Klopp on Thiago: “Hansi Flick is a successful man and nice person but nothing to say. It’s not official until it is announced. Looks quite promising! (laughing). Hands are tied. Quite useful as a fan to look at some LFC channels over the day and we will see what happens.

“If it happens then I can say it will have no impact on anyone’s future in a negative way. It doesn’t mean that someone needs to leave.”
For all Liverpool supporters it would be useful to look at the LFC channels today and we will see what happens! Last season we played Chelsea often and it was always difficult. Last game v Brighton, you have to be decisive in key moments and that was the story of the game.”No-one has to be sold because of Thiago deal.
“Bundesliga is a tough league, Germany is a football country if you want. Years ago, it was agreed they made some good decisions with talent, scouting, building academies. I was part of the process there. It helped. You cannot get the benefit of those decisions next day.”
We don’t know a lot about Chelsea at the moment. We are very early in the season. We’ve had an intense week and worked on decisive stuff. Some things were good [v Leeds] some not so good but only game 1, we don’t make it a bigger deal.”The PL is the league with the most money and most competitive so they get interested in these German players and a move to England is natural.”
Bundesliga has seemingly become a talent hub for the Premier League. “because they are good players” and Havertz and Werner are outstanding young players. “It’s a good league for England to scout”If we stay in all the competitions, it will be tough all year. My first concern is always player welfare, that’s why I wasn’t happy with not sticking with 20+5 (subs). We will all discover how difficult it will be in the next few weeks.
We just play consistent and competitive football last season and that is what we have to do again. We adapted to different opponents but we never really changed. In the end, you need to work for these numbers of 14 away wins from 19. Incredible. We drew 3 lost 2.”All these things [about Thiago], I can answer after it is announced or not. Hypothetical ways…we have to wait a bit. We are all used to it. Nothing to say. Press conference for Chelsea game, I respect questions on that.”
Intense week, one or two little things but should be okay. Nobody is coming back and the rest we will see. Everything seems okay.
I didn’t think last season [about away record]. It is different because of atmosphere in our stadium, usually, but we have different ways to play. We scored 2 wonderful goals v Chelsea last season but it was a proper fight and we have to be ready. Let’s go for it.”

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