Fulani Association wrote on Oodua Nation

Oodua Nation wants to stop our life, they want to stop our business, they want to kill our cows etc. We have seen how Amotekun has been arresting our people by creating lies against them.

Even before they started their nonsense agitation on Oodua, we have a countless meetings and phone calls with MURIC led by Ishaq Akintola to speak against it and lead a protest. Ofcouse we read how he did that on newspapers and social media platforms, but our efforts to stop it was to no avail.

Initially I don’t trust Yoruba people whether they are Muslim, Christian or whatever; inasmuch the person is from SouthWest. Perhaps some members of the MURIC from SouthWest kicked against.

I also sent a letter to Malami, IG etc to help stop this wicked souls would will prefer seeing us crying or dieing than to do us good because of our ethnic. All attempts to stop Akeredolu was fruitless before he went ahead to inaugurat that criminal organisation as a target to our business and brothers.

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