Nelson’s POV continue🙉

I woke up from the bed feeling all weak over all my body and I look up to see the minister’s,his wife and Andrew looking down at me

I sigh and Andrew help me to sit up
“Are you okay?”he asks me

His mom touch my head
“Hope you’re doing good now?”she asks me

Tears drop from my eyes
“Why don’t you treat me well before?”I asks them

The minister turn to me
“What do you mean?”he asks me

I look down nd screams
“Where’s my mom?”I asks them

They turn to me
“What do you mean?”they asks me

I sigh as tears drop more
“Why did I’ve to forget everything nd even come back to your midst again?”I asks them

Mrs Cruz sigh
“What the hell is he talking about?”she asks facing her husband

Andrew looks out
“Where’s Kath and Natalie?”he asks

My heart skip a beat
“Where’s Natalie?”I asks

Her mom turn to me
“They have went out to buy medicines for you at the nearby store”she said to me

I stands up nd move outside
“Oh Shelley city:the city of my total sadness nd my love’s place”I said crying bitterly

They move to my side
“Talk to us,Nelson”they said

I hiss nd face them with anger in me
“I’m not Nelson but Jake Mark”I said shouting

They laugh nd laugh
“So funny”mrs Cruz nd Andy laugh

The minister face me
“What happen to you?”he asks me

I sigh
“What if mom finds my mom too or what is happening?”I asks my heart

Natalie and Kath walk down to our side
“You’ve wake up”they said

I turn nd look at Natalie with tears if joy
“I finally sees your face,silly girl”I said to her

She shrugs
“What is he talking about?”she asks them

I face the minister
“Please can you take me to my mom,I mean Mrs Mark!”I asks

They look at each other nd face me
“What is he saying?”they said

Yes I might look like crazy someone to you
“I’m telling you that I’m Jake Mark”I said shouting

Kath nd Natalie gasps hearing me
“Is he teasing us?”they said

I turn to them
“It not like today is April 1st!”I said exclaiming

Air start blowing so fierce as I look up to see an helicopter flying down
“Oh gosh”I said looking at it

The helicopter fly down nd mom rush out and run towards me
“Nelson”she said calling me

I move away from the Cruz’s and walk to her

She hugs me immediately
“I thought I lose you”she said

I sigh
“Why did you think such thing?”I asks her

She release nd look into my eyes
“What I mean is that…”I didn’t allow her to finish

As I hold her shoulder
“Please tell me the truth mom,who am I?”I asks

She gasps nd look back as dad moves to us
“My love”she said crying nd Dad hugs her

I rub my hiar
“Will you talk to me?”I asks

Dad sigh
“We’re sorry”he said

I sigh
“Will you tell me about this memory that just flash by that I’m Jake Mark?”I asks them

The Cruz’s move to us gasping

I hiss nd kick the sand then face them
“Where’s my mom,where’s Mrs Mark?”I asks them again

I feel my head becoming more heavy as pain flash through it

I bend down screaming
“Not again!”I thought crying

It like everything is like films as I close my eyes and it play in my mind:how my mom get employed as a maid in the minister’s mansion,how I get my scholarship,how Kath make a law that we all moves inside that mansion my love nd confession for Natalie’s and all is been played

My mom rush to me
“Breathe in nd out,honey”she said to me

I breath in nd out truly and I feel.little okay as I look up at her
“Tell me what I didn’t know,mom”I said crying

She sigh as tears drop from her eyes
“I don’t know about your mom,my dear but I sees a guy tying you to a bike nd drop you inside the sea,thats where I rescue you and my husband use the aeroplane to transport us back to my hospital where I treated you and you’re well”she said crying

Dad bend down too
“We later finds out that you lost your memory,can’t see and we did another operation nd even plastic surgery which changes everything about you”he said to me

Tears drop from my eyes as I turn to the Cruzz again
“So please,where’s my mom?”I asks

They look at each other and he sigh
“She’s found dead in the same day you’re kidnapped at the outside of my mansion”the minister said

I laugh
“Are you kidding me?”I asks

Mrs Cruz sit down on the floor crying
“Oh my life,I can’t believe this”she said

I look at the sea and the way I sink when Natalie dunk my head and the more I sink,the more I remember everything as Jake’s

Natalie come to my side
“Why is it that name rings a bell and even make my heart skip a beat also leaps in joy?”she asks

Kath sigh
“Cos he’s the one you want”she said

She looks up at her sister
“The One I Want?”she asks

I just look away as tears drop from my eyes
“My mom is gone and I’m very sure it cause of me and here’s the girl I love too lost her memory which I’m very sure it cos of me too”I said crying

Mom moves to me
“Tell me the real name of your mom cos you’ve the same birth mark of a baby I saved so many years ago from poisoning and his mom too”she said

I look up at her then looks down
“A woman saved me after momther-in-law poison me and she help in rescuing you too even promised that she’ll help in your blindness but after two years”my mom voice echo in my ears

I stands up and look at her
“Did you know Mrs Jane Mark?”I asks her

She gasps hearing that but dad look more shock

Dad rush to my side
“What did you just says?”he asks me

What’s this again

He turn to me
“Did you just say Jane Mark?”he asks me

I nods yes
“Jane Mark is the name of my mom”I said

Mom turn to me
“This is unbelievable!”she said covering her mouth

Natalie squat down screaming
“Noooo”she cry out

Her mom want to rush to her side when she turn to me immediately
“Watch out,Jake”she said to me

I turn to her sighing
“What’s this woman problem again?”I thought

She rush to my side and before she could reach my side,a gun rings out as she slump to the ground

The minister screams
“GUARDS”he said and

All the guards rush out as some surrounds us nd many look around the whole surrounding

I gasps
“What just happen?”I asks

My eyes dash to the place I park my bike and there I sees a pistol mouth at the wheels

I want to shout out but I find out I just couldn’t

Natalie turn to me screaming
“JAKE!”she said shouting

They all turn to me as my eyes look down to my stomach as blood gush out like pipe

Natalie rush to me
“Hey hey hey Jake”she calls out to me

I just hiss and sigh
“What a hard life of Jake Mark!”I manage to say as life drains out of me

I didn’t faint finish as I hear another gun shot and someone falls down beside me

Then more gunshots sound again but I just couldn’t point out what but I do hear a faint ambulance ringing before I faints out completely

Oh my gosh,Mrs Cruz get shot instead of Jake/Nelson but still he still get shot too

And someone else get shot before more shooting rings out,who could that be,dears?

Life is so hard and will still continue to be hard,it just can’t get any better

That’s why I would say in any situation we finds ourselves,we shouldn’t give up no matter what

Cos God Himself as said it that ‘in this life,we’ll definitely see tribulations but we should be free,He has conquer the world for us’

Never relent,fight and never give up and soon,life will smiles on us

Cos in every trials,there’s always something that we gain in the end of it

And that’s
And also
How to face any hard situation
How to never give up

I don’t know what you guys are going through but I’ll say keep on fighting and Our Creator will make way where there’s no way..

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