Rachel’s POV👹

I roam my room as I feel much anger rising in me nd I feel like I’m going to burst open any moment

I hiss nd kick my shoes away
“Where is this boy?”I asks hissing

My door open and my gateman comes in
“What happen?”I asks him

He bow for me
“That your brother is back nd been knocking the gate”he said

I almost slap him
“And so what?”I asks

He sigh
“You’ve told me not to allow him inside again thats why I’m here to ask if I should..”he said halfway as

I scream angrily
“Go and open the gate right now”I said glaring

He rush out immediately and I could hear the gate been creak open nd I sit down crossing my legs waiting for him

Don’t be confused,I’m Rachel Williams and that guy knocking the gate is Peter Williams;the only two children or sir Williams who’s the minister of Sheridan’s city where my brother stays at

I cut tie with everyone even this so called brother of mine cos of…’ll find out soon

Peter enter the room nd face me
“What the hell did you call me back here for?”he asks me looking so angry

Yes he might be the black sheep of the family but I’m the dangerous fox that’s cunning nd can tear to pieces even the black sheep itself

I stands up nd slap him so hard
“How dare you?”I asks

He sigh nd look away
“What happen again,elder sis?”he asks then turn to face me with red eyes

That just don’t move me at all
“I asked you to killed someone for me,just ordinary small,ugly nd blind boy but you just can’t do it huh?”I asks

He laugh nd laugh
“I think you know Mrs Mark have been buried among the graveyard that the minister built for unknown corpse even tho hers is so nice nd different from others and as for the boy,common sis,say something else”he said

Thats make me feel more pissed
“Are you saying I’m seeing things?”I asks nd kick him hard on the leg

He move back
“I send this boy myself into the sea nd even so sure he has been dying cos of the hard beating so now way he’ll be alive cos the sharks would have feed on his useless body”he said rubbing his legs

I laugh and face him
“What about this?”I asks and throw a picture on his face

He looks at it nd smiles
“Oh gosh,what an handsome guy”he said licking his lips

Yes did I forget to tell you that the black sheep in our family is an homosexual huh?

I move nd slap him out of his imagination
“Stop dreaming silly stuffs”I said to him

He turn quickly to me
“Sorry sis but this is not Jake Mark that I killed”he said nd laugh

Oh gosh
“What’s my job?”I asks him

He rub his head
“You’re a great hacker of our time nd yes,a great scientific of the universe”he said nd bow

I laugh then face him
“I just hack into my former husband account nd finds out he has a son in his house”I said

He gasps
“You mean Royan James?”he asks

I sit down nd sigh
“Yes nd you know he’s married to my schoolmate,Bella so through the hacking processing,I finds out she actually came to Shelley city cos of the barrenness she has,walk along the beach the same day you throw that blind boy into the sea then then then”I said nd stop

He gasps more
“Did she sees my face?”he asks

I throw pillow at me
“I don’t care if she sees you or not,what I’m concern about is that she rescue that ugly boy,help and do plastic surgery for him which turn him to an handsome guy which you’re drooling on,stupid”I said feeling pissed

He sit on the floor
“So he’s the handsome guy in this picture,he’s so damn cool”he said looking the picture again

Oh my life
“Use your brain,silly”I said nd snatch the picture from him

He look at me
“So what should I do?”he asks me

I hiss nd want to kick him when he run off
“I want you to first kill that damn Hans boy of yours then proceed back to Sheridan city nd kill both James nd Bella for me”I said angrily

He gasps
“BUT WHY?”he asks me

I feel tears drop from my eyes
“I want you too to kill that forsaken Mrs Royan too which is James’s mother”I said hissing

He turn to me angrily
“I’m asking you the WHY in it nd not telling me means I’m not doing it”he said and fold his hands

I slump to the cushion chair
“You remember when I told you I’m in love?”I says

He turn to me
“Yes I remember so clearly,sis”he said

I face him too
“The stupid me that I fall for is Royan James and his mother support our love then but only to find out that he’s just with me so that his business will boom”I said

He move to me nd hold my hands
“What!”he said exclaiming

I sigh
“I later finds out again that he already impregnate someone nd she’s expecting a baby “I said crying

He hiss
“So the silly woman who he loved is Mrs Mark nd the child is Jake?”he asks me

I nod
“Yes brother so I make his mother mask and try to poison her which I succeed and oh yeah,she hasn’t given birth then but I later finds out that she was rescue by a specialist doctor who save both her nd the baby”I said to her

He groans
“And that’s Bella,your Bestie”he said

I smiles
“You’re using your brain now”I said smiling

He hiss nd stands up
“So Bella rescue Mrs Mark nd the baby which is Jake,then goes ahead to marry the man you’re in love with then elope from James’s mother eyes by eloping to Sheridan city huh”he said nd face me

I cry more
“He leave me in all this situation nd put me in the middle:he didn’t marry me,he married my Bestie,run away from me nd never look back or check on the girl he used for his wealth”I said crying

He move nd hugs me
“So James did all this?”he asks

I nods
“Yes bro so thats why I wanna avenge”I said to him

He turn me to face him
“You know what,elder sis?”he asks

I look at him
“What brother?”I asks

He smirks
“Just look for a place to bury Jake,James his father,Bella who rescue him when he’s still a baby nd also help him again when he’s grown up,that silly mother of James and just anybody that cross your way again”he said angrily

I feel inner glow
“Thanks brother”I said

He take an alcholic wine from the table
“And if possible find extra one for Mrs Mark cos I might kill him again”he said smirking

I laugh
“Really?”I asks

He gulp the wine down
“I’m gonna kill James,Bella,Mrs Royan:James’s mother then kill Jake,their useless fruit”he said and laugh evilly

Oh it great
“I’ll give you the melting chemical so be ready,bro”I said

He nods
“Alright sis”he reply

I smiles
“I’ll triple your money”I said

He shakes his head
“No no sis,this time it for relieving my sister’s pain”he said

Oh my
“Thanks”I said nd hugs him

He hug me back
“You’re welcome”he said

I laugh inside evilly as I smell the crying of the family of all those that have make me feel pain And make me cry too,oh can’t wait!

There are so many people like Rachel in this world who makes all thing turn evil and make them feel death when its not yet time

They become successful in life just to make someone feel pain nd agony

Why can’t we live in peace?

Why is it that it when we die that they always said rest in peace!

Why is it that it Rest In Peace that everyone wants nd shout huh

Why can’t we Live In Peace rather?

Don’t you guys think that Living In Peace is far far far more far better than Resting In Peace!

I pray that we all live in peace in this world then rest in peace after world…AMEN

But dear guys,don’t you think Bella is an angel of Jake huh:save him in the womb,save him in the sea and also make him seen nd handsome?…wow love that

Where’s my angel too oo?

Oh yeah,those of you that said Mrs Cruz or grandma which is Jake’s Granny is the culprits…

Abeg how una market ooo?kikikiiiiii

Happy Sunday Dears nd let’s carry our body go church nd Muslims,pray too oo…MORNING

Nelson’s POV👂

I wake up from the bed nd sigh
“Oh my”I said smiling

I look round then laugh
“Yes yea,I’m in Shelley city”I said nd cross my legs on t he bed

I look beside me and sees Andy sleeping soundly
“Why is it that just a look at you arise the anger in me?”I thought looking at him

I hiss nd stands up
“I just think it nothing”I said nd look away

I find a piece of paper nd write
📋I’ll be back soon,wanna buy drawing materials at the shop nearby📝

I take my jacket nd walk out of the camp to the seaside
So beautiful is the work of nature”I said smiling

I move to my bike side then sigh
“Do you miss me,bike?”I said nd pat it

I hop on it nd ride off on the street with all eyes on me
“Am I that handsome?”I asks nd laugh

I reach so many shops but none attract me at all

I was going through another street when I hear someone laughing inside

I park my bike nd enter the shop
“Where are you,Jake?”I heard someone says

I turn to other side of the bookshelves
“I’m under the books,silly Nat”I heard a girl’s voice

I bend down on the floor as my head start to hurt me so much
“It hurt”I said as hot tears drop from my eyes

I hold my head tight when a hand touch me
“Are you okay?”I heard the voice says

I jerk off nd turn to look at the person but immediately I see the face,I feel like strangling the man to death

I bow slightly
“I’m okay sir,thanks”I said nd move away

I move to the bookshelves selecting what I want to buy when the man moves to my side again
“Are you new here in Shelley?”he asks me

I move little far nd force a smile
“Not Really”I said

He smiles
“I’m Peter Williams and you?”he asks

I rub my hair
“I’m Nelson, Nelson Royan”I said

He smiles wide
“You’re so handsome”he said looking at me

I feel so uneasy with him so I just bow nd move away to the counter
“How much sir?”I asks the man at the counter

He hiss
“Hey”he said pointing to a direction

I follow his gaze and sees a small girl with books all over her

I dash there nd help her up
“Are you okay?”I asks

She force a smile
“T hanks sir”she said as I clean her teary eyes

My head almost crack open nd I sees blur images of a girl nd a boy tho not seen their face as they rush out of the door

The man walks to us
“This is how a boy nd a girl comes from nowhere nd crash this same bookshelves huh”he said angrily

I help the girl up nd rub her hair
“Go my dear and I’ll arrange here for you”I said smiling towards her

She bow nd move away

I raise the bookshelf up but it too heavy
“Help me sir”I said to the man

He just hiss nd walk away

The man that first greet me when I come in moves to me
“Let me help”he said

I boe
“Thanks Peter”I said to him

He smiles
“I’m honour you remember my name”he said

I just sigh
“Is it not long ago he told me his name so why will I forget so soon?”I thought

We both arrange the books nd whenever our hands touch each other,I feel so scare to the bone

I quickly move far nd arrange everything and thanks him then move to the man
“Here your money sir”I said nd give him

I hurry out of the shop nd move to my bike
“I’ve to go cos that man called Peter gives bad aura”I said sighing

Someone rush out of the shop
“Hey Nelson”I turn to see him rushing tward me

I didn’t wait any second before bowing for him nd ride off

I ride off speedily thinking
“If his touch could make me shiver,then what else is not bad about him?”I thought

I look round
“He’s a bad person or a…”I thought then shake it off

I ride through the street nd sees the blur images of a girl nd a boy
“What am I seeing huh?”I asks sighing

I reach the beach back nd get down from the bike and walk towards then camp

I sees everyone outside wearing swimming trunks nd I smile
“Lovely day”I said

I walk toward them nd bow
“Morning ma’am nd sir with everyone”I said nd wink at Natalie

She blush nd look away

Someone tap me
“Here”I turn to see Mrs Cruz giving me a swimming trunk

Oh yes
“Thanks ma’am”I said collecting it

I put my bag down beside the minister
“Let’s go swimming”I said

He hiss
“Are you saying I can’t swim that’s why you leave your bag with me huh,heish”he said

We laugh nd I run away inside the camp

I change nd join Kath,Andy nd Natalie
“Come in”they said

I sigh nd remember the trauma I always have when swimming but brush it off

I jump inside the sea nd we swim round nd round ,splashing water on ourselves nd dunking each other in

Then Natalie rush to me nd jump on me as I sink inside the sea then the trauma comes again

The image of a young boy tie to a bike nd he sink deep nd deep inside the water but someone appear inside the water nd pull him out then do mouth to mouth resuscitation for him

I hold my head in pain as I try to see the face then boom,I sees the boy’s face nd it kinda look like my old face then try more nd look at the woman face as I gasps
“MOM!”I said exclaiming

Nd thats all I knoe last as I slump into darkness then sink inside the sea with heavy force


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