I saw this and I Agree;

It beats my imagination to see how young people hail Davido (28yrs) for owing a Private Jet and Criticize Bishop David Oyedepo (65yrs) for same.

David Oyedepo have been serving God for 48years now (almost twice the age of Davido), and you think that God is too poor to bless him with Private Jets.

The reason for that criticism is that a lot believe the devil more than God and think that serving God is synonymous to poverty. But let me remind you, the thousand cattle upon the hills belong to him.

Bishop Oyedepo has never taken a damn from the sell of his books. All the proceeds goes into God’s work.

The best private Universities in Nigeria are under the management of Winner’s Chapel and for the records, these Universities are self sustaining in terms of power provision and there has never been a minute of power outage since 2001 in Convenant University.

Winner’s Chapel has the largest number of scholarship offered to students in a private University.

Winner’s Chapel is building the largest housing units in Africa (10,000) and it is targeted at providing shelter to her members and workers and they have a period of 30years to pay up for the building.

Before you criticize any man of God, be sure to check his track record in his work with God and if you have followed same and not gotten same results, then you can go on with your criticism

God bless NIGERIA
God bless our #Fathers in #FAITH
God bless #AKingboye #Johnson

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