Sky Italia: Olivier Giroud agrees contract with Juventus, potential terms revealed

Chelsea are yet to receive an official offer, but it’s understood that
they are ready to talk to the Italian club.
Olivier Giroud has agreed a two-year contract with Juventus,
according to Sky Italia.
The agreement would see the Frenchman earn €9m plus
However, the Serie A champions are yet to submit a formal
offer for the striker to Chelsea .
It’s understood that the Blues will want at least €5m for the 33-
Juventus have turned to Giroud after setbacks in their
negotiations over Edin Dzeko ( AS Roma) and Luis Suarez
( Barcelona).
Olivier signed a one-year contract extension with Chelsea while
the last season was suspended, having regained a regular
starting XI place in the spring.
Source: Sky Italia

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