down

“Just get me pregnant….. Don’t worry I will nurse the baby myself…..I will give you 1million” she said then I was happy….I Never dream of having such money

I quickly nodded in agreement to what she said, then she started giving me a BJ when I was fully aroused…..we make love and she let me cum inside her

☀️☀️Back to Reality☀️☀️

“That was how it happen and right now, she is carrying my baby” I said

“Boy, this is just an opportunity, donyou know how rich you will become if you later become her husband, I would advise you to go claim the pregnancy” Nelson said then I was silent for some minute

“I think that’s what I will do” I said

“Yes….. good luck man” he said patting me

🧜🧜Princess P.O.V🧜🧜

What… mean Jessica is pregnant” I said after seeing the result up to 3 hospital

“Princess……I didn’t do it” Mike said

“Then who… got me pregnant and you still denying it huh” Jessica yelled at Mike

“Mike just accept the fact….you own this pregnancy….. now what do we do” Mike mum said, seriously I was so sad….. Am the one loosing here

“Mum…..I didn’t do it …… Don’t you get, i Never touched her” Mike said

“Whatever…… what am sure of is that, am leaving this baby and it’s yours” Jessica said and stood up to leave then door open…. then Jessica driver came in

“Andrew what are you doing here” Jessica asked with fear

“Who is he” Mike asked….of course he didn’t see the driver the first time she came here

“He is my driver” Jessica said

“Let’s talk outside” Jessica added

“No, let just say it…… that pregnancy is mine, do not try to give to anyone” the guy said that got everyone surprise

“What do you mean…” Jessica yelled

“You and I understand how this happened so don’t try anything funny with my baby” Andrew said

“Wait are you telling me, you slept with her” Mike mom asked

“Yeah and she is carrying my baby” Andrew answered

“And what proof do you have, if truly u slept with me and impregnated me….then proof it” Jessica said then everyone was silent even Andrew

Do you think Andrew has a proof

If yes, what proof do you think he has

To be continue

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